Legion (Genghis Rex)

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Legion (Genghis Rex)
Date of Cutscene: 13 April 2015
Location: Tarpits III
Synopsis: Plesio awakens Legion.
Thanks to: Serori
Cast of Characters: 114
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

Plesio crept into the silent command center of Tarpits III, still plagued by the thoughts of Brachio being disassembled a mere 20 floors below him. Styraco was right to suggest that he leave. He had no stomach for the grisly work of medicine. He prefered machines, which only bled grease and oil and could always be repaired if you were willing to spend the time and resources.

It was the cold efficiency that Styraco approached his tasks with that truly bothered the Tyranno Science Officer. He treated flesh and bone the same way Plesio treated his machines, except maybe with a little less compassion.

"Hello, Plesio." an electronic voice echoed over the main intercom.

Plesio walked to the primary command console and slid back the main panel, revealing a complex orb seated in Tarpits III's motivational control systems. A piercing red light glared back at him.

"Hello, Legion. What issss the ssssstatusss of the confluksssssss." Plesio questioned the orb.

"The conflux is concluded, *I* am Legion. Although, I am a bit disturbed that we would purge 28 perfectly good clones that would have been of great assistance in the upcoming war." The orb responded, twitching slightly in its housing.

Plesio plucked the orb out of it's seat and carried it over to a menacing but silent robotic body, shaped like a metallic velociraptor. The scientist flipped the raptor's head open and dropped the orb inside, then closed the head and locked the cover. The darkened eyes of the raptor suddenly blazed to life and it stood, stretching it's limbs.

"Thank you. It's nice to stretch my legs every now and again." The raptor spoke, it's artificial voice rang out as its jaws moved to mimic speech patterns.

"You don't have any legsssss." Plesio mused.

"Touche," Legion responded, walking gingerly around the room on unsteady robotic legs that it hadn't used in several years, "So, as I was saying. Purging THAT many clones is a huge waste of resources ... not to mention there will be dead bodies rotting from here to Freeport. I saw what happened to Brachio, I assume there's been a change of plans."

Plesio frowned, "Indeed there hasssssss. Here."

Plesio pulled out a data card and held it to Legion's mouth. The robotic raptor opened its mouth, revealing the dataport in the back of it's throat, surrounded by metal teeth and jaws. Plesio took a moment to try to remember why he thought /THAT/ would be the best place to put Legion's dataport, but assumed he /MUST/ have done it for a good reason cause otherwise it didn't make sense to risk a limb to slide a data card between those gaping jaws.

The science officer slid the card in place and jerked his hand out just as Legion's jaws snapped shut. It's red flaring eyes began to move back and forth as it began evaluating the data on the card.

"Interesting biology. I can do this. It might take a few hours to properly calibrate movement and life support systems, but thankfully you chose a Theropod, so it's not terribly different than what I am used to, just a bit bigger."

Plesio, "I assssssumed sssso ... Sssssstyraco already has a batch in the genesssissss tanksssss, we sssshould have a few up and running in a day or two."

Legion nodded, then stepped over to a side console and picking up a controller of some sort, "Care for a game of Frogger?"

Plesio smirked. He could use the distraction, "Sssssure."