Lingering Thoughts (Ariel)

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Lingering Thoughts (Ariel)
Date of Cutscene: 15 February 2014
Location: None
Synopsis: Ariel debates on sharing information about her Abstractum.
Cast of Characters: 219
Tinyplot: When They Return

The tick-tak of typing fingers fills the darkening room, Ariel's keyboarding skills refined quickly by constant use. Neither of her parents were as familiar with technology like this as she was... or at least, that's what she assumed. Maybe they were just being nice.


The little unicorn finishes up the document, then sits back to stare at the screen. "Well, Diea. It looks like I've really gotten into a mess," she mumbles. Her hand goes to her forehead, rubbing just underneath the shimmering horn. "I knew I'd end up in something bigger than playing with the fire butterflies some day, but I always hoped it would be later."

She knew the answer without waiting for one. Ariel couldn't choose when something like this would happen. It still... bothered her. Seeing the war fought with these wonderful creations... beings of their own, with wills. Like her. Beings, being used as weapons. As tools. Her mother's purpose floats through her mind... her Aunt's construction.

It bothered her.

And now she has doubts. Doubts about sharing this information with the other side, the Confederates that she was at war with. She wanted to trust them, to know that it was all right, that they'd band together... but she'd seen what Fuki did to Janeway's. She'd seen the look of bloodlust on Crimson Sea's face, thrilled and ready to kill even in the simulation.

Could she really trust everyone to do the right thing?

Eyes close, and her finger lingers over the Send button. Her answer isn't long in coming. "If I start making these decisions... then I'm doing the same thing, aren't I? I'm becoming the divide."

The key clicks under her index and middle fingers, sending another vital set of information across the Multiverse.