Lory Thumper

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Lory Thumper (Scenesys ID: 7084)
Officer Lory Thumper, MPD! How can I help you?
Full Name: Officer Lory Marie Thumper, MPD
Gender: Female
Species: Bunny
Theme: (OC) Mammalopolis
Function: Ambitious Rookie Cop
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Paladins (4-Chevaliers)
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Other Information
Physical Age: Early 20s Actual Age: 24
Still Aging? yes Voice Actor:
Height: 4 ft Weight: 70 lbs
Hair Color: Grey Eye Color: Violet
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Lory Thumper is an anthropomorphic rabbit and an officer in the MPD (Mammalopolis Police Department), the largest police force in the largest city on a planet ruled by anthropomorphic animals. Lory became an officer to fight injustice and inequality after a childhood of being bullied and discriminated against and witnessing the discrimination faced by others. She wages this fight with her sunny disposition, her kind heart, and her strong convictions. She is rigid in her beliefs and honest to a fault, and more than willing to risk her own life and an operation's success in order to save lives. She is also steadfast and stubborn in her search for the truth and tends to tug on the threads of inconsistency even when there are no indications of criminal activity. And on the many occassions that her patrols and investigations lead her to trouble, she uses her agility, mental acuity, and a healthy selection of tools to get herself out of it.



Masterful Training: Lory attended any optional class she could, and is always looking for more and better training. Weapon Mastery - Hand to Hand: Since she doesn't have the weight and strength of other animals, Lory became a master of martial arts that focus on fast, precise strikes and using the opponent's strength against them. Weapon Mastery - Pistols: Lory also dedicated a large amount of time to training with pistols, especially dual-wielding. She is able to place her shots with amazing accuracy even while performing acrobatic feats and use them for defense. Analysis: Lory has training in deductive reasoning, observation, and behavioral analysis. She can see what happened at a scene, what a person's intentions are, whether someone is being truthful, and to detect items or people that seem out of place.

Bunny Power: Mobility: Lory is able to perform acrobatic maneuvers to get around obstacles, such as wallkicks and wallruns, jumping and balancing on poles and wires, and carefully calculated jumps through small openings. She also carries a grapple gun. Superior - Speed: Lory is naturally swift enough to react almost faster than the eye can see, and with advanced training is able to avoid many attacks and control her movements to thread the needle between things like two incoming cars or flying debris. Extraordinary Senses: Lory has superb hearing. She can hear things like silenced shots, specific sounds in a busy area, conversations through walls or at a distance, and whispers from across a room. She also has night vision and a good sense of smell.


Additional Weapons Training: Attack List - Ranged: Although her specialty is pistols, Lory is trained in the use of nearly all weapons that a typical police or military force might have access to, including grenades and the gauss rifles and pistols native to her world.

Riot Tools: As a law enforcement officer who is low on both the weight scale and the food chain, Lory keeps a set of tools with her at all times to help even the odds. Damage Reduction: Lory almost always wears military-grade Kevlar clothing, a bullet proof vest, and a riot helmet and shield. Incapacitation: Lory keeps many non-lethal tools with her. In addition to the typical tools of a riot officer (pepper spray, flashbangs, etc.) Lory also keeps tranq darts, instant restraint foam grenades, and bolas. Remote Viewing: Lory can scout areas in advance through the use of fiber optic cameras and small remote controlled drones.

Breach Technician: Lory is trained in methods of gaining entry to buildings and computer systems. Entry Methods: Lory is trained to open many locks of both keyed and electronic variety through either lock picking or shaped explosive charges, and thanks to her small size can fit through things like ducts to bypass barriers. Hacking: Although she is not an expert, Lory knows enough about computers to bypass typical password locks and disable weapons, alarms, and other such automated systems as well as gather data. Stealth: Thanks to her small size, quiet footsteps, some training and some natural talent, Lory is excellent at hiding her presence.


Utility Belt: Hammerspace: Thanks to compact technology, Lory is able to carry quite a large number of the tools, ammunition, and grenades she uses in her typical day. Conveniences: Lory has a body camera that runs at all times, recording her activities and encounters. She also keeps a portable hard drive with her to secure data, and has a holographic interface that displays in front of her face.


Hotshot Rookie <Trouble>: Even though she is still a rookie, Lory knows she is more than capable and wants to prove it to others. She is also highly competitive. She is easily provoked into doing something if it is implied - or even seems to be implied - that she wouldn't be good at it or able to do it, and is quickly drawn into any kind of competition even if she knows she is no good at it...so long as it isn't illegal. In addition, if she sees an opportunity to show off her abilities she will take it. She is short sighted when she does this, which means she can just as easily cause as much if not more trouble than was solved and end up in danger herself without realizing it. She also has a weakness for things that are cute and quickly lowers her guard around such things, making her much easier to distract, deceive, and ambush.

Mind of a Detective <Significant>: Lory feels compelled to solve mysteries and reveal the truth to almost a compulsive degree. If she hears something that doesn't make sense, she tries to make sense out of it. If she finds an item that seems out of place she will try to find out how it ended up there. And if she hears someone say something that she knows to be incorrect she will do her best to correct that person. This tendency is bad enough that she can latch onto things that are completely unimportant, and can become quite flustered if she can't find a satisfactory answer to a mystery. This also makes her mildly suspicious of everyone around her, and she is always listening for signs that someone is trying to deceive her.

Cute and Fluffy <Fluff>: Because of her size, her species, and her gender, Lory is easily seen as cute, innocent, and non-threatening. This makes it difficult for her to be taken seriously by others. Also, as a Prey animal she has a powerful fight or flight response that is easily triggered by much larger or very dangerous-looking creatures, which can lead to her reacting in negative ways or using excessive force against such things before such force is actually needed.


Title Date Scene Summary
A Game In The Darkness December 16th, 2019 Lory follows Riku into the Corridors in hopes of arresting him. It goes as badly as you think.
Say Alola! December 15th, 2019 Guzma steals an entire bus stop (with help), to the distaste of several hero-types.
Retribution Railway - Sidetracked November 11th, 2019 Gang comes across a molemen battalion also trying to chase down the demon train.
Bunny Cop vs Warrior Robot September 15th, 2019 Just a quick training battle between Lory and S6.
First Verse: Exceed August 31st, 2019 Heimdallr's summer festival is in full swing, and everyone is having fun. And then a previously unknown group of terrorists take advantage of the festivities to cause chaos in the capital and kidnap Princess Alfin and Rean's sister.
Are We Even Old Enough to Drink August 9th, 2019 A random collection of loosely linked people accidentally meet up for dinner.
Police Not So Brutality August 6th, 2019 Lory Thumper and Nanoha Takamachi have a good sparring session, and Touta Konoe treats them to dinner after.


Title Date Scene Summary
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