Memory is Precious (Kongou)

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Memory is Precious (Kongou)
Date of Cutscene: 21 May 2015
Location: Abyssal Supply Base BA, Vast Gulf
Synopsis: Zuihou and Hayashimo, largely undamaged during Operation BA, investigate the ruins abandoned by the Abyssal Navy.
Thanks to: Thanks to Wo for allowing me to help her further her character's sideplot
Cast of Characters: 637

Abyssal Supply Base BA

5 hours after actions concluded

"They really did a number on this place!"

In the storage caverns excavated into the side of the island, below sea level, the walls and many supports had been destroyed. Entire sections of the abandoned base have been rendered inaccessible during the Abyssal evacuation and seawater steadily leaks in. As Zuihou and Hayashimo wade through what remains of a stable corridor, their way illuminated by spotlights on their metal rigging, the destroyer pauses.

She looks down, the water just above her waist, and frowns slightly.

"...I don't like this," she murmurs, looking up towards her energetic companion, "...It's too close to sinking."

"Aww, relax~!" Zuihou hesitates to examine a wedged door, then reaches up to grab on to the beam blocking it, "You've never gone swimming without your land fit-out? It's not like sinking at all~! It's really fun, you should hit the beach with Akizuki when she's repaired."

"...The beach..." Hayashimo goes quiet, then, looking down pensively at the water again as if willing it to go away. She's only pulled back to herself by Zuihou's voice.

"Hey, help me with this!"

"...A-ah.. Okay."


After some time spent wrestling a beam aside and pushing through the remains of a mangled metal door, Zuihou finds herself in a half-flooded room. Leaving Hayashimo at the door, the carrier wades in to investigate, tracing her fingers along a collection of wreckage and cables, "Hmm~... Ah?"

She comes to a stop beside a workbench, its surface just inches above the level of the water. Reaching down, she collects a small screwdriver and lifts it, turning it in the light of her spotlight. Looking down again, Zuihou lets out a little squeak, drawing the beam of Hayashimo's light. By the time the second beam is on her, the carrier has already picked up a mostly-completed Abyssal fighter, "Cute~! I found some Abyssal planes!"

Turning the craft over while her destroyer escort approaches, Zuihou hums, "It's not completed, though... Hmm~..." The plane is uncerimoniously shoved into Hayashimo's hands, "Hold this for me, please!" Her attention crosses the workbench again, her spotlight settling on a second, even less completed aircraft. Though when Zuihou reaches for it, a glint catches her eye and her light swivels. What she sees causes her to freeze in place.

After a pause, Zuihou shifts, reaching for the silver and blue shape glimmering in her spotlight. Gently she tugs it closer, then straightens her posture and lifts a small airplane in her hands. It's not Abyssal, in fact it looks like her own planes, but different. Shifting it, she traces a finger along the leading edge of one wing, then draws a circle around the wing emblem: A blue circle with a white star in the center.

Suddenly Zuihou turns around and makes for the door, cradling the aircraft in both arms. Not wanting to be left behind, Hayashimo startles, then sloshes after her.

"Mm... As much as I would like to keep it...I definitely have to give /this/ back."