Ness's Journal 8-18-29

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Ness's Journal 8-18-29
Date of Cutscene: 18 August 2014
Synopsis: An excerpt from Eliot Ness's personal journal.
Cast of Characters: 264

Short sentences hand-written into a journal:

Another off-world mission today. Capone has really let off on the pressure in Chicago, so I'm spending a lot of time in that new world I wrote about a few entries back. Every time I try to get a handle on this Multiverse, something new gets thrown at me. Haven't seen that blasphemous alien kid in a while, though. Or his wife. I figure they'll be back whenever the heat comes on in Chicago.

Getting in good with that Archmagister Twilight dame. My detective work seems to pay out here. Police seem more cooperative too. Not on the payroll of mafias and gangs. My other contact in her world continues to confuse me and it's worth looking into.

Wife's not happy with me lately. Probably the government cutbacks. They're telling us the market will settle out soon, so I'm hoping for that. She's also mad that I'm out so much. Went to stay at her mother's last weekend. Doesn't understand how big these cases are for me.

Stressful. Will probably crash at HQ tonight.