One Trouble For Another (Gaius Van Baelsar)

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One Trouble For Another (Gaius Van Baelsar)
Date of Cutscene: 29 September 2014
Location: Garlean Castrum, Coerthas, Hydaelyn
Synopsis: Gaius Van Baelsar has an idea. It will not be an easy idea to pull off, but it could lead to a harder impact on Eorzea in order to setup for a perhaps ease of victory.
Cast of Characters: 522

Garlean Castrum...

A black airship streaks across the sky, before it turns slightly to the side as it comes to land down on the aircraft pad. The winter winds howl over the Castrum, the dark steel has been turned to icy white and many of the soldiers here actually wear white gear to blind in with the raging winter that has taken its frozen on the once high lands of Coerthas.

Once the Airship lands, several of the Troopers quickly snap to salute as a man in dark black armor steps off. His armored boots move across the salt layered surface of the ground below his feet. The spheres that hang off the 'horns' of the helmet barely move with each step he takes.

As he walks across the surface, another armored figure comes to meet him, one who wears the armor seen on many of the Imperial Centurion, "Lord Van Baelsar. It is a honor to have you grace your presence. His Lordship is within and is eager to speak with you."

Gaius Van Baelsar looks over to the Centurion and nods his head, before he follows the other armored man inside. Those void lens eyes looking over the area and examining the structure itself. How the heat vents are being use to aid in keeping the ice down, but yet the snow still tries to claim the area. Far from the days when he stepped here, when he went to speak with... someone..

Gaius goes to rest his hand to his forehead at the passing thought and then slides his hand away, even as the Centurion looks over his shoulder to him as the go inside, "Every thing alright, Lord Van Baelsar?"

"Aye. 'Tis fine. How long has this winter been here?"

Centurion looks forward as they walk into the much warmer halls of the Castrum, the wind chill being cut off as the door slides closed behind them, "Since the elder eikon emerged. Worse is that on that bloody oversize dragons arrival, the dragons of Dravania have decided it is time to swoop in upon Ishgard."

The Centurion then goes to open the door at the first turn at the hall's end. "Thankfully, his Lordship has.. his standing with them and we have been able to provide them.. with a bit of support."

Gaius only tilts his head, a bit more information then what he asked for, but all of it was duly noted. The Centurion steps aside as he walks into the slightly darker room, only to see a silhouette of another armored figure sitting at the table. Only for the briefest of moments did he think he saw someone else-- but perhaps it was just an illusion of the darker room.

Though the voice of the other armored figure is warm, even as he kills the news feed that is half in static. "Reception is horrible here because of the snow, but it is good to see another from Garlemald." The man can then be seen sitting forward. "So tell me-- what brings you out here to Ishardian territory? It sounded very important on that short chat we had."

Gaius goes to then sit down across the way as he clasps his hands together, "It is. To correct the failures of two and one whom is still standing. 'Tis a favor I ask of you, given your relationship here. A favor that may also lead to us getting a firmer hold here as well."

"A failure of two.. do not tell me you still hold the whole ordeal with the Agris-- but-- That is beside the point, hm? So what is this favor?"

"I need you to get the High See to attack his once allies. To believe they are heretics that must be slain. I need him to attack Eorzea..."