PMMM Rebellion - Portents 1

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PMMM Rebellion - Portents 1
Date of Cutscene: 27 October 2013
Synopsis: Homura chats with Kyubey. Foreshadowing.
Cast of Characters: 2
Tinyplot: PMMM Rebellion

A girl sits on the edge of a construction crane, far up in the sky above Mitakihara. Next to her is a purple gemstone, surrounded by twenty smaller black cubes, which slowly seem to be draining darkness from the gem.

A white cat-like critter scuttles out of the shadows, to her side.

"My. You seem to be needing more and more of them, Akemi Homura." :3

"That's none of your business."

"Isn't it? I'm the one who has to dispose of them, after all. Isn't this what you humans would refer to as showing concern for your wellbeing?" :3

"Are you implying you can feel now?"

"Merely adopting your customs. So why?" :3

"There's no reason. I've just been using more magic than before."

"This much magic, though. If you continue at this rate, you won't be able to last even a single day without hunting. You keep making me curious." :3

"I'm sure I do. Rather, I'm surprised you haven't just spied on me to obtain the information you want, rather than lowering yourself to asking me."

"I'm busy, Akemi Homura. And you make yourself hard to find, sometimes." :3

"That's the point. Sorry, but my experiments are my own."

"Mhm. Very well. But consider that it's in my best interest that you stay alive, so I have no practical gain in seeing you perish. You're my best collector, after all. Thanks to you, I might meet my quota sooner than I calculated." :3

"Yeah, yeah. Here, catch."

With an idle gesture, Homura tosses a handful of the black squares into the air, and Kyubey does a graceful leap up so that they fall into his back, the red of his fur opening like a door and then closing again.

"Done, then?"

"For now. Take care, Akemi Homura." :3

The critter slinks back into the shadows. Homura sighs.

"If I keep getting better at this... just a few more months."