Perchance To Dream - Asterios (Carna)

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Perchance To Dream - Asterios (Carna)
Date of Cutscene: 24 January 2018
Location: Fearful Symmetry
Synopsis: A minotaur has a dream.
Cast of Characters: {{{Cast of Characters}}}
Tinyplot: Return To Escher

He is back in the labyrinth. Back in that time and that place, when he was hungry all the time, and full of the madness of a wild beast.

There is prey in his labyrinth. He knows it. Can smell it. Something about the smell bothers him, but he puts it out of his mind.

He hunts it down. Racing through passages he knows well, weapon in hand.

And then he comes across what looks like a little girl. She seems familiar for some reason.

For a moment, he hesitates, especially when he sees her turn towards him, smile in recognition and open her mouth to speak to him.

But then he destroys her head in a single blow.

That one was the hardest.

After that, as he encounters the rest of his friends and allies and acquaintances, it just gets easier and easier. However, to make it even easier, he kills them from behind, so he does not have to see their faces.

And then, he comes upon the final prey. One who he oddly did not detect until coming across him.

A familiar stranger. Fluffy, a bull-man like him. But clean, pristine, innocent-seeming. Bathed in twin glows of sun and moon.

He is filled with an unspeakable rage. An anger at this creature who has lived the life he can not. He is furious at him!

This one is the only one to even try to fight back.

But in the end, after exchanging blows for a short time, he is slain too.

The Minotaur stands triumphant over the battered and broken body of Asterios.

Asterios wakes up.