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Rean Schwarzer (Scenesys ID: 6994)
"If we have the power to save someone and we don't use it to do that, what kind of people would that make us?"
Full Name: Rean Schwarzer
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel-1
Function: Student of Class VII
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Paladins (4-Chevaliers)
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Other Information
Physical Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Sean Chiplock / Kouki Uchiyama
Height: 5'8 Weight: {{{Weight}}}
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Violet
Theme Song: - Ashita E No Kodou


The adopted common-born son of Baron Teo Schwarzer, Rean stands directly in the middle of Erebonia's class divide. Kindhearted and hardworking,Rean's sincerity and passion is what lead the other students of Thors Military Academy's Class VII to look up to him as a leader and confidant. He is accepting of most people, and generally polite. However, beneath his friendly exterior lies a lot of turmoil. Bearing a power he can barely control or understand and being the subject of scorn by his parents' peers left him with a negative self image. The one person he fails to be kind to is himself, and he truly desires to no longer be a burden on those he cares about and find his place in the world. He is a practitioner of the Eight Leaves, One Blade sword school and as a member of the Class VII project, a user of the prototype ARCUS spellcasting device.



Eight Leaves, One Blade:

A sword style that specializes in the use of Eastern swords such as katana or tachi, and a general focus on swift strikes and agility.

Weapon Mastery - Swords: Rean's weapon of choice. Attack List - Melee: Rean can launch sudden, rapid combo attacks, create small shockwaves, and use a variety of fire-based elemental strikes. He also knows how to fight unarmed with punches and palm strikes. Extraordinary Senses: Rean is capable of sensing the aura of living things in the environment around him, picking up on their location and distance from him. However, he can't tell specifics of what something is, just that it's there.


ARCUS Combat Orbment:

A Combat Orbment is a device that allows its user to cast magic spells known as Arts. The Quartz crystals slotted into it defines what Arts the user can cast.

Attack List - Ranged, Healing - Self: Rean's setup allows him to use offensive darkness and fire magic and water and wind magic for healing. Share Powers: Healing and buffing magic can also be used on allies as a general function of Combat Orbments.

Mysterious Power:

Ever since he was 9, Rean's been aware of a strange power dwelling within him.

Superhumanity, Mobility: When active, Rean's physical abilities become stronger, allowing him to deal more damage, withstand more damage, and perform maneuvers he normally wouldn't be able to. Flash Movement: It also grants him enough speed to move between points in line of sight almost instantly.


Raised by Nobles: Wealth: Rean's family rules over the mountain village of Ymir in Northern Erebonia, and have the money to do so behind their name. NPCs: The residents of Ymir are devoted to their lords, and despite not being blood related, Rean is no exception. If he needs a place to stay or whatever degree of help a bunch of average villagers can give him, they'll help.


Your Own Worst Critic <Trouble>: Rean's sense of responsibility is almost wholly based on a desire to not be a burden on those around him. He is especially aware of his hand in other people's suffering, even if it's minor or imagined. As a result, he is motivated by a desire to do the right thing in general and to make up for the suffering he causes. His own suffering in the process matters much less, if at all. So basically, he's very self-sacrificial. This ranges from becoming the Student Council's errand boy because they're swamped with outside requests to taking a hit by a monster for two arguing classmates. He also tends to be exceedingly modest because he genuinely believes he's worth very little in comparison to those around him. As an extension of this, If he believes someone truly wants to make up for their mistakes, he'll give them that second chance. After all, where would he be if no one gave him a chance? This applies to even heinous crimes like murder, as long as the person displays a desire to lessen the impact on others said murder caused. He also disagrees with death as a punishment for a crime - you can't clean up the mess you made if you're dead.

Rage Mode <Significant>: Rean's control over his power is limited. If he feels an intense desire for vengeance (or just an extreme desire to beat something's face in), his powers activate on their own, and he becomes hyper-fixated on destroying his target until either he runs out of energy, or someone manages to bring him back to his senses. He is extremely protective over those he cares about, and bringing them serious harm will most definitely set him off. It is because of this lack of control over himself that he only actively uses this ability as a last ditch trump card. Keeping the ability on for a long period of time also exhausts him.

Captain Cornball <Minor>: Rean is incredibly sincere about how he feels about people. In fact, he's overly so. The kinds of positive things he says about people borders on flattery, and while he truly thinks of them that highly, it's not hard to see why it's difficult to take him seriously when he does that. He's also a bit too forthcoming with encouragement and advice, and this coming from a teenager with only so much life experience.


Title Date Scene Summary
ToCS: Meltdown! The Industrial Metropolis November 14th, 2020 The ILF return, delivering a threat to obliterate Roer's orbal reactors and leave a large swathe of the empire without power. However, it's all a ruse so that C can steal back the Demonic Flute lost when Gideon had been killed.
Thors Academy Festival Prep August 20th, 2020 Class VII asks for help planning an event for the upcoming school festival.
KHA: A Door to the Heart May 30th, 2020 The final showdown with the Seeker of Darkness occurs at the End of the World, a place where Hearts lost to Darkness collect. There, Ansem stands before a door that leads to a Darkness deeper still.
KHA: A Path To The End May 27th, 2020 The tracking device planted by Seifer draws him and many interested in saving Riku to the deadly deep dive of Hollow Bastion. What secrets does this place hold, and what lies beyond?
Intermission: Returning Home May 23rd, 2020 Class VII and Allies go to Rean's hometown of Ymir for some relaxation...only for a certain phantom thief to ruin everything far more than anyone would have expected. Secret identities are revealed (again) and the worst happens to Mikoto...
Third Verse: Belief April 11th, 2020 Class VII and allies enter Sachsen Mine to retrieve some hostages from the clutches of the Imperial Liberation Front, and stop the group from casing damage to one of the country's financial staples. The group eventually faces off with Vulcan and the mysterious leader of the ILF, C. In the process, Mikoto and Rean face their suspicions about Crow - and are unfortunately proven right.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gaiden Ch.4 April 6th, 2020 Jonathan Joestar and his compatriots arrive in the Fishing Village, only to find the peaceful abode has been turned into a feeding ground for various undead monsters.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gaiden Ch.1 March 28th, 2020 The dig begins in the Fertile Crescent, but, two unexpected visitors put an end to the progress. What's the purpose of the Golden Rhinoceros Beetle? And just who is it that sent the deadly forecast duo out to collect it?
Old Schoolhouse Exploration 4 March 7th, 2020 People clear out the 6th and apparently final floor of the Old Schoolhouse. Is this truly the end of the mystery?
LI0: I'm Right Here (MSQ) February 28th, 2020 The weapons are crafted. The relics are empowered. It is time for the final showdown with Haseo to determine the future of the Last Illusion.
Thors Amateur Grand Prix February 22nd, 2020 Angelica Rogner invites multiversal bikers to a race. Things get pretty intense.
Rean and Mikoto on Ice February 21st, 2020 Mikoto and Rean go ice skating.
LI0: Black Swan, Yellow Hands (Black Shrine) February 14th, 2020 A desperate maneuver by the heroes sends them to the Black Warriors Shrine to empower the Relic earlier than intended. Unfortunately, someone is standing in their way...
LI0: Desperate Assault (Side) February 9th, 2020 Shyra attempts to lead a preemptive attack on Haseo in order to dislodge him before he masters the powers of the Evil God Discordia. It doesn't go well.
LI0: The Sages Of Pradia (MSQ) February 7th, 2020 The world investigators come to the Western Town of Pradia in order to look for information and possibly change the world a bit.
Fight For Your Right To Be Edgy January 21st, 2020 Rean and Riku have a duel for Rean to get the right to find out what's eating at Riku. Will he crack that edgy shell? Find out!
LI0: Welcome To Finaria January 12th, 2020 The world of Last Illusion is mysteriously reset to its beginning, and the Multiverse begins to intervene in the progression of its events.
LI0: After The End January 8th, 2020 People visit the world of Last Illusion to get some idea of what they have to deal with.
Ymir New Year December 30th, 2019 Rean and Mikoto have a quiet moment at Rean's house.
Bean makes a house call December 8th, 2019 Rean and Mikoto have a heart to heart.
Second Verse: Atrocious Raid December 7th, 2019 The Imperial Liberation Front shows their faces again. Garrellia Fortress has been invaded, with the intent of firing two large railway guns at Orchis Tower in the neighboring country of Crossbell, threatening the lives of many civilians and visiting dignitaries. Meanwhile, an unexpected visitor has her eyes on the weapons, having teamed up with the ILF to serve her own goals.
The Works Lost to the Cold and Dark December 4th, 2019 The Concord, lead by Priscilla, come to exact both revenge and their pound of flesh from both the Nameless Servant and the Watch in general
Lohengrin Castle Rescue November 6th, 2019 During one of Class VII's field studies, the gang goes to rescue some missing children from a haunted castle.
The Sea and sky... are beautiful October 19th, 2019 Davao is in some kind of a trance, moving slowly with seemingly no destination.
SWRD 3: Big Fish, Little Pond October 18th, 2019 The investigation team moves directly to confront the apparent source of the problem: Apricot Software Solutions. The conclusion leaves more questions than answers.
SWRD 2: Smoke On The Water October 11th, 2019 Baofu comes through with the intel. They follow the trail to a warehouse where everything goes messy.
When a Martyr and A Broken Bird Love Each Other Very Much September 30th, 2019 Rean and Mikoto move forward in their relationship.
The Gallant Hero September 27th, 2019 A JRPG party battles Lezard for the fate of a Princess.
Banzai Bill Solid: Revengeance September 25th, 2019 Lezard and Sarracenia have their duel. It's short and messy, but then something unexpected happens...
Old Schoolhouse Exploration 3 September 21st, 2019 The exploration team investigates the fifth floor of the Old Schoolhouse.
Hearts Of Glass: Polychromatic September 13th, 2019 The final showdown between the Witches created by Mikoto's efforts to escape her nature... and everyone who had come to stop them.
Hearts Of Glass: The Annealing September 3rd, 2019 A tale about three friends who tried to cross the sea. Because the debt has not been paid.
Time to Talk September 2nd, 2019 Rean and Mikoto explain themselves.
First Verse: Exceed August 31st, 2019 Heimdallr's summer festival is in full swing, and everyone is having fun. And then a previously unknown group of terrorists take advantage of the festivities to cause chaos in the capital and kidnap Princess Alfin and Rean's sister.
Hearts of Glass: The Flashing August 27th, 2019 More Witches show up to seemingly laser-target Mikoto's past. Things get complicated.
Hearts of Glass: The Gather August 20th, 2019 A strange Witch attacks Mikoto's private school, and causes more questions than answers.
Airship vs Air Defense August 5th, 2019 Davao, the newest Princess-class, invades Zemuria and starts harrassing their airships.

Rean Schwarzer, Staren and Note take exception to this.

MECC: Yang Xiao Long vs Nova July 31st, 2019 The Grand Final match between Yang Xiao Long, and Nova Terra
Old Schoolhouse Exploration - First Lock July 14th, 2019 After a surprise visit goes south, Rean's sister runs into the Old Schoolhouse and gets waylaid by a monster. Things explode spectacularly.
Old Schoolhouse Exploration 2 July 7th, 2019 The exploration team investigates the fourth floor of the Old Schoolhouse.
=Pool Party in The City June 29th, 2019 A pool party for Solty and her friends is crashed by a jewel thief!
FATE: There Might Be Giants June 20th, 2019 Adventurers help the Scions of the Seventh Dawn put down a rampaging giant. Also, Haseo has a meeting with an Ascian. He doesn't like it.
A Special Lesson: Multiverse Edition June 16th, 2019 During one of Class VIIs field studies, Rean invites various multiversals to teach the children of Nord about the world beyond Zemuria.
Old Schoolhouse Exploration 1 May 19th, 2019 The exploration team investigates the third floor of the Old Schoolhouse.
Old Schoolhouse Briefing May 9th, 2019 Principal Vandyke of Thors Military Academy explains what's going on with a dilapidated building at the back of the school - namely, it turning into a JRPG dungeon.
Surprise! You're Going Out to Eat Tonight May 2nd, 2019 Three people find themselves at the Bar and Grill at the Edge of the Multiverse.


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