Release the Shadow Hunter (Gaonoir)

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Release the Shadow Hunter (Gaonoir)
Date of Cutscene: 25 April 2015
Location: Digital World
Synopsis: The Beast of Shadow, Yggdrassil's personal hunter, is sent after the Exiles hiding in the Multiverse.
Cast of Characters: Gaonoir

A multitude of screens occupied the chamber, seemingly suspended in midair. If a human ever saw the arrangement they would compare it to having too many windows open on a computer monitor. Somewhat fitting, as the various images playing out on them were collected from the 'internet' of the Multiverse. Security feeds, media recordings, traffic camera postings -- humans had a strange habit of uploading almost everything they could record. Playbacks of various Digimon activities in the Multiverse. Several focusing on the forms of a certain red raptor-dragon.

Magnamon turned away from the collection of displays, eyes narrowing in the visor of her golden helmet. She could make out the vage form like a canine in the darkened edges of the chamber, if only because she knew the creature was there. All the Royal Knights served Yggdrassil, computer god of the reformated Digital World. But the Beast of Shadow was their master's person... hunting pet, one could say. Enforcer, exterminator, enactor when the nobility of Knights such as herself would interfer with what needed to be done.

She crossed her arms, the angles of her golden armor creating unusual glints of light from the glow of the screens around her. Yet none of these reflections did anything to lighten the shadows the other digimon stood in. "Do you understand your objectives?"

"Yes ma'am!" The bark-like nature of his voice would almost be cute, if it wasn't for the ominous undertone it carried as yellow eyes glimmered in the shadows. "Observe the inhabitants of that collection of other worlds, track the Exiles that have fled into it... And dispose of any of those that prove potential danger to our world. As Master Yggdrassil commands."

"But," Magnamon immeadiately ammended. "Do not let them know the Digital World still exists. Their corruption cannot be allowed to recontaminate it."

"Of course." The very shadows around him seemed to twitch with anticipation. Or aggitation. Prehaps a bit of both. "Can I -go- now?"

"Very well." Despite outpowering and outranking her master's pet, even Magnamon was slightly unnerved by his lurking manner. "Clavis Angemon, open the gateway."

The armored angel digimon stepped up from the side of the chamber, raising his key-shaped weapon. "You will only have a few metacycles to reach the opposite side. Do not dwaddle. If you get lost on The Network that buffers between our world and their digital infrastructure, even I may not be able to find you again."

Then he thrust The Key forward, it appearing to pierce space itself and partially disappear like being inserted into a keyhole. Clavis Angemon twisted it as one would to undo a lock as he proclaimed "ZENITH GATE!" Digital energy crackled in bits of code and strange symbols as it spiraled out from the point of The Key, forming a portal between the digital and physical worlds.

The shadows parted finally, and for a brief moment the form of a black colored, dog-like Gaomon could be seen as it lept from them and into the Zenith Gate, disappearing into the rift as it crackled shut behind him.

Afterwards Clavis Angemon pulled The Key from the transdimensional point and hefted it to rest against one of his pauldroned shoulders. "Do you require anything else milady?"

"That will be all, gatekeeper, thank you. Return to your vigil duties." As the angel digimon saluted and then exited, Magnamon turned back to the screens. A waved of a blue claw-hand and they collapsed together, consolidating into one single monitor. "The hunter has been dispatched as you wished, master."

There was no image on the screen yet it flashed in sync with the deep digital voice that emitted from all around her rather than from the screen itself. "Excellent. Monitor his progress as necessary."

Gaonoir would do as necessary.

No other potenial variable existed in his code.

Yggdrassil had seen to that personally.