Reorientation (Yuna Kagurazaka)

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Reorientation (Yuna Kagurazaka)
Date of Cutscene: 11 December 2016
Location: Hikari Sea Port
Synopsis: In the wake of the Multiverse reorganizing itself and the destruction of Njorun Station and the Citadel, Yuna considers her options now that both the Union and the Confederacy have essentially collapsed.
Cast of Characters: 385

"There's a message you need to hear, Yuna, before you go anywhere."

Yuna blinks at Elner as she finishes getting dressed. "Eh? You mean while I was asleep?"

The little robo-faerie bobs in the air, tilting forward just a bit: Elner's substitute for a nod. "You'll need your Scroll and earphones ... you do have both of those, right?"

Yuna sticks her tongue out for the briefest of moments, then digs through the pockets of her uniform. The Scroll she's been using since she enrolled at Beacon is easy to find; her earphones, though, have gotten wadded into a smaller ball than usual, and it takes her a couple of moments to untangle them. She and Elner are still in Nagato's quarters - and the mental image of Nagato sleeping on the floor still has Yuna feeling like she owes something to the commanding battleship in return. But then Elner starts playing back the message ... or rather, the recorded conversation.

Elner's voice: Yuna Kagurazaka is currently unavailable. Would you care to leave a message?

Another voice, unknown to Yuna, deep enough to probably be male: I believe so ... you are Elner of Wisdom, are you not?

The voice doesn't sound hostile, but the fact that the speaker knew Elner's name makes Yuna sit up straighter, looking at the robo-faerie. The recording continues, though.

Elner: You are well-informed ... who are you, though?

The caller: I'll just say for now that we have several mutual acquaintances. I'm calling to offer Ms. Kagurazaka a new path forward, now that the Union is no more. I presume she intends to continue fighting as the Savior of Light?

Elner: ... I will not speak for Yuna in this matter.

The caller: Mm. Fair enough. You know of the newly-organizing Commonwealth, though, and their 'Paladins'?

That word makes Yuna sit up straighter still.

Elner: I've heard a few reports. I presume from your wording that you aren't with either group.

The caller, chuckling: True enough. And I doubt Ms. Kagurazaka would, either, their lofty name aside. The Commonwealth has made clear that their Paladins will have to abide by a number of limits and restrictions on their activity - much like the Union's enlisted rank structure. Ms. Kagurazaka fared rather poorly when she held rank, did she not?

Yuna shakes her head, "How could he --" But the recording continues.

Elner: If you know that much, then you know what happened. Ultimately, she relinquished her enlisted position.

The caller: And the Paladins have no option for 'allies'. Commit fully, or remain apart; those are her options with the Paladins. But ... the Savior of Light is not merely a warrior, but also a symbol, is she not? We could use such a symbol on our side. You've also heard of the Watch, I presume.

Elner: So that's how you know this much ... You're inviting Yuna to join the Watch?

The caller: It would please many of us to count her among our numbers. Of course, she's rather visible - which might be a minor problem - but she has no need to fight alone.

Elner: I'll present the option to her. I make no promises; this is her decision alone.

The caller: Of course. Good day to you; may the Light shine over you.

The recording comes to an end, and Yuna slowly takes the earphones out of her ears, coiling them up again as she thinks it over. "So ... what's this 'Watch' he was talking about?"

"You could consider it a 'conspiracy of light,'" Elner replies. "A secretive order, dedicated to protecting those they see as innocent or oppressed or endangered, against the excesses of those who wield power - political or otherwise. However, they're branded as terrorists by a number of governments, which would be a problem if you're publicly connected with them, and their operations often cause some collateral damage. It would give you greater freedom than the Paladins would, but ..."

"'Collateral damage' ... they've let innocents die ... ?" Yuna lets out a breath, hugging her knees to her chest.

"You don't have to join either of them, Yuna. But I don't believe you'll be able to keep fighting without a support network around you; you'll need to ally with somebody, sooner or later."

Yuna nods slowly, chin resting on her knees. "What are the other options?"

"I'm still gathering data. There have been rumors about the 'Concord,' but they seem like a bad fit for you. And there are hints of another organization coalescing, one which is more concerned with research than with its ethical conduct and applications."

"Mmmm ..." Yuna groans quietly, then lets out a sigh. "So, you think the Watch is the best way for me to go?"

"I don't know," Elner admits. "It seems like the best of the four options - you could simply remain in contact with the Syndicate, if all else fails. You would have friends there, but it seems like you would have friends in almost any of the new organizations. Of course," the robo-faerie adds, "even if you didn't to start with, I'm sure you would make new friends in short order."

Yuna permits herself to smirk briefly at that. "Elner, tell me truthfully ... what's your take on the Paladins and the Watch?"

"I think our contact was right in that the Paladins are a poor fit for you," replies Elner. "If they're as regimented as we're hearing, you would lose heart in short order, and -"

"And everything Lia and Ryudia and the rest have done for me would be wasted?"

"- that's a little more than I would have said," Elner admits. "Whereas the Watch ... could be bad PR. But the ability to act as you deem it necessary - Yuna, could you stand by as innocents were trampled, and remain bound by political or legal restrictions that were the only thing keeping you from assisting those in need?"

"No way," Yuna replies, shaking her head vehemently. "You shouldn't even have to ask me that!"

"In this case, I did; while it may be an unlikely scenario, the probability does exist. And for all that I know of your nature, I wanted to hear your response from your own lips." Elner flits around the room briefly, almost as if pacing. "If you had to choose between those two possibilities - to be bound by rules or orders against helping those in need, or to be tarred by association with those who risk harm to the very innocents you would protect ... Yuna, I'm not asking without a reason. This is the choice you have to make."

Yuna hesitates, rubbing her face. There's a piece of her which almost wants to flop over, rest her head on the pillow, and go back to sleep again. "I'll keep doing what I've been doing: fighting to protect those who need me, as well as I can. If there are people out there who want to condemn me for protecting the innocent and the helpless, it doesn't matter whether I'm with the Watch or not - they'll still declare me their enemy. And I don't have to go out and call myself part of the Watch, right? I can keep that part hidden, and 'just happen' to show up alongside the Watch if they're operating openly as an organized group. And if I am on the Watch's side, I can do more to keep innocents from being in harm's way than I could if I were all on my own, if it were a real coincidence that we were in the same place."

Elner bobs in another nod. "If you believe joining the Watch is compatible with who you are and how you fight, I'll arrange a more formal meeting."

"The Savior of Light is more than just a symbol, right?" asks Yuna. "The mortal champion of the Queen of Light ... maybe my home sector is scattered now, or something, but - that doesn't mean my oath, such as it is, stopped binding me. As long as you're with me, as long as I have my powers ..." She slides off the bed, standing up straight. "I'm still supposed to be the Savior of Light, and to fight against the forces of Darkness which prey upon the innocent and helpless. If I get some bad PR because of it, I'll cope; if my allies start treating 'acceptable losses' like a thing, I'll push them to try harder to avoid it, or put myself in a position to protect them."

"So your decision is made?" asks Elner, floating up to hover at Yuna's eye level.

"Unless there's something major that I don't know yet ... yes."