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1a. Who are you? What is your name, or if you prefer, online alias? What is your age?


2a. Where did you come from?

Where have you roleplayed before, and who did you play there? If you're new, how did you find out about us? If you play here, list all of your current characters. If you have played here before, but do not at present, list your prior characters here. If you are requesting a 7th or 8th alt slot with this application, say so here.



Your Profile+Finger, +Advantages, and +Disadvantages are your face on the MUSH. They tell people who your character is, what they are capable of, and what their failings are. Please remove the examplesexplanations below each of these sections. For example --> Name: Your character's name. 18 character limit, no special letters. <-- Should be trimmed down to --> Name: Link <--

1b. Profile

Name: Arcee

Faction: Union

Function: Autobot Scout

Series: Transformers Prime-1

Rank: 6-Lieutenant


Profile: Arcee got her start in the Great War as a talented Autobot scout spying on Decepticon maneuvers around Kaon. An overconfident newcomer, she was tested early whenever she and her partner, Tailgate, were captured and tortured for information by the Decepticon spiderbot, Airachnid. The trial resulted in Tailgate's death, and left Arcee hardened. After her rescue, she answered Optimus Prime's call for help more determined to succeed than ever. It was on Earth she lost her second partner, Cliffjumper. The loss has made Arcee slow to trust and fiercely independent; once her trust is gained, however, it's never shaken. Take Jack Darby, her human partner. Arcee's come to find unexpected value in the teenager, and now defends him with her life. A bit of a hot-head on the field, she's nevertheless a reliable and loyal friend to Autobot and Unionite alike. She's swift, agile, and a skilled melee combatant -- a dangerous opponent for any Decepticon to cross. Her vehicular mode is that of a sleek blue motorcycle.

2b. Character Type

What kind of character are you applying for? Categories are FCs (Canon Characters), OFCs (AU takes on canon characters), and OCs (Original Characters).


3b. Advantages

This is a lengthy section divided into four categories: POWERS, SKILLS, ASSETS, and NPCs. If your character doesn't have an advantage in a specific category, just write down None or NA. Some Advantages may fit multiple categories, in which case you may choose what category to put the advantage in. Wizards or other characters with many minor sub-powers aren't expected to list EVERY spell, but shouldn't have things like Wish, Teleportation, or Resurrection without listing them.

3b-1. Advantages: Powers

List your character's POWERS. Powers are usually superhuman abilities of some kind, encompassing things like a wizard's spells, super speed, mind control, telepathy, etc. This can sometimes overlap with Skills if your character is superhumanly good at something like crafting.

TRANSFORMATION: As with any Cybertronian, Arcee can freely transform between her Autobot appearance and a personally-selected vehicular mode. She operates comfortably and competently in either mode; only her Autobot size presents a challenge, at times. As a motorcycle, she is exceptionally fast, agile, and capable of racing along terrain most standard Earth motorcycles would find impassable. She also makes for a small target.

LOYALTY: Nothing and no one has ever broken Arcee's loyalty to the Autobots and Optimus Prime. She has placed her life on the line countless times for what she believes is the only hope for Cybertron's future. This loyalty extends to non-Cybertronian friends like "the children" and those in the Union.

3b-2. Advantages: Skills

List your character's SKILLS. Skills are exactly what they sound like. Things that your character has been taught to do, or which they learned to do themselves.

VETERAN SCRAPPER: Long dedication to the war has honed Arcee into an impressive hand-to-hand combatant. Her speed and agility are well utilized in her own unique blend of martial styles, but even without either trait to consider, she packs a mean punch! She's not afraid to fight dirty, either.

STEALTH: For a big robot, she's pretty sneaky. Scout training, size, and her overall dexterity make Arcee a great infiltrator.

3b-3. Advantages: Assets

List your character's ASSETS. Assets can be their Batcave, Stark Enterprises, their Evil Empire, etc. This can sometimes overlap a bit with NPCs. You aren't expected to list minor assets like owning a home, but if your character's assets are a major part of their advantages, they should definitely be here.

WRISTBLADES: Her deadly hand-to-hand skills are augmented by a pair of wrist-mounted blades. These are usually hidden inside compartments along the outer edge of either forearm.

ARM CANNONS: Both arms can be instantaneously transformed into high-powered energy blasters, giving Arcee a ranged advantage to go along with her close-quarters expertise. She loses the use of her hands when engaging her cannons.

3b-4. Advantages: NPCs

List your character's NPCs, along with a summary of what they can do and the Power Level you would like them to have. This is a bit more specialized, and is meant for characters with named subordinates from their own series, or characters like pokemon trainers.

THE HUMAN FACTOR: Arcee is frequently partnered with a courageous teenager, Jack Darby. He has proven himself to be resourceful, reliable, intelligent, and more. She's come to count on him as a true friend, and knows not to doubt Jack when he says he can handle a task. Even Optimus Prime has recognized Jack's unexpected value as an Autobot ally! She also has limited access to US government resources via Agent Fowler, though bargaining for such favors can be pricey. (Jack's PL is 17; Fowler has no PL.)

4b. Disadvantages

Excepting that these are not divided into sub-categories, these are identical to Advantages and represent a character's failings and weaknesses. We would like to see a minimum of three solid Disadvantages, with at least one of them being a deficiency in your character's personality.

ROBOT IN DISGUISE: On her Earth, nobody knows the Autobots exist. When she's out in public, Arcee must keep to her vehicular mode or risk exposing the Autobots. She utilizes a holographic projection of a female rider named "Sadie" when traveling alone. Though keeping to this standard is sometimes a hassle, she does so without fail, if only because Optimus says it must be done.

HOT-HEADED: Arcee's desire for revenge against Airachnid and Starscream sometimes inspires her to break ranks or ignore orders. She has also demonstrated a willingness to endanger herself by racing headlong toward the objective without fully considering consequences, such as when she went onto the Decepticon mothership alone in order to rescue Orion Pax. Her reckless behavior sometimes places others in harm's way, too.

IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND: She's a two-wheeler, and as such, she runs much smaller than most other Autobots. Megatron can even hold her in one hand! While she doesn't let this get in the way of doing her job, it can place her at a disadvantage when it comes to combat. Of course, even the smallest Autobot is bigger than any human around. This presents its own issues from time to time.

COLD SENSITIVITY: Extreme cold can kill Arcee like it could any human. She can only stay in subzero environments for a short time before the cold slows her down. If she remains past that point for very long -- several hours, really -- she'll shut down completely.

5b. Themelisting

If a +themelisting does not already exist for your character, you will have to write one yourself. This should be a concise description of the setting from which the character comes, and if it is a modifiednon-canon theme it should usually explain how it diverges from the original.

Transformers Prime-1


1c. Personality

Describe your character's personality, in 500 words or more. Give an overview of their motivations, hopes, fears, failings. Why are they in the faction they're in, and why would people enjoy RP with this character? Show that you understand how your character acts, and why. If you give us too little, you'll be asked for more. (Need help? Take a look at Nathan Hall's Personality Guide.)

Arcee is a reliable soldier who makes up for her lack of physical form through force of personality. Though her determination is unflagging, her long history as a soldier has made her into something of a cynic. She's tough, quick-witted, bold, and doesn't let fear show itself or keep her from doing her job. She's sometimes reckless on the battlefield, sometimes a little too sharp-tongued, but when it comes down to it, nobody's better off in a fight than somebody who's got Arcee on his side.

Beneath her rock-solid chassis resides a tender heart. She cares deeply for her friends and treats them with respect and warmth. Anyone wearing the Autobot sigil is given a fair chance to prove themselves. She isn't one to give her trust freely, but once it's earned, it's rarely revoked -- she's a forgiving 'Bot. She believes in acting with honor, and her personal ideals generally align with the Union's overall outlook. Optimus has instilled in her a great deal of Prime wisdom and compassion, and Jack has taught her to never underestimate someone's worth.

Only her hot-headedness gets her into trouble, usually. Though not a frequent issue, she has been known to bend the rules from time to time. She's more inclined to act out when something serious is on the line, such as the life of a friend...or the chance at revenge.

Yes, this Arcee still hasn't gotten over the loss of Tailgate and Cliffjumper. That hurt will always be with her. She's extremely protective of Jack as a result, and any encounter with Starscream or Airachnid will almost certainly end in bloodshed (Energon-shed?). This violence doesn't typically extend to other Decepticons unless she's provoked. She does have her tender spots -- including a deep fear of further loss -- and an informed or clever enemy could use that to his advantage.

Arcee's sense of humor is on the acidic side. She likes to make snarky comebacks, and sometimes uses that attitude as a shell to conceal her real feelings and vulnerabilities; she'll even get flip with Optimus whenever her temper's really pushed. Alongside that, she does have a more traditional sense of fun, too: she loves racing, exploration, and learning about Earth's cultures. This enjoyment of discovery extends to the Multiverse and Union, too. She won't shy from a social gathering, and is definitely interested in finding out what the other worlds have to offer. She's very open to befriending her new Union comrades -- she just needs to get to know 'em a little, first.

Soldiering requires frequent training; she'll get along just fine with anyone seeking a good sparring partner.

Arcee can roll with the punches pretty well, but she can get disheartened and cranky during challenging times. She also doesn't react well to being asked to operate outside her usual wheelhouse, such as when Ratchet demanded that she perform surgery on himself and Bumblebee; that request made her downright nervous (though she was ready to go through with it, anyway).

Bottom line? She's a good friend, tenacious soldier, and loyal to a fault.

2c. Background

Give us a short and concise overview of your character's background. More thorough backgrounds are expected of non-canon takes on characters, high-powered original characters, and some other special cases. Otherwise, keep this shorter than your personality section.

Prior to the Great Exodus, Arcee served as an Autobot scout and spy on Cybertron. She was partnered with Tailgate during operations in Kaon, where the two were captured -- and brutally interrogated -- by the vicious Decepticon Airachnid. Tailgate did not survive the experience; Arcee, however, was rescued by Bumblebee and Cliffjumper. The loss of Tailgate marked a significant change in Arcee's personality. She became cold-hearted and preferred keeping to herself, rebuffing all friendly advances, 'til circumstances forced her into accepting Cliffjumper's offer of partnership. Again captured by the Decepticons, survival demanded that Arcee lower her barriers and trust Cliffjumper; once that was accomplished, escaping Shockwave and Starscream was easy-peasy. They even got out in one piece!

After that incident, the two traveled to Earth together, responding to Optimus Prime's summons. To get there, they decided to make use of Shockwave's newly-finished space bridge. The space bridge mysteriously exploded just after Arcee and Cliffjumper took the ride to Earth.

Once on Earth, Arcee and Cliffjumper re-joined Optimus Prime, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, and Ratchet, forming the front lines of a pitifully small Autobot resistance force. The group was quickly and sadly reduced again: Cliffjumper lost his life in a Decepticon ambush, dying at Starscream's hands. His loss tormented Arcee. She retreated again into her shell and became a vicious and angry fighter, reckless in her quest for revenge. Seeing Cliffjumper raised as a mindless monster only deepened her ache. A significant scar was left by these incidents.

Not long after Cliffjumper's death, she became unwillingly partnered with the human teen, Jack Darby. (Her respect for him has grudgingly grown over time. He has proven himself not only capable but courageous and intelligent, too; sure, he's no 'Bot, but he's a good kid, and they've become close friends.)

While researching the origins of a mysterious pod, she nearly died in the Arctic beside Optimus Prime. The test of endurance not only served to deepen her trust and respect for Optimus as her leader, but also reminded her of hope's power.

Months later, Jack and Arcee encountered Airachnid for the first time. Airachnid proved as dangerous as ever: she captured Arcee, then left the Autobot webbed to a stone wall while hunting for Jack. She intended to pay homage to her history with Arcee by killing another partner. For the first time, Arcee got a distinct upper hand on Airachnid when she managed to escape the web trap and force Airachnid's retreat. Her next meeting with Airachnid went much the same: Arcee was captured again, only to recover at the last moment. On that occasion, Airachnid's retreat was forced by the arrival of Agent Fowler and a wing of fighter jets. The third meeting ended in similar violence, though that time, Arcee's life was saved by Starscream.

Arcee's history on Earth is marked by a series of battles. She has risked her life for the sake of vengeance and the sake of justice. Her animosity toward the Decepticons has grown, though her faith in her allies has, too. She has participated in the defeat of Unicron, helped restore Optimus Prime's lost memory, and come to terms with the loss of Tailgate and Cliffjumper.

(Because the end of season two introduces some serious complexities and unknowns into Earth's status, I am choosing to play Arcee from a point midway through season two. Her unification takes place some time following the episode "Armada," during the period when Iacon relics are still up for grabs and the Omega Keys have yet to be discovered.)

Arcee became eager to prove herself worthy again after she nearly sacrificed her honor by killing an imprisoned Starscream. During her final confrontation with Airachnid, she took steps to do just that, locking the spider-'Con in stasis rather than killing Airachnid outright. (Airachnid remains captive and can be found languishing amongst the other trophies stored in the Autobot vaults.) Finally triumphing over Airachnid restored a lot of Arcee's confidence, too.

She and the other Autobots on Earth still race to recover all the hidden Iacon relics, knowing that their very survival may hinge on staying one step ahead of the Decepticons.

3c. Power Level

Put your desired Power Level (see Power Levels) range here, and justify it to us.

PL 33. Arcee is one of the central cast figures in Transformers Prime and has demonstrated incredible prowess and resilience in a fight, even going so far as to hold off Megatron a time or two. Furthermore, she frequently acts as second-in-command of the Autobots, and she's a highly experienced veteran. She figures centrally in so many episodes and plots that she and Jack can almost be considered the most significant members of the cast.

4c. Sample Pose

Include a sample pose here, if you like. This field is mandatory for Guests, optional for standingreturning players. If you include a sample pose, it should be at least 150 characters long, should include both action and dialogue, and should not focus on how strong your character is. Do a mini-scene with somebody if you want! Staff may occasionally request a sample pose during the revisions process (if there is one), so it never hurts to put one in anyway.

5c. Miscellaneous

This is just a miscellaneous field. If you have any notes or special requests (potential defection notices, for example), this is the place to put them.

6c. +Info Files (OPTIONAL)

If you wish to use our +info system to have Staff-approved extensions to your Advantages, this is where they should go.

6c. +Info Files Cont'd. (OPTIONAL)

If you request more than one or two +info files, please include a formatted version of each file that you are requesting. This is so staff does not have to hand-format every file (which are by design allowed more wordiness than regular +powers+flaws), which can slow processing down considerably. For example: