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1. Who are you upgrading?
What is the name of the character you want to upgrade? If you're changing their @name, please say so here.
Arthur Lowell

2. Advantages
If you are updating your Advantages, fill out the appropriate categories below with your COMPLETE UPDATED ENTRY with all the other advantages for that section included. You do not need to include entries you're not updating. So, for example, if the only thing you're updating is Defining advantages, that's all you should fill out below. If you need a refresher, refer to:

2-1. Defining
Space Magic:
Field Shaping: Arthur can change geometry and gravity of an environment, adding portals or crushing gravity hazards, linking doors in impossible ways, turning straight lines to zig-zags or vice versa, turning areas upside-down, and other similar effects.
Flash Movement: (Field Shaping:) Arthur's primary magic specialty is the creation of Gates, which link points in space. These Gates can obey "portal" logic, retaining momentum and orientation, and function over arbitrary distance.
Attack List - Ranged: Arthur can perform ranged attack magic using a mix of space-warping effects like gravity, celestial processes like starlight, and subatomic processes like fusion. Arthur's brooms can fire a mix of traditional elements or kinetic attacks.

Broom Battler:
Using a varied collection of battle-brooms, Arthur can use powerful mobility and attack techniques.
Flight: Arthur's broom rockets, as well as his personal command of gravity and magical flight effects, all combine into powerful sustained flight abilities.
Mobility: Arthur's control of gravity, rocket use, personal agility, rapid geometric and kinematic processing, and creative exploitation of his Gates all grant him very high mobility.
Attack List - Melee: (Field Shaping:) Arthur can use space-warping effects, celestial processes, and subatomic processes to perform energized melee techniques with his weapons or in hand-to-hand. His brooms can perform battlefield-scale attacks.

2-2. Significant
Mage of Space:
Knowledge - Space: Arthur has both intuitive and academic knowledge about topics of space, from astrophysics, to rocketry, to kinematics, to complex instant geometry calculation.
Analysis: Arthur's intellect and magical power allow him to analyze spatial, celestial, or magical phenomena to find information like their effects, major points of interaction, source, and similar pure-function data.
Environmental Protection: Arthur can reduce most of the typical hazards of space: Radiation, vacuum, intense heat, and other similar effects.

Capacity Boost:
Superhumanity: Videogame logic and his own items endow Arthur with all-around boosted physical abilities.
Buff: Arthur can act as a near-limitless powersource for spells and large mechanical equipment. Linking with a naval ship can rocket-boost it, he can safely fuel dangerously draining spells others are casting, and other such effects.
Damage Reduction: (Field Shaping:) Using his space-warping abilities, Arthur can reduce or avert the impact of incoming danger in entire zones. With his overwhelming willpower, he can persist through incredibly severe wounding.

Punchcard Alchemy:
Wild Card - 1: (Buff:) Using a process called Punchcard Alchemy, Arthur can spot craft items that let others mix/remix their abilities and gear. This doesn't grant new abilities, but mimics existing ones, with reconfigured rules and flavour that increase their effectiveness in a specific application of choice.

Strife Specibi:
Arthur has a collection of game abstractions that grant him high skill in specific classes of weapons.
Weapon Mastery - Brooms: Arthur has talent and experience in using brooms (and other cleaning implements like mops) for skilled combat. His battle-brooms feature rockets, "blender"-like bristles, and an integrated rifle, all of which are used in his combat style.
Weapon Mastery - Swords: Arthur has skill (though less experience) in using traditional swords of all types in combat.
Weapon Mastery - Hand to Hand: Arthur has a surprising degree of hand-to-hand power. Using this as a rare secret technique, he catches enemies off-guard with a brawling street-fighter style.

2-3. Minor
Game Reality:
Hammerspace: (Attack List - Ranged:) Arthur can store anything that is either not alive or is a small "game NPC" in his sylladex. He can also sometimes launch these items for clumsy attacks by exploiting the system.
Conveniences: Arthur obeys videogame logic. Standard healing can be done with food items or sleep, various mundane processes are abstracted into bars filling or draining, and other bits of similar flavor apply.
NPCs: Arthur "commands" a race of small NPC iguanas. Their only remarkable property is high resilience and high population, otherwise they take simple orders at best. He uses them for extra hands sometimes.

God Tier:
Immortality: Arthur will revive from death unless he is killed in a way that is Heroic (sacrificing his life for something, dying in combat with an overlord, etc) or Just (being killed by someone he wronged, the karmic results of a morally ambiguous act, etc).
Skill - Eldritch Communion: Arthur can commune safely with most forms of eldritch entity that might be otherwise dangerous to speak to.

Old Skills:
Skill - Piano: He's pretty good at playing the piano.
Knowledge - Robotics: He can't engineer anything himself, but he knows a surprising amount, and can do things like basic repairs, predictions of function, or programming at a hobbyist level.

2b. Advantages: Patch Notes
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Updated to 5.5.

3. Disadvantages
If you are updating your Disadvantages, put the COMPLETE UPDATED +DISADVANTAGES here. Note that if one or more Disadvantages are being resolved as part of this upgrade, something else must take their place if it would bring the character below the minimum requirement for Disadvantages. If you need a refresher, refer to:
Social Insecurity <Trouble>: Arthur is a complete emotional wreck, still dealing with crippling insecurity. He overcompensates for it with his own bravado, but in general, his behavior becomes incredibly erratic when confronted with sustained discouragement or social disapproval, he becomes irresponsible and stupid when what little self-esteem he has is challenged, he's constantly far too flashy and ostentatious, and he often folds under any form of peer pressure.

Immortality Blues <Significant>: Arthur's lived long enough that he thinks he's past his "expiration date", and tends to force himself into "humanizing" experiences of direct and sometimes debilitating suffering to center and ground his mind in humanity. When given the option to use his godly powers to take an indirect approach or the option to take a problem stressfully head-on, he will choose the latter every time.

The Coolest Kid <Significant>: Arthur's persona is one of some sort of mix of late-2000s and 1990s "cool" alongside a series of vague shounen anime archetypes. He is "HELLA" LOUD and BRASH and BOLD, and obsessively tries to avoid displaying any aspects of his personality that anyone could think of as "nerdy". Typically this mess of behaviors makes some people reasonably think he's crazy, stupid, or annoying.

3b. Disadvantages: Patch Notes
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Updated to 5.0

4. Profile Changes
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5. Power Level
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6. Justification
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Updating to 5.5!