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1. Who are you upgrading?
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Septette Arcubielle.
2. Advantages
If you are updating your Advantages, fill out the appropriate categories below with your COMPLETE UPDATED ENTRY with all the other advantages for that section included. You do not need to include entries you're not updating. So, for example, if the only thing you're updating is Defining advantages, that's all you should fill out below. If you need a refresher, refer to:

2-1. Defining
There are no immovable objects. But some things come close.
Damage Reduction: Septette's defensive enchantments, backup vital systems, super-dense frame, and ironclad willpower render her incredibly resilient to conventional and unconventional sources of damage.

Septette's mind runs on a specialized magitech processor optimized for coping with sanity-warping horrors.
Resistance - Psycho-Exploitation: Her true thoughts are opaque and alien, and unreadable even from her body language. It is highly implausible to invade or manipulate her mental space to a useful degree.
Superior - Reflexes: Septette's reaction time is essentially zero. She can perceive bullets in flight or respond to microsecond-long lapses in defense.
Weapon Mastery - Integral Blades: Septette channels her accelerated cognition and deep experience into a relentless, inhuman efficiency with the long and short blades built into her body.

2-2. Significant
She is an instrument of violence sharpened by centuries of conflict.
Knowledge - Tactics: Septette is a keen tactician. She excels at spotting ambushes and finding weaknesses in large formations of enemies.
Mobility: Septette has a suite of movement techniques including wall-running, acrobatic leaps, microthruster air-dashes, and the like.
Attack List - Melee: Weapons are packed into almost every inch of her body, from limb-mounted blades to razor-sharp fingers and lashing hair. Though diverse in mechanisms and design, they all inflict stabbing, cutting, or crushing damage at close range.

Self-refining enchantments lend her body a vigor beyond what her slight frame betrays.
Environmental Protection: Septette's sturdy frame and synthetic nature allow her to deal with ambient extremes of pressure or temperature, and protect her from most chemical and radioactive hazards.
Superior - Strength: She's able to lift several tons and tear apart tank plating with her bare hands.
Superior - Speed: She can sprint at highway speeds and throw punches that break the sound barrier.

Mathematical magic wielded with a computer's precision.
Attack List - Ranged: (Attack List - Melee:) She can launch arcane projectiles in fire, ice, electric, or concussive force flavors, or imbue her built-in weapons with the same elements.
Field Shaping: The same magic can create elemental hazards and obstacles such as pillars of fire or walls of ice, lay traps with similar effects, or simply raze structures with area-of-effect attacks.
Knowledge - Applied Physics: Septette is an expert at mass and energy calculations, and can tackle many issues without specialist tools; welding doors with fire magic, juicing circuits with lightning magic, or instantly predicting the landing point of a falling MVP.

Yggdroids don't come with user manuals, but at this point Septette could write her own.
NPCs: Septette can magically synthesize drones with built-in functions that reproduce her abilities in various combinations.
Remote Viewing: Their senses are directly linked to hers, allowing for instantaneous remote viewing in a large area around any of the drones.
Analysis: By closely examining a complex spell or machine, Septette can identify its criteria for interaction and intended function. For example, she can ascertain what effect a magic circle will have if triggered and how to do so.
2-3. Minor
Septette's cognitive matrix can be accelerated to absurd speeds relative to the outside world.
Time Stop: (Superior - Reflexes:) By slowing her perception of the world to a halt, Septette buys herself time to carefully observe her surroundings, clear her head, and make detailed plans. All of her decisions have the benefit of careful and conscious deliberation.

These personal teleporters are a must for any Etrian adventurer.
Flash Step, Intangibility: After several moments of uninterrupted concentration, Septette can warp to a safe location 'stage select' style. Its range can encompass an entire continent.
Flight: 'Several miles up' still qualifies as 'a safe location' for Septette, though she will rapidly plummet to the ground after it is used in this fashion.
(Field Shaping): She can create lasting teleporter waypoints that are subject to the same limitations, and are usable by anyone who touches them.

Built to last, the children of Yggdrasil never rust or decay.
Agelessness: Septette does not run down or age in any meaningful sense. Her life could theoretically be indefinitely prolonged.
Low Intake: She does not require food, water, sleep, or any other form of rest or sustenance.
Superior - Stamina: She'll never tire from exertion, run out of MP by casting spells, or otherwise exhaust her energy through activity.

Septette still remembers a dead language whose words are shaped from bone-rattling silence.
Debilitation: (Field Shaping:) The Abyssal language stifles almost all sound within earshot while it is spoken, making verbal communication and picking up on audio cues difficult.

As pseudo-animate constructs, notions of life and death apply to yggdroids in a sketchy sense.
Disguise: Septette can play dead very convincingly. As long as she remains motionless, it can take specialized analysis to verify that she's still functional.

2b. Advantages: Patch Notes
If you are updating your Advantages, tell us what you are adding, modifying, or removing here.
Updating to 5.5 from 5.0 and shuffling things around to change the emphasis on certain elements of her 'toolkit'. Highlights include:
Damage Reduction under Yggdrasil's Bones is now Standalone Defining, with Superhumanity broken up into dots and scattered across other Significants as Superior Attribute.
Refined Septette's "subjective time dilation" under Fractal Mind from what was essentially a wildcard, to Defining Superior - Reflexes & Minor Time Stop.
Added Abyssal Speech and Eternal Lie as fluffy minors.
Bumped Resistance to invasive mental influence/mind-reading up to Defining, from Significant.
Bumped NPCs up to Significant from Minor.
3. Disadvantages
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No changes to flaws.

3b. Disadvantages: Patch Notes
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4. Profile Changes
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5. Power Level
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No PL change because PL is done for. ( )
6. Justification
What are the reasons for this upgrade? What happened (or what will happen) to justify it? If this is an update application, feel free to leave this blank.
This is an update application to 5.5. I'm also planning to run a plot that will entail improving the designs for Septette's drones and performing repairs to her body; this accounts for bumping drones up to Significant and expanding the trapping on AL-M.