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1. Who are you upgrading?

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2. Advantages

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2-1. Powers

Superhuman powers, spells, etc.

Ki: Serori has been trained since birth to utilize the powerful ki innate to all saiyans. With her ki, she is capable of controlled flight, and can produce varying forms of shaped or charged energy attacks, as well as protective personal shields. Her speed and strength are greatly enhanced. She can often sense the strength of her opponents and can judge the potential threat of grouped opponents.

Stubborn As @&*$: Like all saiyans, Serori will gain greater power if she recovers from a near-death wounding earned in battle.

Super Saiyan: Serori has achieved the level of power required to trigger a Super Saiyan transformation. When transformed, her dark eyes change to vibrant green, and her hair, though too long to stand on end, becomes gold and stiff, and appears lifted slightly by the constant rush of power. Her speed, strength, and destructive capacity all increase. Her aura reflects a golden hue, too. She may enact this transformation at will, provided she has the endurance required to maintain it. Use of Super Saiyan tends exhaust her energy reserves more quickly. (PL 32 -> 33)

Saiyan Transformation: Serori possesses her Saiyan tail, which enables her to transform into a gigantic ape creature when in the light of any world's full moon. In her were-ape ('oozaru') form, she stands nearly 40 feet tall, possesses proportionally magnified strength, and can fire incredibly destructive energy beams through her mouth. Like many veteran saiyans, she has total control over her oozaru state and will not berserk. (PL 32 -> 33)

2-2. Skills

Learned skills. Swordsmanship, hacking, etc.

Martial Combatant: Serori is an accomplished martial artist. Her saiyan fighting style incorporates a variety of martial arts techniques, moves, and skills into an amalgamated brute-force method of combat. Though her expertise lies in speed, agility, and ranged ki techniques, her enhanced strength and savagery make her a dangerous opponent in close quarters.

Instant Transmission: A ki technique which enables Serori to teleport to familiar energy signatures. Concentration is required to activate this technique for long distance travel; however, she can freely employ it as an evasive maneuver in a fight. Instant Transmission cannot breach wards against teleportation, but it does allow Serori to choose how closely she arrives in relation to her target. Trying to arrive any distance greater than thirty feet from her target may not be possible. The range of teleportation is limited only by the range of her senses; if she can't 'feel' where someone is, she can't teleport to their location. (Consent may be required.)

Moon Ball Technique: Serori has mastered the technique for creating moonlight from her ki. Looking at the Moon Ball immediately triggers the were-ape transformation for any tailed saiyan. The Moon Ball will disperse naturally after one hour, though physical, magical, and energy attacks can destroy it ahead of time. The false moonlight does nothing to affect other were-creatures.

2-3. Assets

Things you own. Lots of money, power armor, etc.

PTO Resources: As a ranked officer in the Planetary Trade Organization, she can command a limited number of troops and other resources on the field. The soldiers she commands are largely ki-manipulating combatants like herself. PTO vehicles may be used for swift interstellar travel and force deployment, but are never weaponized. (PL 28)

Scouter: This ear-mounted device allows Serori to scan and assess the energy signatures generated by warriors in her universe. It can also search for and point Serori toward sources of significant fighting potential. Scouters are used by all members of the PTO as atmospheric composition scanners and data storage devices. Serori's scouter operates as her radio, when worn, and has been modified to dump its collected data to a networked storage cloud. It has also been enhanced for durability, so that it doesn't explode whenever high power levels are encountered -- an unfortunate flaw found in the average scouter.

2-4. NPCs

Important people who do stuff for you. Sometimes large numbers of goons.

Roko: Captured from Wyveria, this fully-grown Agnaktor serves as Serori's answer to all the Pokemon running around. Roko is a lava-dwelling Leviathan who uses cooling magma as plates of armor over his scaly hide. Equipped with the ability to instantly melt and swim through rock, Roko can sometimes sneak up on a foe, but his massive, ninety-five-foot-long body guarantees he doesn't stay stealthy for long. He attacks using claws, bites, and a dangerous fire breath. Because Roko can't be transported inside anything as handy as a Pokeball, Serori has to be prepared in advance if she wants to use him in a fight. (PL 24)

2b. Advantages: Patch Notes

If you are updating your Advantages, tell us what you are adding, modifying, or removing here.

Several small modifications were made throughout.

- Grammar flaws addressed in existing powers.

- Instant Transmission removed from Ki power.

- Martial Combatant and Instant Transmission added to skills, with consent and clarification added to Instant Transmission.

- Scouter added to assets.

- Roko added to NPCs; he was acquired through roleplay in early 2013.

3. Disadvantages

If you are updating your Disadvantages, put the COMPLETE UPDATED +DISADVANTAGES here. Note that we require a minimum of three Disadvantages on every character.

Size: Serori does not cut a very imposing figure. Though built of solid muscle, she barely stands over five feet in height, and her physical power suffers for it.

Endurance: Related to her physical size is a notable lack staying power compared to other saiyans. She simply can't remain in a fight for as long as she might like. Energy reserves are burned through faster, and she generally fails in reproducing the efficiency and power control demonstrated by her brethren. For this reason, she tends to use smaller scale attacks, as larger, more destructive energy techniques can be very exhausting. This holds true even when she's a Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyan Fury: Serori is already marked by her race's infamous and violent temperament; the Super Saiyan transformation magnifies her primal instincts for rage and ruthlessness. While the fury can be held in check through an exertion of willpower, the amplified traits are a constant burden to her consciousness, and she is more likely to slip into bad habits while transformed.

Arrogance: Like most saiyans, she's got an overbearing self-confidence. She is proud of her accomplishments and that pride can be easily wounded.

Tail Weakness: The saiyan tail is a highly-sensitive appendage which, when gripped, can inflict temporary paralytic shock upon the tail's owner. Serori keeps her prehensile tail tucked closely around her waist to try and mitigate the weakness, but the tail is still out in the open, requiring her to be protective over it, even if it means she has to sacrifice a potential offensive gain. Losing her tail would mean losing the ability to transform into a destructive and powerful were-ape. (Consent required to hold or remove tail. Holds inflict one round of stun.)

3b. Disadvantages: Patch Notes

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Minor update: - Expanded very slightly on Tail Weakness to include mention of Serori's need to protect her tail.

4. Profile Changes

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No change.

5. +Info Files

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No change.

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No change.

6. Power Level

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No change.

7. Justification

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It's been a long time since Roko was acquired; I think he should be all grown up by now! Aside from that addition, I'm just converting into the new format, and taking advantage of extra space to insert some additional character flavor and definition.