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Sir Bedivere.


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Superhuman powers, spells, etc.

Dal Riata Heritage: A foreigner in Camelot, Bedivere is the son of a filidh, a local bard and magician from the northern kingdom of Dal Riata. Since he is still new to using his abilities, he'll still register as an ordinary mortal to all but the most keen of supernatural senses.

Magic Circuits: Bedivere possesses magic circuits and potential beyond the level of most mortals, although largely untrained, and it allows him to support a Servant without risk of harm to himself. Although few in number, his magic circuits are of uncommonly high quality, and thus may register to the sensitive as more numerous than they really are.

Novice Filidh: Under the guidance of Loros, Bedivere has begun to learn the basics of magic and how to use it. Since he hails from an age where mortals were much closer to the otherworldly, he has great potential, even though he's only begun his training.

Sight: By activating his magic circuits, Bedivere can see his surroundings for what they really are, piercing through illusions, veils, and other such occlusions. (Consent required to see through player-created illusions.)
Energy Transfer: Through the use of his magic circuits, Bedivere can transfer life energy from one thing to another. As of yet he can't move a great amount, but it can be enough to infuse small, quarter-sized objects. Most of this utility to him is the ability to transfer energy from himself to his Servant.
Cantrips: Other minor skills Bedivere has learned include very small and minor illusions, conjuring dancing lights, changing the colour or flavour of things for a short time, and simple actions like lighting a candle. Most of these skills are extremely minor, and not very useful for offensive or defensive purposes, although they can be useful distractions if he catches his opponents unawares.


Learned skills. Swordsmanship, hacking, etc.

Skills of the Knight: Bedivere is well-trained in the use of a range of melee weapons and shields familiar to a soldier of the mediaeval period. These include axes, flails, lances, maces, morningstars, and swords. His greatest skill, however, is in the use of spears as both melee and thrown weapons, with incredible strength and finesse. He is also an expert horseman, able to fight and ride, as well as handle agitated horses with ease.

Skills of the Marshal: As the Left Hand of the King, Bedivere was entrusted with the full military authority of King Arthur's armies. Generals answered to him, and it fell to him to command the men in Camelot's many campaigns. As a result, Bedivere has great knowledge of logistics, supply chains, fighting tactics, and how best to use a given group of men to their fullest potential. Furthermore, he has an extremely tactical mind, able to use the environment to his advantage, and yet still fight in a way that is still honourable. It was once said that Bedivere was also an excellent chess player; of Camelot, second only to Merlin.

Skills of the Watcher: Honed throughout his life, Bedivere's powers of perception are tremendously keen. His skills are hardly supernatural, but stem from a lifetime of training himself to notice that which often goes overlooked. Regardless of the sense, he has taught himself to pay attention to the subtle things, and to find patterns in what might otherwise seem like chaos. He hears subtle sounds some would miss, and spots details others might think insignificant. No detail is too small for him to pay attention to, especially if it's a discrepancy to known information. (Consent required where applicable.)


Things you own. Lots of money, power armor, etc.

Dun Realtai: This mediaeval castle and its lands were entrusted to Bedivere by its guardian when he came to its defense. It has been repaired into a formidable bastion of defense, made to withstand both assault and siege. Castle Facilities: Included on Dun Realtai's lands are an armoury, aviary, barracks, great hall, kennel, kitchen, library, smithy, stable, storage areas, a well, and workshops. All resources available through the castle, such as equipment from the armoury, aviary hawks, kennel hounds, and beasts of burden from the stable, are strictly mundane or non-Elite.

Command Seals: These supernatural tattoos represent Bedivere's right to command the Saber-class Servant, Arturia Pendragon, as her Master and supporting anchor to the physical world. This tri-fold seal is represented by a stylised sword of Celtic knotwork on the back of his left hand. These command seals afford their own benefits.

Absolute Commands: By expending a seal, Bedivere can issue an absolute, one-time command to Saber, though he's unlikely to. This may be a command that goes against her nature, thus forcing her obedience, or it can allow a physical impossibility, such as summoning her to his side in case of emergency. At present, three command seals remain.
Location: Though his senses are untrained, Bedivere has a vague idea of where Saber is at any given time. When apart, he also has a vague idea of how long it might take her to reach him, through conventional or unconventional means.

Knightly Raiment: Through Dun Realtai's facilities Bedivere has access to all manner of armour and weapons of mediaeval make and manufacture. If he feels the need to ride into battle, he also has access to well-trained horses, strong enough to bear a knight in full armour. Equipment available through the castle is strictly mundane.

2-4. NPCs

Important people who do stuff for you. Sometimes large numbers of goons.

Kepas: An ice elemental in the shape of a greyhound, about the size of a draught horse, that has been entrusted into Bedivere's keeping. Useful for guarding and tracking, Kepas can be given simple commands, and most of the time he can be expected to follow them. His teeth and claws make him a formidable fighter. (PL 26)

Staff and Servants: The castle of Dun Realtai is staffed by a number of non-Elite mortals. They serve a variety of functions to keep the castle and its village running. Some of their roles include craftsmen, farmers, guards, merchants, and others. They are dedicated and loyal to their lord, and will follow him even into battle if the need arises, although they aren't so numerous as to call a standing army just yet. (PL 0 to PL 25)


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  • Dal Riata Heritage has had its wording changed to reflect Bedivere's training of his fledgling supernatural abilities.

  • Novice Filidh has been added, and details some of the minor abilities Bedivere has been taught to do under Loros' training. Sub-entries for Sight and Energy Transfer have also been added.

  • Skills of the Knight has been streamlined, including more military-focused skills, and had its word count reduced slightly.

  • Skills of the Marshal has been streamlined, including more tactically-focused skills, and had its word count reduced.

  • Skills of the Watcher has been added.

  • Dun Realtai has had its word count reduced. A sub-entry for Castle Facilities has also been added.

  • Command Seals and Absolute Commands have had their wording altered slightly for clarity.

  • Knightly Raiment has been streamlined, and had its word count reduced dramatically.

  • Kepas has been rewritten to reflect recent changes around the castle, and also had its word count reduced.

  • Servants of Dun Realtai has been renamed to Staff and Servants, and has been reworded for clarity.


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Dun Realtai: The castle and village which Bedivere watches over is a potential vulnerability. He considers himself responsible for the castle, land, and people, so threatening any of those could easily be used to bait him. More than that, he considers it his home, and he will fight to the death to defend it.

Honour-Bound: As a knight, Bedivere hails from a place and time where one's word is everything. The strict codes of behaviour he lives by are not always advantageous to him.

Contract of Word: If he gives his word on any matter, it is a contract as binding as signature. Once given, Bedivere cannot renege without dishonouring himself, as a knight with faithless word cannot be trusted. Even if the terms are clearly disadvantageous to him, Bedivere is compelled to stand on his word.
Brehon Law: A complex system of laws dictating aspects of mediaeval life, including the relationship between guest and host, Bedivere is bound as castle lord to show courtesy and honour to his castle guests. If he accepts someone as a guest, or as a host, he is bound not to show them any ill treatment, even if he himself is treated poorly or with violence.

In the Shape of a Heart: To satisfy a pact, Bedivere accepted guardianship of a piece of Loros' heart, and has sworn to protect it from any and all danger. Although not inherently dangerous, there are a lot of bad things looking for it that could make mincemeat out of the knight. Furthermore, enterprising Union members with a grudge might put him into a compromising position if they knew Bedivere had possession of it, putting him into an extremely awkward position.

The Gentle Knight: Bedivere is a gentle soul at heart. He dislikes combat, and the sword is always his very last option. If he believes a cause unjust, he will not bare steel even in his own defense, even if he's attacked. Naturally, this can be disastrous to him in the wrong situation, and a clever opponent could put him down with ease.

Magic Circuits: Bedivere is still a novice in the art of magic, and when he draws on his abilities, it's about as subtle as a sledgehammer. He cannot work subtle magics without being discovered by even dimly-sensitive individuals, so using magic quietly is right out of the question.

Master: As a novice filidh, a magus of the old world, Bedivere is not an efficient Master. Although he can sustain the Servant Saber, she cannot achieve her true potential under his power. Use of her Noble Phantasm is physically devastating to him, since he doesn't have the full capacity to support it. Even an extended battle might mean crippling fatigue for him.

Command Seals: These three tattoo-like seals are proof of Bedivere's status as a Master, and serve as a physical anchor for the Servant Saber. Once used, they vanish permanently; if all three are used, he will automatically relinquish command of his Servant. Furthermore, to a magus with the right kind of tools and mindset, these seals can be stolen.

Mortal: Bedivere is mortal. Thanks to a complete lack of healing advantages, it's easier to critically injure him, he takes longer to heal, and he tends not to stand up well to assault from a lot of Elites. Isolated from his allies, he makes for easy prey.

To the King: Bedivere considers Arturia Pendragon's safety his personal responsibility. Intolerant of threats to her honour or person, he'll act without thinking in her defense, challenging those who far outclass him. Clever opponents could manipulate him into overreaching.

Berserk Button: Seeing his king fall is the one thing that can drive Bedivere into a berserker-like rage. He will fight anything he perceives as a serious threat to Arturia until either he or his enemy falls. Wrath lends him tremendous strength at the cost of reason. He feels no remorse and cannot be stopped unless struck down or disabled. In this state he can sustain hideous injury, easily baited and bereft of his usual good sense.


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  • Dun Realtai has had its word count reduced.

  • Honour-Bound, Contract of Word, and Brehon Law have all had their word count reduced. Additionally, Brehon Law has been reworded slightly to clarify what is meant under the ancient laws.

  • In the Shape of a Heart has been added.

  • The Gentle Knight has been moved to its own entry, and had its word count reduced.

  • Master has been rewritten to clarify the practical effects of why he's an inefficient Master.

  • Mortal has had its word count reduced and its wording slightly streamlined.

  • Tech Aversion has been removed due to lack of use and to reduce total word count.

  • To the King and Berserk Button have been clarified slightly and had their word count reduced.


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Function: Lord of Dun Realtai

Quote: "How did I determine the best candidates? I threw their applications to the wind, and I chose the ones that travelled the furthest. ...Heh. You did not believe that, did you? My standards are simply more exacting than yours. I must weigh whether their fortitude honours the Round Table."

Profile: Once a paragon of knighthood among the Round Table, Sir Bedivere served with distinction as Marshal of the Realm, the authority of Camelot's armies. He served also as Left Hand of the King, as protector and subtle advisor to Arturia Pendragon. Now, he serves the Union with the same devotion. Serious and stoic, he's actually a shy and awkward man beyond duty, still uncertain of his place in the greater multiverse. When not called to arms, he can be surprisingly gentle and peaceable. Faithful and loyal, when he gives his word, it's as binding as a contract. Now the Master of the Servant Saber and the lord of a multiversal territory, he strives to balance the health and safety of Dun Realtai's people along with his personal vow to protect Saber. Unfortunately, such is his fatal flaw, for Bedivere is a mere mortal in a realm full of powers beyond his understanding... and Elites well beyond his strength.


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The primary reasons for this upgrade include:

  • Spring cleaning! I wanted to sort things out into a more easily comprehensible format, such as breaking things into sub-entries and clarifying things. Pretty much everything got a rewrite in some form or another, even if only to correct typos or clean up wording I felt was sub-par. There are also some entries, like Skills of the Watcher, that I intended to be in from the beginning and didn't remember to add or apply for.

  • In terms of things added, Bedivere was given the command seals to Saber, transferred from her old Master, Tohsaka Sakura. In order to better serve her as Master, and to prevent her from fading away, he sought out training in the supernatural from Loros. He's learned a few novice skills, such as Sight, and the basic ability to transfer energy from one thing to another. As of yet, he doesn't know any offensive or defensive techniques; merely utility techniques.
  • His +finger profile was also in some sore need of updating, since some of the content was a little outdated, and new information needed to be added.