Sengo Muramasa

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Sengo Muramasa (Scenesys ID: 6593)
The heart of the sword is right here! Take this -- my Tsumugari Muramasa!
Full Name: Sengo Muramasa, Shirou Emiya
Gender: Male
Species: Pseudo-Servant
Theme: (OFC) Fate/Metastasis-1
Function: Servant Saber
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Paladins (Chevaliers)
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Other Information
Physical Age: 18 Actual Age: 63
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Noriaki Sugiyama
Height: 187cm Weight: 78kg
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Gold
Theme Song: EMIYA Ver. Shimousa


Appearing as a fearless youth with deep red hair, Muramasa is a pseudo-servant formed from the body of Shirou Emiya and the abnormal heroic spirit, Sengo Muramasa. Together, they form Servant Saber -- although he still identifies himself as Muramasa the Swordsmith, his situation is such that he's not entirely either or. He's aware of which memories belong to which part of himself, but the ego of the two have merged completely and seamlessly, as the compatibility between the two of them is close to one hundred percent. Muramasa is an extraordinary swordsman, as befitting his class, as well as a blacksmith renowned for making one-of-a-kind swords that would later become legends themselves. He is a very kind man with a strong and uncompromising sense of morals, and a disdain for destiny and human evil. At the same time, his way of speaking is painfully blunt, absent of any sort of tact, he often comes across as a rude person. As well, Muramasa has a bad habit of butting in on the affairs of others due to being a somewhat impulsive person.



Trace On, Trigger Off: Shirou Emiya possesses a very special form of magic called 'Tracing' that allows him to copy the physical blueprints, history, and magical properties of objects. In other words, it's something that works a lot like psychometry. Power Copy - 1: Sengo is capable of obtaining the accumulated history of most weapons he is able to touch or spend long enough staring at, stealing the owner's techniques and gaining knowledge on how to re-create the weapon in question.

Muramasa: Sengo's sword that he created to perform a single technique, it is both a demonic sword and a divine sword.

  • Anti-Healing: Part of Tsumugari Muramasa's ability allows it to prevent the recovery of things that it severs.

Bane - Eastern Tradition Creatures: Tsumugari Muramasa is a sword that is particularly effective against the supernatural entities found in Eastern folklore. Field Shaping: The special attack of his sword, a powerful slashing attack that leaves behind a gouge in the earth, and can even destroy things like pocket dimensions or false realities.


Blade-Testing Art: Sengo Muramasa's sword style that started as the most simple stances required to test the weapons he created, to ensure their adequate functionality. He takes something of an MMA approach to swordsmanship. Weapon Mastery - Sword: Sengo can use practically any weapon that could qualify as a 'sword' as if he'd spent his whole life mastering it. Intuitively, he understands the best way to use any sword in his hand. Improbable Defense: So long as he has a sword in hand, he can use various techniques nullify damage to himself using his weapon; but a barrage of attacks would be difficult to defend against. Attack List - Ranged: Some techniques that Sengo can use allow him to use his sword to create wind-blades to attack from a distance, or he could use thrown weapons like knives or short-swords.

Unlimited Blade Works: Shirou Emiya's reality marble, a magical spell that would form over the course of his life. However, as Muramasa, the nature of the spell has changed into an ability to gather information.

  • Analysis: The bladework allows Sengo to sympathize with the weapon and store a perfect memory of it inside of itself. This allows Sengo to quickly ascertain the history, structure, and materials used in construction of weapons and objects around him.

Extraordinary Senses: Being capable of sympathizing with objects greatly enough to discern information from them, it gives him a form of 'sixth sense' in battle, as he can mildly predict their attacks. Buffs: By reading the structure of a weapon, if he has it in his hands, he can fill it with magical energy to enhance it. E.g. a sword would become sharper and more durable.

Territory Creation EX: Sengo's workshop, as both a blacksmith and a mage, is wherever he is. As his entire workshop follows him around, anywhere he stops for the night will be somewhere he can access his tools to create swords, magical or not. Share Power: By creating equipment at his workshop, Saber can forge special weapons and armor for other people, provided the necessary materials exist. Repair: Using the tools of his workshop and a magic spell, Sengo can repair things from broken magic swords to modern day machinery in anywhere from several minutes to a day's worth of work. (Field Shaping: Anywhere he stops by for a little bit of rest will begin transforming into his workshop, with tools, items, and subtle magical defenses seemingly appearing as if they were always there.)

Pseudo-Servant: Muramasa is the result of a human mage being possessed by a dead blacksmith, giving him many boons in exchange for fusing his mind with Muramasa's. Superhumanity: Muramasa boasts incredible physical ability, giving him superb speed, strength, and endurance. Mobility: Muramasa is very agile and acrobatic, capable of performing wall runs and mid-air flips. His jumping distance is great, and he is capable of controlling himself well mid-air. Resistance - Magic: Muramasa has a modest degree of magic resistance, allowing him to resist some spells or magical ailments.


House Husband: Perhaps as a carryover from his life as Shirou Emiya, some of his most enjoyed hobbies are forms of menial household labor. Skill - Cooking: One of Muramasa's personal joys is to cook, being able to cook even difficult dishes like Osechi, and can identify how a dish was made after tasting it. Skill - House-Keeping: As an expert of household chores, Muramasa can turn a filthy flat into an orderly living space, or even make a run-down shack presentable overnight.


Compulsive Obsessions <Trouble>: Shirou Emiya wanted to be a hero who could save everyone; of course, he knew that was impossible. But it didn't matter if it wasn't possible to do so, it's never about what's at the end of the road -- what mattered to him was the road he walked on to begin with. This warped perspective still exists within Muramasa as a compulsion to make himself helpful, above and beyond what would be reasonable. If he can save even one life by putting his own on the line, he will do so regardless of his situation. Both Shirou Emiya and Sengo Muramasa are individuals defined by their obsessive natures -- a single-minded pursuit of one goal. This kind of behavior has only been compounded by their fusion, as Muramasa slaves tirelessly despite his earnest and kind nature, to create his perfect sword. To hone his perfect technique. This very obsession is what causes him to create only bloodthirsty demon swords. While aspects of Shirou's personality tempered Muramasa, it's not as if he didn't have his own quirks. Their lives and mindsets were 'incredibly similar' after all, so one of them being a twisted person would mean the other should be, too.

Evaporation of Piety <Significant>: In relation to his desire for severing himself from fate, Muramasa despises the greater powers. His desire to create his perfect Muramasa comes from the deeper wish to escape the influence of others and act purely on his own willpower. In this way, you could say that Shirou Emiya's optimism and determination to carry through an impossible, eternal dream has improved his condition, turning what would ordinarily be a crippling mental deficiency into something relatively manageable. As a result, he get along poorly with deities, religious people, or people who believe things like karma and destiny are inescapable.

Women <Significant>: Shirou Emiya was simultaneously horrible and amazing when it came to the women in his life. After all, how could he ever believe someone would love him? As someone who didn't value his own self at all, it didn't make sense for others to care for something that had no intrinsic value. Sengo Muramasa had no such problem in life, but fusing with Shirou Emiya has made it a very complicated affair for both of them, leaving Saber torn between Sengo Muramasa's long dead family and Shirou Emiya's tragically complicated love life. Sadly, even being influenced by a family man isn't enough to make his interactions with the fairer sex any less disastrous as he almost always says the wrong thing at the worst possible time.

Yamato-damashii <Significant>: As a Japanese Heroic Spirit, Sengo Muramasa takes pride in representing his home -- a simple blacksmith manifesting as a Servant is a great honor, indeed. And while his nature is to an extent, humble, he comes from a time where the cultural values of Japanese men ran strong. Even someone as gentle and cultured as himself is no different. Almost always, he does his best to live up to the standards of the Muromachi period; to live honorably, and lawfully. His mental deficiencies in this regard make jabs at his roots incredibly effective in provoking him into fights he otherwise would try and talk his way out of. It's only natural to defend your honor and the honor of your countrymen, after all, at least that's how Sengo Muramasa would see things.

A Man's Sanctuary <Minor>: Shockingly, Muramasa's 'man-cave' as it were is in fact, the kitchen. Whether this is a trait he had in life or influence from Shirou Emiya is unclear, but it's a very rare circumstance for him to tolerate other cooks in his own little slice of heaven. There are three things that irritate Saber in every day life -- messy people, ill-prepared food, and cooks he isn't familiar with.


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