Shop Class (Kiyoko Saito)

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Shop Class (Kiyoko Saito)
Date of Cutscene: 20 June 2014
Location: Kiyoko's Room, Tokyo-788
Synopsis: Using the blueprints from Eliot Ness, Kiyoko works to add a new gadget to her arsenal.
Thanks to: Eliot Ness
Cast of Characters: 131
Tinyplot: None

"Are you quite done fiddling with that?"

Kiyoko looks up from the spread of parts on the table, the blueprints strewn all around the table's surface. "Almost," she says to the irate chinchilla glaring at her. "The motifications were trickier than I'd thought."

And they were. The two screwdrivers she was using had to be held just so in order to attach the plates in such a way that the mechanism would reset. She was still easing everything into place... but the form of the small bracer-attachment was coming together at last.

And with a 'click' she finishes! Kiyoko sighs as she begins covering the mechanism, putting things together for the final touches of installation into her bracers. "There..."

"I admit," Emeralda notes, "That I had expected you to electrify the blade or something. This seems more... simplistic than your usual flair."

Kiyoko shrugs, wrapping the device onto her forearm to see how well it fit. "I thought about it. A lot of options really... but sometimes the simple things are all you need to have to be a surprise." She smiles, flicks her wrist, and the short blade flicks out to gleam in the light. Another motion retracts it safely within.

Emeralda stares, then sighs, "I'm not sure that Himei would like how you've taken to killing your opponents, but I trust you're being careful."

Kiyoko shrugs again. "I don't just kill anyone. It's... there's rules. A lot of them. I know I act dumb sometimes, but I'm pretty serious when it comes to this." Her tone is much more mellow than usual, despite her nonchalant shrug. The blade flicks in and out again.

Sigh. "I suppose if you know what you are doing. But be careful about crossing that line. Still, I expected something more... I don't know. Different."

A little giggle, and Kiyoko flashes a smile. "Oh, I have a few surprises in there, don't worry." Another flick of her wrist, and the blade snaps out... launching across the room to embed, quivering, in the corkboard Kiyoko keeps her notes on.

"You can't expect me to be /boring/ can you?"