Silence (Rhapsody)

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Silence (Rhapsody)
Date of Cutscene: 18 September 2016
Location: Dun Realtai
Synopsis: After trying to write a report, Rhapsody thinks on the current state of affairs regarding Ravnica and Yunomi
Cast of Characters: 325
Tinyplot: Moeru

       For days now, Rhapsody had been putting off reporting back to the Union on the situation at hand. How Yunomi's trail had now gone completely cold. On how Ijiwaru had actually assisted when the Namamura district came under attack by the Guildless of Ravnica, wanting only to drive out 'outsiders' and 'foreigners' when so many immigrants from the rest of the Multiverse had moved in all over Ravnica. She wanted, desperately, to let everyone know how Ijiwaru was controlling her and caused her to become a recluse from nearly everyone, staying in Dun Realtai. However, when she started to write with Pidge eagerly awaiting to deliver her report, not a single word would be written. 
       While she had found new allies within the walls of Dun Realtai, fears had formed that simply kept her from acting. Ijiwaru seemed to have eyes everywhere. What if he got hold of her report? Would he deliver his evidence to the steps of Prahv? Would The first domino fall causing damage to Ravnica that may not be able to be repaired? Her expulsion from home, guild, and almost everything she had known her entire life? 
       No. The report would have to wait until everything was settled. At least the Guildmaster had a way to still move forward on her investigation thanks to Merlin, but that secret needed to be kept from everyone, possibly never to be revealed. Decision made, the report is tucked away to be written on another day. The result of all her contemplation left her with a single thought.
       "Is this what you're going through, right now?"