Soliloquy of Reproach (Alucard Tepes)

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Soliloquy of Reproach (Alucard Tepes)
Date of Cutscene: 25 September 2017
Location: Windknight's Lot
Synopsis: Another vampire stalks the streets of Windknight's Lot! A woman walking home becomes his next victim.
Thanks to: Jonathan Joestar
Cast of Characters: 1128
Tinyplot: Soliloquy of Reproach

        It was dark, and getting darker, and the streets were utterly empty. She hurried along the cobbled pathway. "Oh, I shouldn't have spent so long talking... but that fabric is perfect for my wedding dress and..."

        The presence was upon her before she knew what had happened, the shape seeming to melt out of the darkness and coalesce a few paces before her. Tall, thin, his features mostly covered with a dark, hooded cloak that hid most of his face. What could be seen was the pale skin of the lower part of his face, and the trailing waves of his long, pale hair as it hung from the hood.

        The man spoke, a baritone voice. "Miss... what are you doing out alone at this time of night?"

        She drew back a few steps, and offered cautiously, "I was... talking with a friend of mine... and I didn't realize the time..."

        "Is that so?" The hood tilted a bit, as if the man inside the cloak was considering her. "Please allow me the honor of walking with you back to your home. 'Tis not safe on the streets this late, particularly not for a beautiful young woman such as yourself."

        She continued to step back; despite his helpful demeanor, there was something about him, something about his sheer presence, that she did not like. Something about it seemed to her much the way a predator loomed over its prey-to-be. "A-ah... no thank you sir, I-I will be fine. I can make it back alone..."

        The corner of the man's mouth turned up in the ghost of a smile as sharp as a blade. "Come now... there's no need to be shy." He seemed to flow to her side, his fingers suddenly curling about her upper arm.

        No sooner did she feel the fingers on her arm than she gasped, and had the good sense to struggle. "L-let go of me...!" As soon as she began to resist though, the grip turned to iron, biting painfully into her arm, impossible to break free of. Despite her best efforts, she found herself being dragged towards an alley out of direct view.

        "Then, would you do me the honor..." He leaned closer, far too close for comfort. Close enough for her to see as he opened his mouth...


        And he finished the statement, to her horror, "...Of allowing me to quench my thirst with your blood...?"

        He didn't wait for a response. Quick as a viper's strike, he leaned his head down and sank his fangs into her throat. She shrieked loudly in fright, but the sound soon trailed off, first into a whimper and then into silence as her body went lax.

        The cloaked man allowed her body to drop to the ground, licking the remnants of her blood from his lips. "...Hmph. Pathetic human..." he breathed.

        And then the shadows took him again, leaving no trace that he was ever there...

        ...Except the fallen young woman.