Some things never change (Fayt Ravus)

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Some things never change (Fayt Ravus)
Date of Cutscene: 12 December 2016
Location: Castle Ravus
Synopsis: The factions are gone, the multiverse rearranged, but for Fayt? Some things continue regardless.
Cast of Characters: 319

It had been a frantic few hours. Fayt's first course of action was to send escape orders to his employees, telling them to grab what supplies and people they could as they fled from Njorun. Then the Mutiverse... did a thing.%R%R%TFayt had been working frantically, scanning the radio for signs of life. taking in reports as Ships slowly re-establish contact, looking for orders. There was another problem however. Fayt was home when everything happened, and his home is underground. He had no idea where he was, he might be someplace hostile or worse, buried with no way to the surface. He had to risk a trip outside to scout around. Carefully, he he opened the front doors to underground castle he called home...

A man in heavy plate armor stood on the other side, his sword carefully wedged in where the gap between the doors used to be. Behind him was a woman in light armor, holding a sword and a bow, and a man in flowing robes.

They stared in confusion at Fayt. Fayt stared back. Silence.

Fayt pointed to a sign, readily visible, explaining how this was someone's home, not a dungeon for raiding, and helpfully pointed towards the door bell. The adventuring party followed Fayt's hand, saw the sign, "Oh," one of them said. Silence.

Fayt let out a long suffering sigh, some things it seems, never change. "You came from the surface?" Nodding. "Come inside please. I need answers."