Spirits, Dolls, Cabbages and Kings (Haru)

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Spirits, Dolls, Cabbages and Kings (Haru)
Date of Cutscene: 08 August 2014
Location: Avatar World
Synopsis: While unable to locate the shrine that may hold the key to returning Toph to normal, Haru does the only thing he can think of... make tribute to a spirit.
Cast of Characters: 143
Tinyplot: Mu


This town ended up being a huge lead on what was ailing Toph. But with precious little direction from there. While they may have known what happened to Toph, they were no closer to learning how to fix it. The only lead they had now, was the shrine. The dolls.

They had no idea where the shrine was. And searching gave Haru plenty of time to think. He didn't know much about the spirit world. It wasn't his forte. He was an earthbender, and understood the earth. He could mine. Farm. He wasn't a shaman, and he didn't know anything about spiritual stuff.

What he did know is, spirits liked tribute. And prayer.

Haru sighs. Looks down at the little thing in his hand. It's... a rock. About the size of his palm. Not too odd, he's an earthbender. But it's not a simple rock for long. He raises his hands to either side of the rock, floating the rock between them, and concentrates. The rock begins to change... to warp. It becomes...

...A doll. Much like the ones Tony had possession of, with a hole in the chest. But made of rock, obviously. As he looks at the thing, he realizes it's missing something. Hair. He looks around for grasses he could use. Not blades of grass, those would just stick straight up. Which would look pretty cool, but wouldn't look a thing like the dolls they already had. Ferns. They'd be 'fluffy' enough to serve as hair, right? Maybe some of those fuzzy flowers? He'd need something to stick them on, though...

It didn't take much longer before the little rock doll had a full head of green, fern-y hair. He'd plucked the tiny leaves from the ferns and stuck them on the doll in a pattern like roofing tiles. Haru looked at the doll with a critical eye. The old woman, Chunhua, had said the older dolls held more power. True, this one was brand new. But it was made with earthbending. And he made it with the hope that it would help a friend. That counted for something, didn't it?

Hopefully once they found the shrine, it'd be of use. And hopefully him using his earthbending to make this doll wouldn't give the spirit the ability to eat /him/!