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Terra (Scenesys ID: 7225)
"Darkness always finds a way into a wounded heart. You have to be strong. Strength of heart will carry you through the hardest of trials."
Full Name: Terra
Gender: Male
Species: Nobody
Theme: (OFC) Kingdom Hearts: Ages-1
Function: Lingering Will
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Watch (4-Member)
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Other Information
Physical Age: 18 Actual Age: 42
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Jason Dohring
Height: 6'0 Weight: 194
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Kingdom Hearts Tribute - Rage Awakened


An imposing man with brown hair and bronze armor, Terra is a former Keyblade Knight- A group of warriors trained in the use of a magical weapon of the Heart. After a series of events where the knight was separated from the rest of his friends and lost his body to a man known as Xehanort, Terra is now a Nobody, a supernatural being whose lost the emotional core of their being known as the Heart that allows them to feel. Unlike others of his kind however, they can still very clearly feel anger, an emotion that shapes the way he chooses to live, and also the emotion that tends to cause him problems, often turning into a violent inferno of rage at very little provocation, be it at his own shortcomings are the forces of darkness. With his personal multi-form weapon Ends of the Earth and armor, Terra fights with both mastery of the blade and a variety of tools and weapons, all with an anger backing it and the hopes that one day he can personally put an end to the man who has wronged him in every way.



Your Body Submits:

  • Superior Strength, Damage Reduction, Superior Speed: Terra is superhumanly fast, strong, and tough, and can perform feats such as hurling boulders, moving so fast that he becomes little more than a blur, and shrugging off hits that would otherwise completely devastate a man his size.

Your Heart Succumbs:

  • Weapon Mastery - Ends Of The Earth: Terra is well versed in the use of the key-shaped sword named Ends Of The Earth, and is adept at fighting with it in both a two-handed and single-handed fashion.
  • Attack List - Melee, Attack List - Ranged: Terra's weapon Ends Of The Earth can has access to and can adopt a variety of different forms such as a massive sword, a whip, a drill, a throwing lance, a bow, or a massive magical cannon. He can also perform powerful light-themed strikes with extended range and extreme speed, spinning weapon attacks that center around him, cast spells of fire, ice, lightning, light and earth, or conjure tracking spheres that fire light magic at enemies.


So Why Does Your Mind Resist:

  • Hammerspace: Terra is capable of storing a large amount of items in his inventory without any concerns for storage space. He can also summon and unsummon his weapon at will, making it nearly impossible to disarm him.
  • Flash Movement: Terra can teleport across the battlefield in short bursts, allowing him to reposition himself during attacks or acting as an impromptu dodge to get out of danger.
  • Intrusion Immunity: Terra is strongly resistant to attacks against his mind or attempts to intrude it.

One Day I Will Set This Right:

  • Heal - Self, Cure - Self: Terra's body heals injuries and expels debilitating status debuffs and ailments at an increased pace both inside and outside of battle. He also has access to restorative and curative magics that accomplishes the same thing.
  • Share Powers: Terra can use his healing magic on others, and share his tools and tricks.

I Will Return To This Land:

  • Vehicle Mastery - Ends Of The Earth: Flight: Attack List - Ranged: Terra's weapon can turn into a small attack glider that he is more than proficient at piloting, able to perform slick drifts and precision turns. The attack glider can fly freely in the air and in space, and is capable of firing magical projectiles.
  • Mobility: Terra is capable of impressive acrobatic feats of agility, such as limited wall running, double jumps, and ground and aerial dashing to cover ground or get through obstacles.

And Protect My Friends:

  • Environmental Protection: Resistance - Darkness: Hammerspace: Terra has armor that protects him and allows them to breathe freely in the cold depths of space or underwater, as well as provide protection from extreme climates. It also provides suitable defenses against dark magic and otherwise corruptive negative energies. Lastly, the armor can be summoned and dismissed at will, making it virtually impossible to lose.




Rage Awakened <Trouble>: Terra is only able to understand anger. Anger at his failures, anger at himself, and anger at his enemies. The drive to see this anger through to its end and destroy the source, no matter who or what stands in his way. It basically shapes his current way of living in some manner, and he finds it hard not to be even slightest bit angry at something. Bringing up his past, future, and current shortcomings no matter how small, hurting those he is working with, or even something simple like someone throwing petty insults repeatedly for minutes on end are valid ways to goad him, to set his anger against him and generally give him something to rage at to distract him. He is also, unless beaten into submission, not one to deviate from dealing with the source of his ire until it's handled, his usual solution to such things almost always being violence of some sort

The Darkness Will Never Have Me <Significant>: Terra hates darkness with what one could possibly consider an extremely burning passion. Having lost himself to it before, he has negative sympathy towards creatures, objects or users that hold or use negative energies, regardless of their origin. At his worst, this manifests in an attempt to destroy the person, creature, or item out right, and at his best, he is naturally distrusting of them. Items and objects of the dark alignment will never find themselves in Terra's hands or possession no matter how convienent they may be, and those who use the dark arts willingly will find it hard to get close or gain information from him.


Title Date Scene Summary
KHA: A Door to the Heart May 30th, 2020 The final showdown with the Seeker of Darkness occurs at the End of the World, a place where Hearts lost to Darkness collect. There, Ansem stands before a door that leads to a Darkness deeper still.


Title Date Scene Summary
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