The Best Solution. (Taylita)

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The Best Solution. (Taylita)
Date of Cutscene: 13 April 2015
Location: Taylita's Ship
Synopsis: Taylita considers her options for dealing with her fellow Saiyans.
Cast of Characters: 180
Tinyplot: AWftF

 Training. It always helps Taylita clear her mind and think through things clearly. As she smashed boulders and dodged between training robots, the sunlight glistening off her skin, Taylita considers her situation. 

 She is a Saiyan, but she does not understand Saiyan ways. She is a Union member, but nearly every other member of her species is either a Confederate or a planetary plunderer. Or both. Raditz is around, somewhere, but she has nearly no contact with him. And, he seems to be staying out of things anyway. 

 Another target is destroyed, this time by an energy blast, then Taylita backflips away from the blast and lands in a crouch, her eyes not really focused on anything as she thinks. Kakarot has an empire. Serori and Vegeta have an empire. She has...herself. They are well known thanks to their destructive ways while Taylita is nearly unknown thanks to her calm and peaceful style. If things continue this way, she will very likely have no sway whatsoever in how the Saiyan people develop. 

 Taylita stands again and clenches her fists while she looks to the sky, the strong desert breeze of her favorite training ground blowing her hair and tail about. She has dedicated herself to changing the saiyan people. How can she do that from the outside? She has to get into one or both empires. And, Kakarot seems to have no real interest in peaceful relations, despite all his words. She can see it in his attitude, in how he turns everyone's words around and twists them so they serve him rather than entertaining new ideas. If Vegeta's empire and Kakarot's empire clash...the Saiyan people will once again be pushed toward extinction. She can't allow that. can she stop it? 

 The best way, she realizes, is to take Kakarot's throne from him. That would save Reptilon, stop the brewing Saiyan war, and give her much more power when dealing with Vegeta and Serori. But, she knows that Kakarot is strong. Possibly stronger than her. She could very well die. That thought just makes her smirk. A magnificent battle in the defense of what is right. Whether she wins or dies, it is a good end. Of course, she would rather survive. 

 And for that to happen, she needs to train harder. Taylita looks at the robots she has built to help with her training, then shakes her head. She will need better training partners. She deactivates them, then makes her way toward Njorun. The Ring of Philosophy should help with that. 

 And just in case, she drafts a few goodbye letters to be delivered by her droids if she should lose.