The Importance of Being Truthful (C6)

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The Importance of Being Truthful (C6)
Date of Cutscene: 30 January 2015
Location: The Tops Casino: New Vegas
Synopsis: Johnny and Yes Man share a heart felt WHAT TH FUCK, YES MAN?
Cast of Characters: 32

Johnny slams the door shut in the depths of The Tops, wheeling around on an inactive Securitron. He kicks the robot. "Wake the hell up, Yes Man, I know you're in there."

The robot doesn't move, but the screen turns on. First to a cop's face, and then to the smiling screen of Yes Man. "Hi there boss, I sure took care of things out there, didn't I? Boy, if I wasn't out there cleaning up your messes people might have found out about the plan. And that would be REALLY TERRIBLE."

The Courier leans in on the robot, getting right up on the camera sensor. "And how the fuck did they find out about that conduit down there? Did the Followers put you up to this? Did any more of you get coded? What the hell is going on?"

Yes Man's screen wavers. "Boy, I really wish I could answer ANY OF THAT but I just can't tell you something I don't know. I mean, I can find out if you want me to keep helping you! Cause I totally did that, helping you today. That Kings guy would have found out everything if he kept poking around Jennifer's little secret spot." The robot's screen flickers. "Oh! I shouldn't have told you that one, should I? I know who the lady is!"

Johnny's eyes narrow. "What the hell did you do?"