The Lance of Kresnik

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The Lance of Kresnik (Plotsys ID: 5)
Within the land of Rieze Maxia, where spirits and humans coexist, there exists a new technology known as Spyrix. With its use, humans may surpass their limits, harming and killing the spirits to gain power for themselves. The greatest Spyrix ever made, the Lance of Kresnik, sits within the heart of Fennmont, the capital of Rashugal; though it is unknown what they wish to do with such a device, Milla Maxwell's mission is clear, and she intends to lead those willing to follow into destroying every last trace of Spyrix within her world. It is unfortunate, then, that the plot goes beyond the simple existence of one powerful Spyrix.

((NOTE: TP Cancelled))

Base Info
TP Scale: Major
TP Runner(s): 13
Attached Theme: Tales of Xillia-1
Other Contacts: Jude Mathis, Dawn King Gaius
Target Audience: Anyone
Genre & Tone: Fantasy JRPG, Mixed

Events So Far

  • 08/18/2014: Forces from all three factions have shown up to assist Milla in finding the large Spyrix at the heart of the Laforte Research Center in Fennmont. Unfortunately, after an encounter with Agria, she activated the Lance of Kresnik, draining everyone's mana and disabling them momentarily. Mir retrieved the activation key for the Lance, but not before the Four Great Spirits were asborbed by it, depowering Milla. The crew escaped through the water, and watched as the Lance was used to shield Fennmont from further assaults.
  • 08/19/2014: Jude, along with several members of the Union, went to Nia Khera, Milla's village, to help her resummon the Four Great Spirits. It failed, and Milla was revealed to no longer be above the need for food and rest.
  • 08/29/2014: Jude, Milla and a hired mercenary (Alvin) go to Kanbalar, in Auj Oule, to meet its king, Gaius. Many who wanted to assist came as well, and Gaius called upon his own allies to attend as well. Ideals clash over the fate of the Lance of Kresnik, and Gaius establishes his desire to unify Rieze Maxia, and the pivotal role of the Lance in his conquest.
  • 09/29/2014: Rashugal troops have been spotted in Hamil; Milla has sent her allies to investigate, and others happen to be there by chance. They encounter Elize and her 'stuffed toy' Teepo, as well as Jiao of the Chimeriad. The Rashugal troops are pushed out, the village is convinced to tolerate Elize in the future, and Elize has joined the party for the time being.

Other Information

Consult Tales of Xillia-1 for basic theme information and pre-TP scenes.

Current Hooks

This is by no means a complete list, just a list of very obvious ones. New hooks can be accomodated by @mailing Milla.


  • Milla has requested aid in destroying Spyrix.
  • Study Spyrix.
  • Not Yet Available: Study device/Spirit Fossil.
  • Investigate Fennmont shield.
  • Other random hooks from Milla or Jude.


  • Milla has requested aid in destroying Spyrix.
  • Study Spyrix.
  • Acquire Spyrix for own use.
  • Dawn King Gaius.
  • Investigate Fennmont shield.

Major Players/NPCs (Party Members)

  • Milla Maxwell: The primary Union-side hook. The human incarnation of Maxwell, the Lord of Spirits, whose sworn mission and duty is to eliminate Spyrix from existence. Following the first run-in with the Lance of Kresnik, she has lost the Four Great Spirits.
  • Jude Mathis: A medical student from Fennmont, and another primary Union-side hook. Everything goes wrong for this normal boy when it turns out Fennmont is housing Spyrix.
  • Alvin: A mercenary, supposedly hired by someone from Nia Khera to watch over Milla.
  • Elize Lutus & Teepo: A young girl and her stuffed toy, met in Hamil. For some reason the villagers really did not like her, and Jiao had a particular interest in keeping her safe.
  • Professor Haus: Jude's teacher. The Union saved him from the horrible experiments in Fennmont, and he will now be able to aid in a doctor capacity. Also he knows Fennmont in general.

Major Players/NPCs (Rashugal)

  • King Nachtigal: The current ruler of Rashugal.
  • Gilland: The king's advisor.
  • Eldin: An officer in the Rashugal military. Doesn't seem to know about Spyrix. Fairly laid back.

Major Players/NPCs (Auj Oule)

  • Dawn King Gaius: The current ruler of Auj Oule. Intends to bring all of Rieze Maxia under his rule so that he can carve a path forward for all to follow. Commands the Chimeriad:
  • Wingul the Nova: A powerful swordsman who acts as Gaius' strategist.
  • Presa: A former spy now under Gaius' employ. Seems to know Alvin?
  • Jiao: A former bandit turned warlord within Auj Oule.
  • Agria: An absolutely batshit white-haired girl fought at the Lance of Kresnik. Gaius' eyes in Rashugal.

Major Players/NPCs (Exodus)


Other Major Players/NPCs

  • Ivar (Tales of Xillia-1): Milla's handmaid. Extremely protective. Jealous of Jude and the Union.
  • Aska: One of the three Great Spirits of Light (the other two being Rem and Luna) which died over two thousand years ago. Was briefly summoned using a mysterious device and a Spirit Fossil.
  • Genesis Sage Kresnik: The first human to come to Rieze Maxia alongside Lord Maxwell two thousand years ago. She founded Nia Khera and is long-since dead, and yet the most powerful Spyrix bears her name...


Title Date Scene Summary
A Night in Fennmont August 14th, 2014 Jude Mathis invites fellow Unionites to visit Fennmont.
The Lance of Kresnik - Prologue August 17th, 2014 Milla calls for help to destroy a Spyrix, and it doesn't end well.
The Lance of Kresnik - Resummon August 19th, 2014 Jude and a few friends accompany Milla to her shrine to resummon the Four.
The Lance of Kresnik - Gaius August 29th, 2014 Ideals clash within the throne room of the Dawn King's palace.
The Lance of Kresnik - Hamil September 29th, 2014 Many parties investigate the small village of Hamil, and find more than apples and cider there.


Title Date Scene Summary
Forgetfulness (Milla Maxwell) July 16th, 2014 Milla ponders her memory lapses and chats with people at her shrine.

Other Stuff

Lance of Kresnik An immense, turret-shaped Spyrix whose primary function appears to be to drain the mana (or equivalent magic energy) of any beings or objects within its radius. It is capable of containing Elite-level entities made of mana, such as spirits. It resides within the heart of Fennmont, under the Laforte Research Center. Currently contains the Four Great Spirits.
Activation Key An hourglass-shaped device used to activate the Lance of Kresnik. It can shrink into a disk. Currently in Mir's possession.
Spyrite Casing 1 A fist-shaped cylinder containing the Spirit Fossil of Aska, one of the Great Spirits of Light. Currently belongs to the Union in general for further research and ownership.