The Tournament (John Connor)

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The Tournament (John Connor)
Date of Cutscene: 01 June 2014
Location: Connor Residence, Los Angeles
Synopsis: Sarah refuses to allow John to enter into the WMAT, but John has other plans.
Cast of Characters: 24

"John Connor," Sarah tells John in that no-arguments tone she uses so well, "You are not entering that tournament."

"That's not what-"

"It's too dangerous," Sarah continues and she repeats the familiar wisdom, "Keep a low profile. If something happens to you-"

"I know, mom! I know. But-"

Derek Reese, over by the fridge with a beer in his hand, cautions: "Just listen to your mother, John."

John frowns. "Okay, look, just listen for two seconds. Please. This thing, this tournament? It's a great chance. All this help we're getting from the multiverse? They don't work for free. If we win, we get something. If we win, we get our name out there."

"Which is precisely the opposite of keeping a low profile," Sarah remarks. "You don't think Cromartie won't be watching that? Won't be watching for us? I can't let you take that risk. I'm sorry."

John hates those rhetorical questions his mother uses. She patronises him and then Derek and her fall into step. Sure, they're just looking out for him, but if he's going to be some great leader, why don't they ever listen? Why don't they ever let him explain himself?

John takes a breath.

"No," John says, looking over the table as the fourth member of the Connor family entered the kitchen. Cameron looks at each of them in turn, not quite understanding why everyone seems so tense.

"I'm saying we enter /her/."