Tohru Adachi

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Tohru Adachi (Scenesys ID: 7167)
"Yeah, yeah, friendship, teamwork, blah blah blah. Look kid, results beat idealism."
Full Name: Tohru Adachi
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Kingdom Hearts: Ages-1
Function: Jester Arcana
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Watch (4-Member)
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Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-twenties Actual Age: 27
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch
Height: 5'9 Weight: 139 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Grey
Theme Song: A Fool Or A Clown?


Tohru Adachi is a convicted murderer, and formerly a member of the Inaba police force. Having been granted a physical crystallization of his inner psyche by the goddess Izanami, he abused this gift and others to perpetuate his sick game, before being ultimately shut down and brought to justice. Now 'reformed', the man has escaped prison, attempting to incite chaos again in his homeland of Japan, though this time to turn the government upside down in an attempt to force a reform. With his ability to enter the world inside the TV known as the Midnight Channel, as well as the overwhelming bestial might of his god-given power, Adachi feels like that even if he doesn't have a chance to fix himself, he at the very least has a good shot at fixing Japan. Though his goals may be considered noble by some, he is still a twisted man. He is still unable to break completely free from his desires to remain a loner, spurning a helping hand whenever possible. Nor can he not resist the urge to spice up what he considers a rather dull life, generally instigating a bit of unneeded commotion through manipulation or on his own in an attempt to entertain himself.



Magatsu-Izanagi: Adachi's persona and the physical manifestation of his inner psyche separate from himself. It takes the form of a menacing warrior steeped in red wielding a massive naginata.

  • Superior - Strength, Superior - Speed, Damage Reduction: Magatsu-Izanagi possesses overwhelming physical strength and speed, allowing it to easily deliver blows with enough force to fling large vehicles or damaging reinforced structures, or move fast enough to catch bullets and become a hard to track blur. They are also supernaturally hardy, and are capable of taking and shrugging off devastating blows.

The True Self: Despite its feral nature, Magatsu-Izanagi has more at its disposal than just raw strength, and also boasts a plethora of offensive techniques of varying types.

  • Attack List - Melee, Attack List - Ranged: Magatsu-Izanagi is both a master at physical and magical arts, and is capable of performing various moves like spear thrusts that hit multiple times with one thrust, or delivering a slash steeped in darkness. It also is capable of casting elemental magicks of various kinds, those being wind, electric, dark, and divine.
  • Mental Intrusion: Magatsu-Izanagi can inflict supernatural fear and panic through either ghastly wailing or physical contact, causing the individuals to either freeze up in terror, flee, or otherwise act completely irrationally.


Unimaginable Darkness: Magatsu-Izanagi has access to a few utility tricks and skills outside of wanton destruction and unbridled power.

  • Weapon Mastery - Polearms: Magatsu-Izanagi is adept at the usage of polearm weapons, especially spears and naginatas.
  • Buffs: Magatsu-Izanagi is capable of increasing either its own or an ally's combat abilities, increasing attributes like strength, speed, and defense.
  • Debilitation: Through either magic or physical contact, Magatsu-Izanagi is able of inflicting poison or paralysis and can also sap an opponent's strength, speed and endurance.

The Midnight Channel: The 'world' inside the TV, and a means of travel for those brave enough.

  • Flash Movement, Field Shaping, Intangibility: Adachi is able to able to enter and exit TVs, both as a means of quick travel and as a means to potentially avoid attacks. The TVs remain temporarily active after use, allowing followers to tag along as well. While a faster method of movement, pinpoint traversal is tricky without prior visits, and is always impossible if there is no TV for Adachi to appear through.

The Egocentric Police Dick: Tohru Adachi was a former Japanese police officer, studied and trained to deal with various crimes and delinquents.

  • Weapon Mastery - Handguns: Adachi is trained in the usage of pistols and revolvers, and is capable of lining up tricky shots at long and short range as well as using them proficiently as makeshift bludgeoning weapons.
  • Hint: With a few clues, Adachi can piece together rough solutions to crimes scenes or puzzles.
  • Superior - Strength, Superior - Speed, Damage Reduction: Adachi's persona grants him a lesser degree of physical prowess, even when not summoned. He can easily punch people across rooms with minimum effort, close large distances across land in short time, and take hits that would normally lay someone of his physique flat on the ground.


Ta-dah~: Adachi has a few talents for performance arts he's picked up over the years, mainly to play up his aloof role.

  • Skill - Magic Tricks: Adachi is well practiced in street magic, and is capable of performing slight of hands like pulling a coin behind someone's ear or shuffling a deck and guessing someone's card.
  • Skill - Dancing: Though clumsy, Adachi has a natural talent for dancing, and is able of following dance choreography with little problems, or simply improvising a decent dance routine on the spot.


Boooring! <Trouble>: Adachi is a bored person, an individual that tires of the repetive nature of daily life, even though he knows it's how things should be. To that end, he tries to get his enjoyment out of things, and in particular latches onto individuals and events that have the promise of causing a bit of chaos or entertainment. He's not above acts such as manipulating information, or straight up lying or acting the part of the fool towards individuals to get the outcome he wants, using people and situations as playing pieces to brighten up what he considers a rather dull life. While he's attempted to reign himself in a bit, he still can't fight his nature and often causes problems bigger than he initially intended, doubly so when people eventually find out he's been pulling strings.

A New World Fool <Significant>: Adachi is a loner by nature, a person who laughs at the idea of friendship, and a person who attempts to deny the few people that are genuinely close to him. He doesn't believe in things such as teamwork and working together, and mocks people that attempt to pity or give him handouts. To that end, he tends to try and be as self-reliant as possible, tackling problems that could easily be solved in a group and actively making things more difficult than they really should be. When he is forced to work with people, he generally doesn't view them as anything more than pieces to be used to reach his own end goal, and will usually direct them away from him to handle 'other things'.


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I wanna be the ver--- what was THAT! January 16th, 2020 Tohru and Selene go monster hunting.


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