Tomoyo's Big Day

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Tomoyo's Big Day
Date of Cutscene: 25 October 2015
Location: Tomoeda-865
Synopsis: Tomoyo had quite a day today.
Cast of Characters: Tomoyo Daidouji

Tomoyo staggers into her bedroom, looking utterly bedraggled. Hair and dress stiff from dried seawater, head swimming from the aftermath of the emotional rollercoaster that was this day. She flops face-first onto her bed, almost passing out right away. "What a day..." she says into her pillow, making it sound more like a muffled groan.

How terribly appropriate.

With a momentous amount of effort, she rolls onto her back and considers the day. First of all, going to deliver her surprise gift to Defiant and Dragon turned out... utterly awful. Ainsley and Defiant got hurt by a Dragon under the influence of Teacher's code. But at least it was taken out of her. Still though, she doubts that she'll ever forget the sight of someone being run through in front of her. Thank goodness Frederica was there to heal the wound. Thank goodness for Toph, Zephyr, Maya and... Tesla? For keeping things from escalating.

Then there was the issue in her world. The Purple Pentagram, harnessing The Wave to threaten the ecosystem of Japan's waters. What followed was an... interesting ascent up a tower made of water. Not really 'harrowing,' the mages within weren't very intimidating. But at the very top... seeing one of the Sakura Cards so unhappy and angry with Sakura had horrified Tomoyo. But thankfully, everyone was able to talk it down... the final Card, reclaimed. She was so happy...

But there was one more event in store. Another attack by the demons that Alice was with, on Alexandra Academy. Tomoyo had some tests to run, to try and identify if any exorcism methods were effective on them. After an embarrassing attempt at a Christian and Shugendo exorcism, it seemed that Buddhism was most effective. Now, she just needed a powerful Buddhist relic for... whatever comes next.

But for now, she needed rest. With trembling arms, she pulls her video camera from her bag and sets it up on the bedside dresser. Open it up, and start playback. With a tiny smile, she drifts off to sleep as she rewatches Sakura's latest exploits.