Tony F' Stark (Genghis Rex)

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Tony F' Stark (Genghis Rex)
Date of Cutscene: 18 April 2015
Location: Reptilon - Tyranno Citadel
Synopsis: Rex addresses Tony Stark's Death
Cast of Characters:
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

Genghis Rex strolled swiftly down a hallway of the Tyranno Citadel. Here in what many felt were the waning hours of Reptilon, Rex was handed more power, more responsibility, more everything than he'd ever had before.

There was a small part of his psyche that screamed at him to slow down, take a breath ... talk to his advisers, ask for help, but he pushed forward. Time was a luxury he did not have. Lavadome's vulnerability had been revealed to the Neo-Saiyans. That quickly dwindling time was ticking away. Soon they would return in force ... even sooner if they they had 'sensu' beans ..."

Terrible Dactyl ran beside him, barely able to keep up with the theropod's long strides, "Rex, protocol demands that we send condolences to the Union regarding Tony Stark's death ..."

Rex didn't look up, keeping stride, while reviewing the myriad of data flashing across his data tablet. He waved his claw across the screen approving the recommissioning and renovation of old military carriers to be used to evacuate civilians to ... somewhere ... somewhere that wasn't here ... Another request immediately flashed on the tablet, Rex started reviewing it without breaking stride.

Dactyl ran in front of him and stood in the Tyrannosaur's way, crashing into him and latching onto his right leg, "What? Dactyl, get off! I don't have time for this nonsense."

"Rex, this is /TONY STARK/ we're talking about ..."

Rex shook his head and responded with an unusually sympathetic tone, "Dactyl, I understand that he was your friend, but protocol is something I need /YOU/ to take care of for me. Do whatever you think is appropriate, you have carte-blanche, but please, leave me to this ..."

"Rex, it really is more appropriate for you ..." Dactyl started.

The red tyrannosaur sighed, "I know ... I know. But I can't leave ... nobody can. If the Union is insulted that I do not extend condolences while my world is under siege, then they have no respect for the sacrifice Tony Stark made for us. I need to be /HERE/, I need /YOU/ here too. I need everybody who is ready willing and able for what's coming. I don't want Brachio and Tony's sacrifices to be in vain ... The Union will understand, The Avengers will understand, ... Potts will understand."

Terrible Dactyl peered up at his king, wide eyed as realization washed over him, "You ... liked .. him?"

Rex smirked, "Of course I did ... who wouldn't ... he was Tony 'Fucking' Stark."