Trepidation Preparation (Corona Arclite)

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Trepidation Preparation (Corona Arclite)
Date of Cutscene: 11 September 2016
Location: Steamhammer Express starship
Synopsis: Corona gears up to head back to Ravnica and deal with it's problems
Cast of Characters: Corona Arclite

Carefully the mechanical cylinder was slid into place, centimeter by centimeter. One wrong move, one tiny shift before it was locked and sealed in place, and a rupture could turn the core into a useless piece of deformed scrap. There was a reason even the most experienced engineers on Brimsteel avoided working directly with pulsarium when they could, preferring its forms processed for stability. Or charged from its energy instead of using the actual crystals. But stability took away some of the oomph, and a processed core was never enough bang for the buck of Corona's tastes.

Eventually it clicked into place within the Corona Breaker's head, and Corona drove down the sealing bolts to lock it down good and tight. Beneath the plasteel shield the blue-green crystals could be seen glowing faintly, ready to be used. Normally she didn't need to change the hammer's core very often, but with all the work that went into Project Thianel it had nearly bled dry.

If the storm she suspected was coming hit, a chargeless breaker would only be dead weight to her.

The Forgesweeper had not seen much use as of late, but Corona clicked it open to check the pulsarium chamber all the same, clicking it shut again once she was satisfied it still had plenty of juice. She did the same with making sure the rivet revolver had a full clip of shots, and doublechecked what gunk her spraygun was loaded with. Even the Starslinger got a once-over, and it's unique power source didn't ever need replacing. Everything was set on the workbench next to her hammer so she knew what had already been examined.

A gunslinger that didn't regularly check her guns was only one thing. Dead.

Finally Corona moved onto the new piece of equipment. Something she had put together between reconstruction tasks, based on some of the same notes she had found in her father's journal that she used to design Rebound's Impact Drivers. But kinetic force wasn't the purpose of these, despite the small pulsarium cores imbedded in the back of the hands, and the devices being more like gauntlets than her usual work gloves.

But these weren't tools. They were weapons, pure and simple. Corona prided herself on being prepared as best as she could be. If the hunchs she had proved to be even the faintest of truth, she and her allies would need ever ounce of it they could get.

Corona's hand wasn't even in the 'hand' of the glove, but in a mechanism just behind it that controlled the clockworks within. No one would know the difference from looking though, when she slid one on and curled her fingers in the mechanism, the hand clenched into a large metal fist. They had Arclite Cutters in them, but these weren't meant for welding or just cutting free a jammed lock. The power output of the pulsarium powered plasma torchs had been turned up as high as she dared, that the reinforcement of the gauntlet would still protect her from. She had worked the grapplers differently into this model, in a way that would be as useful as a surprise attack as they were for hauling her tail out of tight spots. The other reason the devices had to be larger and heavier than usual.

Corona took the device off, setting it back down with its mate. She looked at the gathering of tools, weapons and weaponized tools on the table, and let out a soft sigh as she looked down for a moment.

Then looked over at the other table where Thianel's new head sat, almost complete save for a few magitech devices she had to retrieve from the Guild.

Next to it sat the 'package'. With the Guildmaster still out of action and the other two siblings wrapped up in the mess of affairs, the Guild was kind of in a lurch without Thianel there to provide some extra direction... And because of that Corona wasn't about to put an attempt at sabotaging the reconstruction project out to pasture. Someone, be it that sleazy snake or someone else, wanted the Guild out of sorts.

Rhyxinel must of considered similar, as he had entrusted her to keep it safe until the time was ready to finish that project. Even now the insides of the device glowed faintly, waiting. Though Corona suspected it wasn't with a lot of patience. The entity within wanted out. It wanted to help. She didn't need to know magic to know that, she knew machines well enough.

"Ah know yer gonna anyways, but don't worry. Yer city is in good hands down there."

But that glow, and the trust it reminded her of, is why Corona was still here. Why she was going to go back to Ravnica. She couldn't turn tail and run, not after coming this far. Not when her friends were still down there, willing to defend the city. To fight the odds constantly stacking up against them. Even risking possible friendships to protect whom and what they thought was really right.

Corona picked up the various guns and devices, slotting them into their holsters on her toolbelts, the shotgun in its sling across the back of them, or storing them in her manipulator. Even the gauntlets, for now opting to wear her usual gloves. Those would be a special surprise not brought out until needed. Her stetson was palmed with one hand and returned to her head, goggles tugged into place. The Breaker was the last thing she picked up, retracted to its storage size and slung upon her back like usual.

There was still a nagging in the back of her mind that said she should wash her paws of the matter. She had fufilled her obligation to the promise. She should just move on. It was just the most sensible thing to do.

"Ah never was good at listenin' to common sense," Corona murmured with a bit of dark humor as she turned and walked to the teleporter pad.