We Now Pronounce You Master And Servant

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We Now Pronounce You Master And Servant
Date of Scene: 08 August 2014
Location: Apocrypha Shinjuku
Synopsis: A failed summoning results in an orphaned Servant and the hurry to find her a new Master.
Cast of Characters: 416, 369, 536

Jack (416) has posed:

Shinjuku by night. A city of sin. A city of vice. The women sell their bodies, the men abuse them, drugs flow freely down the back streets, and the police are in on the cut. It is a miserable city. It is a city of the night. And it is the city of the Grail War.

Masters summon. Servants appear. Though not all 14 Servants have been called for the war yet, and thus, tonight... a Master is attempting that prospective summon.

The Catalyst is Prepared, the Ritual is set. But he is not alone as he intones the magical rites to summon forth a Champion from the Throne of Heroes. Someone waits in the shadows, as though ready to pounce, and stop him...

Jeanne d'Arc (536) has posed:

There is a catalyst laid down, a scrap of fabric. Tattered, worn, of white with gold around the edges and part of a symbol of a fleur de list. The Incantation is given, and there is a burst of light that comes from the spell circle, followed by a fog of mist. As it washes away, it reveals a woman standing there.

Jeanne d'Arc.

Her eyes open, revealing the strange purple shade, before she looks at the man in front of her steadily, for a few moments. She does not speak... yet.

Jack (416) has posed:

The ritual is complete, and the sheer burst of prana that results in the Summoning of a Heroic Spirit acts like a beacon just screaming for attention. It would probably be wise for this Magus to take his new Servant and run as fast as he can to a safer location. The little abandoned warehouse made for a good spot to get the ritual done at least.

"Are you her?" He asks. He's a young man, mid-20's early thirties, but obviously a fairly practices Magus considering he pulled the summon off without a hitch. The newly arrived Saber will have maybe a handful of moments to introduce herself to Takeushi Takachi before the door explodes inwards. ANOTHER Magus found this little event, and it looks like he wants in on a cut of the action. And he's one from those old families. The kind of old families with ties, money, and blood purity, considering he has gun-toting goons.

"Kill him. I'll get the Command Seals off the corpse."

Just like that they open fire, pretty intent to kill the guy, and he's already jerking from bullet impacts tearing him apart. It looks like very soon Saber will be without a Master. Or with a worse one.

Jeanne d'Arc (536) has posed:

The new Saber regards the very short-lived Master for a brief second, before she nods. Thanks to the Multiversial effect, her native French is easily understandable as she responds. "I am Saber. My true name is Jeanne d'Arc." She confirms. As the door explodes inwards, she responds like she's back in the fifteenth century.

After a moment the barest millisecond to confirm her extremely temporary masters death, she steps to the side, a graceful motion as her hand slides down to her scabbard, resting on it. She does not provide an opinion vocally, but she does not approve of the method that the mage families fight with.

Which is to say, dirty.

Jack (416) has posed:

In the ensuing chaos of gunfire and blood, the Magus' men stop long enough to reload their guns. When the smoke settles, it is alas, too late for the younger man. The light is already fading from his eyes as the older Magus, wearing a suit steps forward. "Jeanne d'Arc. Saber class. Not a bad haul. Not a bad haul at all. Okay from now on, you're MY Servant now, capice?" He acts as though he thinks he can tell a great hero of the past what to do.

Technically Jeanne could easily take him on her own, but now without a source of Prana her time is limited, and Sabers aren't exactly known for Independant Action.

It's just luck-- or great stalkerish skill that brings in Jack the Ripper and Shizune at this moment. One window busts inwards, glass flying everywhere as the small silver-haired bundle of blades comes tumbling in and grabs a man. Her knife goes right into his back. It's a non-lethal stab, but an instant fight-ender from that guy. Issue is there's at least seven more men and the Magus.

"Saber of Black, fight!" Assassin shouts. "He's not worthy of Masterhood!"

Shizune Nakamura (369) has posed:

Fortunately, Assassin will not be the only one disabling goons.

A second shape dives through the window, a girl wearing a sporty, surprisingly tanktop-trackpants ensemble in pleasant earthy tones. Her movement is graceful and smooth, and she comes up out of her roll into a simple, powerful palm strike. "TOAH!" Without skipping a beat, she flows down and to one side, ducking an attempt to stab her from the right, and in the same movement looping her arm under her attacker's and bringing him to the ground in the very direction he was headed - while in the process, twisting his arm such that he's not going to be stabbing anyone else for the night. And to cement the second sap's defeat, she drives a quick chop to the back of his neck as he goes down.

Jeanne d'Arc (536) has posed:

The windows burst in, and Jeanne whirls around. However, she instantly seems to recognize something, or perhaps sense it, and gives the little Assassin a nod. She - somewhat unhappily - draws her blade, before she moves.

Jeanne favors using the flat of her blade for bruising, punishing blows, which are just as effective as knocking people out, to be fair. "Yet, my master?" She queries of Assassin.

Jack (416) has posed:

The dying young master IS an issue, but not one that can be rectified in the middle of a fight, and while Assassin's thug drops, crumpling to the floor and quickly losing consciousness, she moves on to another, dropkicking a man in the chest with the force of a car. But the others are quickly stepping up.

As soon as Shizune puts her man down with that deft neckchop, another two scramble in to take his place, a baseball bat swinging at the wuxia wunderkind, while the other levels a pistol.

In comes Saber though, and those standing in her way are just no match for the might of a Servant, crumpling handily under the blows of that blade, even if it's just the flat. In no time though the numbers are down and that just leaves the Magus huddling against a wall, yes bulging, cigarette just barely hanging out of his lip, while Jack sliiides over on her knees to see what she can do for the summoner.

But it's not looking good.

Shizune Nakamura (369) has posed:

Shizune's flow does not break. She brings herself around just in time to see the bat coming, and in true Taiji form, she flows with it, shifting in the direction the bat swings, ducking under, and coming up on the other side where she can take hold of the bat just above the man's grip and wrench in the direction he's swinging. It's a very effective way to twist it out of his grasp, and for her to then bring it around and smack him upside the head with it.

Her eyes briefly dart to Jeanne. Just for a moment. Then she turns back to what she's doing, and brings the bat around for the hand of the man with the pistol. Hard. But she still finds the time to yell, "Assassin will do what she can for him! For the moment, let's disable the rest of them!"

RADIO CHATTER has posed:

<X-Union-Chatter [LC] Girl: Jack says, "Shizune."

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura says, "Jack?"

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "It is not looking good."

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura says, "...I see."

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura says, "Will he at least live long enough to reach a hospital?"

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "He is dying, even with everything we know, we'll only barely be able to stabilize him. If lucky."

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura mm.

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura says, "Since you're working to help her, she isn't competition, right?"

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "If he lives he will be in no condition for anything else, not for after this and not for her."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "No she is not."

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura says, "...Then I'll do it if need be. I can support her."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "But she has no means to feed."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "... We see."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "We will stabilize him long enough to make the Transfer then. After that the rest is on him if he wants to live, and between you and her."

Jeanne d'Arc (536) has posed:

Jeanne nods, before she slides back into action. Once she makes sure that their all down - unconcious or dead, depending on who is attacking whom - she pauses, turning to look at Shizune and Assassin. Her mouth is set in a somewhat stubborn line.

"Well?" She asks, simply, checking her blade as she goes to smoothly slide it into her scabbard. She knows something is going on, but what, she is not sure.

Jack (416) has posed:

The baseball grunt goes down with a breathless crumple, and the other goons are all on the floor by the time everything is over. The Magus tries to weasel away, but he's inching so slowly, that anyone could probably stop him with a glare. Or a punch or a sword.

Jack already has her medical kit out and is doing everything she can, hands working at a blinding speed making incisions, suturing wounds, applying prana to forcibly make the body remain active and try to repair itself, but like she said. It's looking grim.

Even if he pulls through, he'll be crippled, and in no condition to serve as a Master in the grail war. And thus... She gos for his arm. For the three magical tattoos of the Command Seal, shaped in the form of a banner, standard, and regal Fleur de Lis sigil, and with a delicate set of cuts, she removes the conceptual existence of the Command Seals from the youth.

"Saber, if he lives he will not make a good Master anymore. The best we can do is transfer your seals to someone else. Shizune has volunteered, she was Master of another, once. but this is a pact that can only be done with both of your consent."

Shizune Nakamura (369) has posed:

A glare is precisely what Shizune shoots the Magus' way. "If you try to flee, you'll be lucky if it's me that catches up to you, you know. And it probably won't be me. I'm only human." She lets out a breath and reaches up to adjust her glasses, turning to face Jeanne with a much calmer expression, though still serious. "My name is Nakamura Shizune. I'm a third-year in high school, an avowed nonlethal fighter, and I've seen more death than someone twice my age ever should. I'm aware of what the Grail War entails, and assuming you using the flat of your blade indicates your moral code, I'm willing to take on the responsibility of being your Master, if you'll have me." At the very least, she's someone with a temperament that leans toward the just. She'd be a better Master than the ambush-Magus, that's for sure.

Jeanne d'Arc (536) has posed:

Jeanne watches Jack with a bit of curious interest, before she realizes what is being offered. She considers this, before her head bows, hands clasping in front of her. If Shizune says something, she considers it, before giving both of them a polite smile. "One moment, please." She asks.

She bows her head again, her lips moving soundlessly as she makes a silent prayer, considering, weighing the options in front of her, before she looks back up again.

"I accept Naka--" Jeanne trips over her name- "Nakamura Shizune as my Master."

RADIO CHATTER has posed:

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "Shizune."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "It will not be... Pleasant."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "Do you want something for the pain?"

<X-Union-Chatter> [PA] Na`Sabal-Une Fang says, "Is okay, Jack? Need medical-evac?"

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura takes a breath.

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura says, "I'm prepared."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "Okay. And yes. Medical for one non-hostile and extremely injured Magus, security medical detail for eight injured hostiles, and security for one magus, uninjured but liable to get hurt if he breathes wrong."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack afterthought: "Please."

<X-Union-Chatter> [PA] Na`Sabal-Une Fang says, "Okay! Will take message to medical teams. They will be there soon. Is welcome."

Jack (416) has posed:

Crouched and soaked in blood, the Ripper glances up between Servant and new Prospective Master. Were this any other War and any other Servant, she would not be going out of her way like this, but she has a clear and valid reason for this as she pats the ground at her side, indicating for Shizune to sit and ready herself.

Once she has the consent of Servant and Master... Just like she said it's nowhere near pleasant. Not for the both of them.

It is a surgical procedure on a metaphysical level. Severing the ties and bonds of the Command Seals from the unconscious Magus, like cutting open and exposed raw nerves, and then re-attaching them to Shizune on the bac of her hand. It's an experience to be likened to holding her hand entirely unprotected over a white hot flame, and it seems to take in excess of an hour.

Though in reality it's a process that takes somewhere of around ten to fifteen minutes, by the time it's up it leaves a dull throbbing and hottible ache, cementing the connection between the two as she finishes forcibly connecting Saber of Black to Shizune's Magic Circuits- or whatever she could find analagous to such.

But... It probably wasn't fun at all. Which might be why she reaches a bloody hand into her medical pouch again and produces...

"... Lollipop?"

One for each of them.

RADIO CHATTER has posed:

<X-Union-Chatter> [3-Of] Lloyd Irving says, "Yeah, medical teams will be ready for you, Jack."

<X-Union-Chatter> [PA] Na`Sabal-Une Fang says, "...Can Nasa still bring the message? Is already mostly-there."

<X-Union-Chatter> [3-Of] Lloyd Irving says, "Of course."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "Thank you, thank you, both."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "Oh uh. Lloyd. A Thing happened."

<X-Union-Chatter> [3-Of] Lloyd Irving says, "A Thing?"

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "Um. Shizune should make the announcement when she's ready."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack speaking of: "Shizune... Lollipop?"

Shizune Nakamura (369) has posed:

Shizune sits as directed, closes her eyes, and begins to take slow, deep breaths. Smoothing and steadying her ki flow. Slow and calm.

The moment the pain begins, she hisses loudly, a sound that almost becomes a cry of pain before she manages to suppress it. And with remarkable will and self control, she manages to still herself again, to keep silent. To steady her ki flow, and to blunt the pain just a little. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Even so, when Jack completes the process, she is visibly sweating, and looks a bit worn. Nevertheless, with one last breath, she opens her eyes... then blinks, and reaches out to take it with her non-command-seal right hand. "...yes, thank you."

RADIO CHATTER has posed:

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura sounds somewhat worn. "Yes, thank you."

<X-Union-Chatter> [PA] Na`Sabal-Une Fang says, "Okay! Message delivered~. They are getting in big metal winged ship to get on way there. S...shut...tle, they said was called. Is greyish with medicine symbol on one side and Union symbol on other."

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura nn. "Ah, Jack, how long will the pain last? In theory, anyway. I'm fairly healthy, physically and spiritually."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "Not too long. Maybe an hour, maybe less. You should lay down and drink plenty of fluids. Bedrest and soup. Doctor's orders."

Jeanne d'Arc (536) has posed:

The sensation of fire across her skin is eerie for Jeanne. She gives a low cry, before she pulls herself in again, visibly shaking a small amount. While it is not actually flames, the sensation is so similiar that she can't help but *really* not enjoy it.

However, as Jack speaks again, She centers herself, murmuring a soft prayer before she looks at Shizune, then back at Jack. "What's a lollipop?" She asks, first and foremost, before turning to Shizune. "If you wish, Master, then I will say my name with the Assassin that I know is faithful in the room." Jeanne is going to have an /education/.

RADIO CHATTER has posed:

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura faint amusement. "Well, if nothing else, this will make it easier to sleep regardless. I was having a bit of trouble with that this evening."

<X-Union-Chatter> [PA] Na`Sabal-Une Fang says, "Does the soup to really help?"

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura says, "But I'll try and take it easy tomorrow."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "Always."

<X-Union-Chatter> [PA] Na`Sabal-Une Fang sounds as if she's scribbling notes. "If does to want sleep aids, Nasa has some khaless<Trust> on hand. Very fast-acting."

Shizune Nakamura (369) has posed:

"It's a kind of sweet," Shizune says, managing a kind, friendly sort of smile. "You should try it. You've had a trying past several minutes, after all. I think we both have." She flexes her fingers experimentally, wincing a little, then adds, "As for your identity... I leave that choice up to you. I trust Assassin, but your identity is yours to give or keep as you wish."

Jeanne d'Arc (536) has posed:

Jeanne considers this, then turns to face both of them a bit more fully. "Thank you for your assistance. I am Jeanne d'Arc." She says, simply.

She then accepts the lollipop, and licks it curiously. What follows is a small montage of Jeanne recognizing a sweet that is different from her sweets -- like five hundred years ago. "Mmm?"

RADIO CHATTER has posed:

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura makes a quiet sputtering noise.

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "Oh wow."

<X-Union-Chatter> [PA] Na`Sabal-Une Fang says, "Feels like is getting half of conversation. Is going to wait for report instead of asking what is to happening."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack ahem...

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Jeanne d'Arc, curiously, with a soft French accent, "I just ... talk, and people will hear me?"

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack very seriously, as if some great ritual were just performed: "We now pronounce you Master and Servant, you may now War for the Grail."

<X-Union-Chatter> [PA] Na`Sabal-Une Fang says, "Oh! New person. Nasa greets. Welcome! I--"

<X-Union-Chatter> [PA] Na`Sabal-Une Fang says, "..."

<X-Union-Chatter> [PA] Na`Sabal-Une Fang whispers, "Did they just to get surfacer-married?"

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Raven DeVanos says, "..."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Raven DeVanos says, "Uh."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Raven DeVanos says, "Mozel tov?"

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Jeanne d'Arc, bewildered, "Pardon?"

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shirley Yeager ... "Good evening."

<X-Union-Chatter> [PA] Na`Sabal-Une Fang says, "...What does alcolhol-firebomb have to do with this?"

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura ...

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura takes a deep breath.

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura says, "Don't... don't mind Jack. She's a bit... well, she occasionally teases. It's all in good fun."

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura clears her throat a little. "I'm a Master again, by the by. This is... Saber, yes? Your class is Saber?"

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Jeanne d'Arc says, "Yes, Master."

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Jeanne d'Arc says, "Jack? That is the name of the Assassin that gave me this... lollipop?"

<X-Union-Chatter> [PA] Na`Sabal-Une Fang says, "Yes."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "Yes, hello, we are Jack. Jack the Ripper."

<X-Union-Chatter> [LC] Girl: Jack says, "But we do not really use that name anymore, we prefer the one Mother gave us."

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Jeanne d'Arc says, "It is nice to ... meet you all?"

<X-Union-Chatter> [PA] Na`Sabal-Une Fang says, "Is pleasure to meet you too, Saber! Nasa is Na`Sabal-Une Fang. Can just call her Nasa though. Is easier. Surfacer tongues have hard time with Nasa's name sometimes."

<X-Union-Chatter> [PA] Na`Sabal-Une Fang says, "...Or was saying 'you all' to Jack because she uses 'we'?"

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Jeanne d'Arc says, "I-- no, to everyone here on the radio."

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Shizune Nakamura amused. "It's all right, Jeanne. I know how overwhelming they can be at first, even this late."

<X-Union-Chatter> [PA] Na`Sabal-Une Fang says, "Okay! Was just making sure. Is still getting used to 'proper so-ci-al in-ter-ac-ti-on' thing."

<X-Union-Chatter> [A] Jeanne d'Arc, to Shizune, "I... yes. This lollipop tastes... interesting."