What Do I Do Now?(Taylita)

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What Do I Do Now?(Taylita)
Date of Cutscene: 26 July 2014
Location: Taylita's Ship
Synopsis: After Serori and her allies attacked several cities on Tony Stark's earth and killed hundreds of people, Taylita destroys a mountain in anger, then after calming down, realizes she has to make an important decision.
Thanks to: Serori
Cast of Characters: 180

 Taylita found herself staring down at the crater where a small mountain used to be. Her fists were no longer clenched in rage. Now, she was staring down solemnly at the destruction. Wondering if that's all that is left of those people that Serori and her allies attacked. She still finds it hard to believe, but there's a news report, and people were there who can testify to it. 

 Serori committed mass murder against unarmed civilians. People unable to defend themselves against a saiyan of her power. Taylita didn't want to believe it, but her friend had finally proven what she had feared all along. That given enough time in the Planetary Trade Organization and the Confederacy, she would become a true villain herself. 

 Now the question was...what should Taylita do? She didn't want to abandon her friend, but the person who now called herself Serori was just not the person Taylita knew. Or, if she was, Taylita didn't know her as well as she thought she did. 

 As Taylita floated down to the crater, she considered her options. Really, there only seemed to be two options. Try to convince Serori she was wrong (yeah, like THAT was going to work), or...bring Serori in herself. That probably wouldn't work either. 

 Taylita seats herself on a large rock, looking down at the blackened earth before her. With those two options gone, there was really only one thing left that mattered to Taylita. The fact that she can't possibly continue a friendship with someone who is willing to do something so terrible over what should have been a very minor event. And this was supposed to be Stark's fault? He might have some tiny bit of blame for poking a bear, but to Taylita, this was clearly Serori's fault. For not being able to control her anger. 

 Taylita runs her hands through her hair, then flies back to her ship that has served as her home for the last few years. Inside, on a table in the mess room, is a cake. Taylita finds herself staring at it, then finds that her vision is blurry for some reason. She huffs in annoyance before wiping at her eyes. "Stupid..." she says to herself before heading in to her quarters. 

 She flops down on the bed, legs still hanging off, and just stares at the ceiling. "...so stupid..." she says again, closing her eyes against the rising tears. But, who is stupid? She is, she feels. For thinking that she could bring change to the saiyan race. For thinking she could save them herself. And for not fighting harder to keep Serori from joining the Confederacy in the first place. 

 And for thinking that two people on opposite sides of both their opinions and the war could stay friends forever.