Wind of Destruction (Kushiko)

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Wind of Destruction (Kushiko)
Date of Cutscene: 06 April 2016
Location: Void Tower
Synopsis: Reflections and meditations amidst the solitude of battle.
Cast of Characters: Kushiko

There were many reasons to be within the place Kushiko's Warframe was. Sometimes, it was a matter of defense, other times to eliminate those too foolish to have reached there. This time was one that involved obtaining supplies, to see what Orokin caches could be accessed while the bulk of the tower's forces were focused solely on her.

It was a mercy, for most. To no longer be slave to the Neural Sentry that had repurposed them. But for her, it served another purpose. To hone skills, to test oneself against the foes that became increasingly stronger as time passed. The rage, the power of Valkyr's Hysteria enveloped her like a warm blanket, energy claws long and extended from her fingertips.

Occasionally the Lotus remarked, watching her progress, and feeling a certain sense of pride and warning her of when the life support systems that were halted from the onset of the mission to the Void. It was unfortunate that the few supplies that were obtained were not particularly what Kushiko initially sought, but she gave herself to the task without question.

Energy trailed after the sleek, feline-like Warframe's claws. All the firepower in the world didn't matter to her here. She slid, whirling like a buzzsaw and erupting upwards, twisting her claws through the alloyed armor of the heavy Grineer gunner that had been made part of the Tower's defenses. They held no feelings, no emotion.

So they felt nothing but the automated sensation as the claws tore long bloody furrows through the center of their body. From foe to foe, she moved as a wind of destruction, fighting in a long forgotten place to fulfill her duty to the Lotus. One she fulfilled gladly, Void energy causing the bodies to give way as if she were never there.

Once she was alerted that they had found what they needed, she, and the other Tenno vanished without a trace from that place, as was their way.

After all, there had been reports. A member of the Steel Meridian had been captured amidst the chaos of the revelations of the Multiverse. Caught in the crossfire and confusion of it all.

Perhaps others might be interested in assisting, and more could be learned of these Elites.