Yomi Isayama

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Yomi Isayama (Scenesys ID: 1098)
From outside comes the shadow of the chasm of deepest night. I can't help but feel that someday, something will come from there to take you away.
Full Name: Isayama Yomi
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Ga-Rei-1
Function: Exorcist
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Paladins (Chevaliers)
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Other Information
Physical Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Still Aging? {{{Aging}}} Voice Actor: Kaoru Mizuhara
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Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Violet
Theme Song: Yume no Ashioto ga Kikoeru


A member of the Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division of Japan's Ministry of the Environment, Yomi Isayama is an exorcist trained since she was young to deal with monstrous, spiritual, and otherwise unworldly threats. As the heir of the Isayama family, Yomi wields the katana Shishiou, an exorcist's blade which also contains the sealed essence of the Sacred Beast, Ranguren. Now tasked with representing her agency outside of her world, Yomi must balance her responsibilities as a bodyguard, an exorcist, and a high school student while working to bring honor to the family name. While some of her methods may seem cold to those who do not know her well, Yomi is still a kind person, fiercely defending friends and loved ones with as much fervor as she protects innocents from any threats she can find.




Yomi has been trained extensively in hunting and slaying of supernatural threats. 

Weapon Mastery - Katana: Yomi is an accomplished swordswoman, having used a katana since she first began her training as an exorcist. Bane - Eastern Tradition Creatures: Yomi has been trained to fight youkai for years and has become one of the best experts among her peers. She is also skilled in channeling her own spiritual power through weapons in order to further damage these creatures. NPCs: Yomi is able to summon Ranguren, the spirit residing in her sword. Ranguren has incredible strength, durability, and reflexes, is able to fly, and can fire devastating shockwaves from his mouth. Superhumanity: Yomi is strong enough to cut through armored opponents with her sword, survive hits that might instantly kill a normal person, and move fast enough to dodge or deflect bullets.


Ranguren is a Nue, a summoned beast resembling a chimera, and classified as one of the strongest categories of youkai. He is bound to the sword Shishiou and can be summoned at any time the sword is drawn. 

Superhumanity: Ranguren has incredible strength and agility, with powerful jaws and claws. Attack List - Ranged: Ranguren is able to unleash a powerful shockwave from his mouth, the Roar Wave Houkouha.


Supernatural Vision:

Yomi is able to see and interact with youkai, spirits, and other supernatural entities which are invisible to ordinary people.

Extraordinary Senses: Yomi can see spirits, demons, and youkai, as well as detect the spiritual energy left behind by their special abilities.

  • Anti-Intangibility: Yomi is able to channel her spiritual power through her own body and her weapons, allowing her to interact with (and attack) otherwise untouchable spirit or soul beings.

Superhuman Ability:

Yomi possesses strength, durability, and agility above that of a normal human.

Flash Movement, Mobility: Yomi is able to cross short distances in the blink of an eye and can navigate obstacles and terrain with ease in combat. Weapon Mastery - Hand-to-hand: Even without a weapon, Yomi is a dangerous opponent. She is skilled in martial arts and has the strength to deliver powerful strikes.


An heirloom katana given to her by the Isayama family, Shishiou is a powerful exorcist's sword. In addition, its wielder is able to summon the guardian beast Ranguren. Ranguren cannot be called unless Yomi has Shishiou on her person.

Bane - Spirits: Shishiou is also able to deal significant extra damage to spirit beings. This includes ghosts, astral projections, soul constructs, and other normally-intangible spirit forms. Bane - Eastern Tradition Creatures: Shishiou was created for use by exorcists hunting youkai.

The Agency:

The Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division is a subdivision of the Ministry of the Environment. To the public, it doesn't exist, though it is the government's primary non-military means of dealing with supernatural threats. 

Attack List - Melee: The Agency has a small armory of weapons suitable for an exorcist, ranging from simple swords and guns to more exotic tools like jackhammers and motorcycle wheels. Share Powers: The weapons of the SDCD's armory are available to be loaned out on a temporary basis, allowing short-term access to tools and weapons designed for combat against youkai. NPCs: The exorcists of the Agency sometimes accompany Yomi on missions. Each have their own personal weapons and have been trained in anti-youkai and anti-spirit combat. Yomi also has easy communication access with the Agency's higher-ups.


Nue Mobility:

Ranguren is a Nue, a great spirit beast known for its strength and mobility.

Flight: Ranguren is able to fly, though he is not capable of aerial combat, using this ability mainly for transportation or retreat. Vehicle Mastery: Yomi can ride on Ranguren as a mount, and he is large and strong enough to carry a few passengers. Mobility: Rough or difficult terrain does not have much effect on Ranguren, even on foot.


Best of the Best <Trouble>: In her world, Yomi is one of the top three exorcists in the country. While this does not make her conceited, it does often make her overconfident, as years of experience has told her she cannot make the wrong choice. This may lead to her being unintentionally reckless if she believes her choice of action is the correct one. She is unlikely to take advice from others immediately, especially if she has already decided her way is the right way to handle a situation. She also has a difficult time trusting any action or advice that goes against her own training and experience, such as her belief in the universal danger of specters and certainty that there is no non-lethal form of purifying a possession. She has also been in trouble in the past for bringing a noncombatant on a dangerous mission, even if she claimed to have been certain of their safety.

The Living And The Dead <Significant>: Although Yomi has no compunction with using her full strength against youkai, monsters, specters, undead, or possessed individuals, living humans are another matter. She will not use her full power against the living. Not being able to go full force against such an opponent means she could fail to land a finishing blow, giving them an opportunity to escape or counterattack. The habit of only going all-out against the non-living also makes it easy to underestimate a human opponent, allowing them to gain the upper hand.

Ranguren <Minor>: Because the guardian beast Ranguren is bound to the sword Shishiou, he can be summoned by whoever wields the sword and possesses enough spiritual power, showing loyalty only to his summoner. This means that Yomi does not have access to Ranguren when she is without Shishiou, and that anyone who is able to draw the sword and channel enough spiritual power into it is able to command him.


Title Date Scene Summary
Far Reaches of a Wayward Heart August 16th, 2019 Unpleasant business as a youkai takes over a school.
MECC: Yomi Isayama vs. Starbound Flotilla (Moonfin) June 19th, 2019 Yomi Isayama vs. Moonfin (Starbound Flotilla)
MECC: Yomi Isayama vs Alea May 25th, 2019 Yomi Isayama vs. Alea
MECC: Yomi Isayama vs Deelel May 20th, 2019 Yomi Isayama vs. Deelel
MECC: Yomi Isayama vs Sarracenia May 11th, 2019 Yomi Isayama vs. Sarracenia
MECC: Yomi Isayama vs Alexis May 9th, 2019 Yomi Isayama vs. Alexis
MECC: Shigure vs Yomi Isayama March 8th, 2019 Yomi Isayama and Shigure's pool bout
The Betrayal of Paradise February 14th, 2019 Yomi calls in allies to help get a leg up on a strange hostage situation.
Gentle Days Vanish One By One November 20th, 2018 Wherein our intrepid heroes follow the strange hallucinations and save a holy guardian beast.
Tour of Ga-rei Tokyo May 31st, 2018 Yomi shows Lexicon a little of her Tokyo.
System Tower re:BOOT January 25th, 2018 A new drive connects to the System Hub. Conclusion of the System Tower arc.
Winterland Visit January 17th, 2018 Yomi visits a recovering Lexicon, and they discuss recent events
System Tower re:DIVINE January 15th, 2018 A labyrinth is created out of the connection between Artifex and the remains of the Sapphire Drive. But how can this defeat the infected DCC?
System Tower re:DEVIL January 13th, 2018 A group breaks into the sealed System Tower to confront Artifex
System Tower re:APPEAR January 11th, 2018 The true nature of the System Tower, and the person behind it, is revealed.
The Crumbling Foothold December 28th, 2017 In which our heroes investigate a supernatural missing persons case and find that not all youkai are nasty
Sacred Eyes Show You The Pain November 9th, 2017 Yomi's friends are called to a house where something suspicious is going on. What could possibly go wrong?
System Tower - Floor 85: Five More Hours at Patty's October 25th, 2017 Monsters roam these halls but they're not robots
Perfectly Symmetrical Violence September 13th, 2017 Yomi calls for help after encountering a youkai that can match her move for move.
System Tower, Floor 80 August 16th, 2017 The Tower returns to Britannica, feeding on the Drive's resources like a malevolent black parasite.
System Tower: Floor 70 June 21st, 2017 The Tower makes its return to Britannica. This time, there is no puzzle. What, Wild Wolf is evolving..!
System Tower, Floor 55 - Bodybuilder Parade February 16th, 2017 The Tower has returned to Britannica, sapping system resources and generally being a nuisance.


Title Date Scene Summary
Violated Memory (Yomi Isayama) January 1st, 2019 The reason why Yomi hates butterflies