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ID State Owner Title Description
5112 Finished Yuuki Kuran Musings On Forever
4515 Unfinished Yuuki Kuran Questions and Ashes
2383 Finished Yuuki Kuran Everything In Its Proper Order Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, along with the Secret World Crew - Riva, Wuyin, and Inga - Psyber, Aoko, and Zero go to the mansion-lair of the Touma purebloods, where they meet Serine, Touma the Younger's big sister, kill all but one of their servants, light the house on fire, steal the fridge, and beat the little shite half to death with his own chair before stealing his hat and leaving the place in a smouldering ruin after rescuing Yuuki's friend Sayori Wakaba. Surprising nobody, our story ended with fire.
2362 Finished Yuuki Kuran Into The Mouth Of The Beast A very nice party filled with very nice people involves Harry Dresden, Psyber, and their friends, and then a murder mystery happens and one of Yuuki's close friends is abducted! So, pretty much par for the course of everyone's respective accounts.
2307 Finished Yuuki Kuran The Mysteries of Blood
2202 Finished Yuuki Kuran A Business Relationship It's a quiet time for Harry Dresden, but a small boon from months ago comes back around as a Mister 'Simon Hargrave' arrives in an expensive suit with fat stacks of cash to try and buy Harry out. It goes as well as one might expect.
895 Finished Yuuki Kuran Who Is That Masked Man?
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