5738/ICoT - A N(o)e(l)w(d) Day

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ICoT - A N(o)e(l)w(d) Day
Date of Scene: 10 March 2018
Location: Caelondia
Synopsis: In a restored Caelondia, Elites track down Zulf with the help of Zia.
Cast of Characters: The Kid, 673, William Pauwel, Alexis, Kotone Yamakawa, 1094
Tinyplot: In Case Of Trouble

The Kid has posed:
    Caelondia, as it was.

    The buildings of wood, brick, and brass tower above the party as they stride through the warpgate. No doubt it once hovered high in the sky upon a drifting rock, but the Restoration seems to have shifted the warpgates as well. Now, this one has settled in a public square, with a small building constructed arround it. Cael Marshals, noted by the badges upon their chests and large muskets across their backs. Their 'unificatioin' was met with resounding shrugs from the populace. Caelondia was always content to live and let live, and as long as the Multiverse did not bother them, they would not bother the Multiverse.

    As such, everyone called here was only required to provide some manner of identification for the Marshals to jot down before being waved through. The people in the square eat, converse, laugh, live. No longer ashen corpses ruined by the terrible light of the Calamity. The sun beats down, no longer obscured by constant smoke and ash. It's a balmy sub-Mediterranean heat, like what one would experience in central Africa . The people's dress, all loose, flowing clothing in plain light colours is clearly designed in direct response to this. Most of them have dark skin, and all have some kind of fair hair. It goes from platinum blonde to tan brown, but the only ones with white hair like the Kid are the elderly.

    But the Elites are not here to sightsee. They're here to meet Zia, who beckons to them from an alleyway. Upon approach, they could tell she's cleaned up. Fresh clothes, no grime on her face, clean hair... she almost looks like a different person. But there's a nervous energy to her, a look in her eyes as they flick around, making sure no one sees them together.

    "Good to see you," she says. "I've managed to track down Zulf. Kid is likely at the wall, making him harder to meet, but we could probably try... who should we go for?" She was a regular citizen before this, and she clearly still seems out of her element. Little wonder she seeks advice here.

Rory White (673) has posed:
    Rory is actually feeling rather regretful that her last exchange with The Kid was so negative. She wasn't so sure this Reset idea was such a great thing. Undo everything. EVERYTHING. Even leave people with no memories...

    She's not sure about the moral ramifications of this. Not at all.

    But one thing that the Kid told her has changed her entire viewpoint on the whole matter.

    The Mancers engineered the whole thing outside of anyone's oversight. Nobody could have stopped them. Nobody knew what they were DOING!

    This in and of itself is damning, but it means perhaps Caelondia isn't just another nation that made the same mistake as hers...

    So she's here to save them, and the Ura, from whatever awaits.

    And for that reason she's in her human guise, long hair (switched to brilliant golden-blonde, if blue isn't among the local genetics) swishing behind her and coat pockets full of more normal tools for the local tech level. Magnifying glasses and the like. She's intent on not standing out too badly.

    Using her skyborne eyes she easily locates the meeting place with Zia and skitters down the alley the moment she's got a clear chance!

    In this form, Rory's definitely more expressive. Worry's clear on her face but it's a childlike expression with little adult tempering.

    "Likewise, Zia! ... I feel conflicted over the young man's choice to remain ignorant, but it should be respected unless we have no choice... though I defer to you on that matter. If you believe otherwise, then let's. But all we truly need to do is locate the superweapon and secure it, and convince the Mancers to abandon this plan. Then get the local governance to ensure better oversight. I'm certain Rucks can be convinced using the recordings of... the Calamity's aftermath."

William Pauwel has posed:
Caelondia as it was is something of a staggering thing. A massive, sprawling city that seems to meander across a good portion of the landscape. Will has been to various metropolitan locales across the multiverse, so it's not as intimidating for the young country bumpkin as some other places, but it's still... Big. Very, very big. And very, very interesting. The technology they use is remarkable, as it was even before the calamity. Seeing it now, in its full glory, is even more so.

But! They're not here to sightsee. Rather, they're on something of a time limit.

Besides, he wants to see what the Mancers are hiding more than anything else right now.

"Zia," Will calls as he steps into the alleyway. "You look..." Beat. He blinks. "Wow, you look real nice-- uh, but business first. I'm thinking we should probably pick up Zulf and then swing up to the Kid. That way we get the guy whose location we do know first. Save time that way."

Alexis has posed:
    Identification is easy. Alexis just flips open her Pokedex to the Trainer ID scene, and that is that. These people seem content to go about their business, making it a wonder that they caused a word ending event.

    But then again, these were normal civilians, with no idea what had happened and been undone, which is probably for the better. The super weapon can remain a secret, and unknown as they hopefully can prevent unwound history from repeating itself.

    "Heh," Alexis chuckles to herself as she tucks the Dex back into a pocket while strolling towards the alley. "Long time since I've had to actually ID myself." It was actually kind of refreshing to be unknown after all these years.

    But there would maybe be time for sightseeing later. "Hiya Zia... Wow, ya cleaned up really nice there, gal." And she's not really the sort to deal in appearance compliments. "It would probably be easier to find the Kid when he's not on duty," she muses, leaving hands tucked in the pockets of her hoodie. "That, and if Zulf knows about the thing and what it can do even in this reset, he might be easier to convince."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Seeing the city state alive again was something to behild she'll use her own Id to get though she's not pakcing weapons but her strange clothing and looks would stick out here. Still they got a job to do and the fate of two peoples to change if they can. She doesn't take time to sight see, no they are on a clock and she knows it. She does catch up with Zia and Rory quickly enough though.

"Kids' on duty? Makes sense as for Zulf you found him too? You did good finding them or at least having an good idea of where they are."

She then smiles.

"It's good to see you Zia, I can respect it they trusted in us and as Zulf said he wanted to forget eveyrthing for a a spell. I can't unsee anything I have ever experianced and your right. I think Rucks would have a good chance to be conviced by that. I have my own memory recordings ready if needed."

She grins at Alexis comment about needding ID but she now focuses on the planning as Will also arrives.

"Right Will we need to figure out how to appaorch this and we don't have that much time, the clock's ticking."

Flamel Parsons (1094) has posed:
    Flamel Parsons, agent of a vague yet menacing government agency, has plenty of identification. All sorts of badges with ominous markings! He's got ones with eagles, ones with eyes, ones with pyramids, ones with pyramids that have eyes on them, one with a pyramid of eagles...

    He mostly shows his Psychonauts identification and heads on through though. With wide eyes, he takes in the sights of Caelondia, seemingly relieved that everything, at least for a moment, has finally worked out. They're on a bit of a time limit, certainly, but... At the very least for now, things are okay. As long as the Great Conspiracy can be established and soon resolved, all this can be saved properly this time. Ever an optimist and ever one to look on the bright side and the positive side of things, Flamel Parsons strides on in, wearing something a little closer to a Mysterious Frontier Ranger's outfit, which is as close as he can get to the aesthetic of a Vague yet Menacing Government Agent in terms of Caelondian culture.

    He adjusts his sunglasses at Zia as she speaks, appearing from invisibility in the alleyway just because that's what a Man in Black is supposed to be doing. "Glad seeing everything turned out okay mindwise for you! It was kinda seat-of-my-pants there for a while. Let me know if you've started remembering any unlives, past-lives, or you find any strange spelling on bear-related literature. The Kid is, well, still /technically/ needed for his membership in the Concord. It's probably best that I make sure the First gets one of her Partners back soon. I think we should leave him with his break for a bit though. I'm only good at tracking people who're sticking out in other people's minds anyway, and Zulf is probably going to be more memorable just for now."

    "He's a diplomat, right? Is there an embassy or some place like that we can start at?" He says, jumping /right/ into the conspiratorial political intrigue of course.

The Kid has posed:
    A lot of compliments are flung at Zia. She sniffs a little, and says, "Why, did I look like a Gasfella before?" She's being huffy, but her cheeks go a little pink. The broad consensus seems to be 'Zulf first,' drawing a nod from her. She points to Flamel, who has hit the nail on the head. "There is an Ura embassy, and that's where he works. But around this time, he'll go out to lunch. We can catch him then."

    They set off, through the busy cobbled streets. Zia walks a few paces ahead at all times, trying to seem distant from the others. "Sorry," she whispers as they wait at a wagon crossing. "I think the Marshals might get twitchy seeing an Ura like me consorting with off-worlders." The road is cleared, and they find the embassy. Decked out in blue and gold cloths that make it sound out powerfully from the brass and tans of the City. They're just in time to see Zulf himself exit the front door.

    He's smiling, in a way he never had before. No terse, wry grin that masks pain. No haunted look in his eye. No longer carrying himself like he has a foot in the grave already. Just an easy smile, all directed at the girl on his arm. Her skin is fair, for a Cael, and her hair is honey blonde. Her green eyes sparkle as they cross the road together, bound for a cafe across the way. "Oh... that must be..." Zia doesn't need to say it. He did say he lost someone important in the Calamity. The Ura in the know looks to everyone and says, "How do we do this? Should we wait until she leaves, or...?"

Alexis has posed:
Alexis snickers softly. "No, but you look a lot better without the post-apocalyptic wasteland survivor style," she replies as she follows. Zia's right, not just in seeing an Ura with offworlders but too many of them clustering together might look suspicious.

    Seeing Zulf look happy like that almost makes her feel guilty that they're going to pull him back into things. Almost. Because they're doing so to prevent what put him in such a craptastic attitude in the first place so it cancels out? Maybe.

    While the others decide what to do next she leans against a wall, putting one hand to her forehead and muttering about the headache of temporal nonsense. How do people like Flamel put up with this sort of weirdness, for a living no less? She deals with enough crazy with just maniac clones, would-be masterminds and primordial forces of nature.

William Pauwel has posed:
    "Hahaha, nah it's just. You know, you and the world just look happy, is all. Freshened up, you know? Ah, well," Will laughs and scratches sheepishly at his head. "I'm sure the Kid would come running the second he catches a glimpse of you, you know? If not just t' beat everyone else off with that hammer of his."

But soon, and with understandable degrees of caution, they find their way to a... decidedly unfamiliar sight. Zulf, actually looking like everything is right in the world? What was it that he asked them for... A little time, wasn't it? A little time to enjoy the happiness that was so cruelly taken from him.

Mmn. Well. Hopefully they don't need to worry about that this time around. But to be sure, they need as much time as possible.

And so Will tilts his hat down ever so slightly and steps out of the alleyway.

"S'ceuse me, Ambassador Zulf?" Will asks with a friendly grin, "Sorry, I checked fer you at the embassy but you weren't there. Are you uh. Are you busy?" He glances at the woman at his arm and smiles, "Just some interest in the multiverse about the Ura and your role in the city, you see. It'd only take a moment of your time...?"

Rory White (673) has posed:
    "Oh..." Rory's quiet, following Zia's lead. So they'll be retrieving Zulf first! But as soon as the group reaches new view of Zulf and his... lover? By the cafe...

    Well, Rory's expression turns neutral. No doubt she's not FEELING neutral, but she's not so good at keeping her expressions consistent when her thoughts turn inwards.

    "Romance. I do not understand most of the data I've collected on it. But losing someone you know well. That pain I know all too well. I see why he was so stressed." She softly exclaims.

    This just redoubles her will to see the Calamity nipped in the bud.

    "If they're a couple, they will likely return to the same dwelling together. Getting him alone may not happen. Unless we request an audience--"

    THough there goes Will taking action before they can even wait much. So, with that happening, she steps out after Will, whom she seems comfortable hanging with!

    And by now manages a smile.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa gets the idea with Zia notes she shouldn't hang out with them when they do this. She understandf she sees Zulf's happy, and her heat sinks about what they are going to have to do. She looks at the woman with him and they seem quite happy. Now she understands more he wanted to be happy for a a ahile with her. She thinks abotu she's going to wiat to let Zulf have this last moment at lest for now.

Then William goes in and whelp it's time to act she keeps it cool though as William is going in so she'll hold back with Alexis for the moment as she doesn't wnt to overwhelm zulf, but it's clear she is keeping an eye on him and the coverstation for the moment.

Flamel Parsons (1094) has posed:
    Flamel Parsons has no trouble accepting acts of subtlety. He gives a quick wink to Zia and keeps his distance, activating a network of telepathic communication with himself as the relay. "Hey, no problem! I mean, I'd love for us to all get a big dark room with a wide table and direct-overhead lights for us to talk over, but the rent for those is crazy!" He says, over telepathic comms. And then he approaches Zulf, and... Then he recognizes her! She's the one who he recalls from the landscape of Zulf's mind. Her!

    "Oh! Zulf!" He says, as he wanders nearer. "And it's-- I'm sorry, I never got her name from you, now that I think of it. You have no idea how good it is to see you two in good health!" He introduces himself to her, with the implied impression that Zulf already knows him. "Pleasure to finally meet you, ma'am, I'm Agent Parsons. Zulf thinks so highly of you, I've been looking forward to this for a long time!" What social maneuver IS this even? Back to Zulf. "This actually might take more than just a moment. There's a bit of an urgent matter that we need to talk to you about, though more a matter of days than hours. We're hoping to head off and calm down some risky tensions and misunderstandings that are rising before they get to conflict, and we think you're the perfect man for the job, especially with your history."

The Kid has posed:
    Will goes right in, as he does. The Cael girl seems a little put-off as he asks him about work things. Both of them look terribly confused when Flamel acts extremely friendly. Zulf especially looks confusing, not recalling someone as... eccentric as Flamel. "We're having lunch, so if you don't mind-" the fiancée begins, but Zulf raises a hand to her, a patient smile on his face.

    "It's fine dear. I'll take an extra-long lunch to make up for it." She pouts terribly, and gives Will a long look before nodding. Zulf gives her a thankful nod before rising and walking a distance away with the Elites.

    "So, how may I help? I'll be honest, if you want to learn more of the Ura, you would be best meeting with them in the Terminals. Though I suppose it's a bit rough out there. I could supply you with a map, Mister?..." He looks to everyone, and his forehead furrows for a moment, a brief spark of recognition in his eyes.

    Zia meanwhile, hangs back with Alexis. A native-born Ura like her talking with the Ura diplomat would certainly raise flags. As their attention is elsewhere, they might notice some activity in the surrounding alleys. People in tan cloaks that cover their whole form, skulking, leaning against the walls to camoflage themselves. Zia gasps softly. "Gravers," she whispers as well as thinks across the telepathic network, jerking her head at one as she looks to the Pokemon trainer.

William Pauwel has posed:
Look, nobody ever got anywhere by just SITTING AROUND AND WAITING. Jump into the mouth of danger, turn two stars to the left and head straight on till morning! That's how a proper Chaser does it. Will laughs disarmingly, "Sorry miss! I promise we won't keep your beau from you fer too long. Right this way, sir--"

Oh! Good, he has other people following him into peril. And out of peril, at least temporarily. "Pauwel," he says to Zulf in a hushed whisper while maintaining that cheerful grin. He's gotten good at this covert conversation thing. "William Pauwel, gunslinger. I'm here to save your life." Beat. "Or rather, /we're/ here to save /her/ life," he glances subtly toward the woman they left behind. "And those of everyone in this town."

A pause. Gravers nearby? Weren't those the... Assassins? "Looks like we're being watched so I'll be quick. Will you help us stop this calamity, Zulf?"

Alexis has posed:
Alexis nods as Zia is thinking the same thing, that they shouldn't all congest around Zulf for various reasons. She maintains her casual lean against the wall as Zia whispers and glances aside without moving her head too much in the indicated direction. "Not surprised we'd catch their attention," she whispers back, recalling what the Kid and Rucks had told them before about the different groups that had operated in the city. "Just to make sure strangers don't try nuttin' weird."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is chilling with Alexis and Zia for the moment and now she wishes she'd brought her optic cameo with her, but given what they were up to tramping around in strange armour, wouldn't have been something that woudl go over easy with the Marshals. She gives Zia and Alexis a nod as she doesn't act hostilke she tilts her head to Alexis and humms.

"Nothing unexpected really, right?"

She pulls a candy bar out and starts to much it after removing the wrapper. She'll offer one to Zia and Alexis as well, something called Coffee Crisp if thelable is noted.

Flamel Parsons (1094) has posed:
    "Normally, I would be sort of subtle and, you know, very vague and cryptic for protocol's sake. We actually already know a lot about the Ura, we're trying to head off a bit of a disaster. You're one of the few folks who can save a whoooole lot of lives if we do this right!" Parsons says, still as cheerful as ever. "We have some people trying to keep you safe, and keep her safe. Boy you wouldn't /believe/ the work we put into that actually! There's a guy you have to meet who spent more effort on that than I think any of us, but we're needing to chat with him later." He's already spinning up his mental energy to project a barrier where necessary.

    "Let's do this at your pace though! Once you're safe we can get plenty of questions figured out. Do you want to head somewhere safe that you know, head somewhere we know is safe, or deal with the risks here? You're being followed and I think they might try to do some dangerous stuff!" As ever, though, the psychonaut is... Almost exclusively concerned with mental wellbeing. He's doing his best to avoid Zulf being overwhelmed and feeling a loss of control, and thus making sure to avoid forcing the situation on him with a loss of his own control. And the embassy might be a safe place to head too!

Rory White (673) has posed:
    This Telepathic link through Flamel is most disorienting for Rory. It's strange having a method of I/O that she can't describe in terms of ports and sockets and mappings. But the message about the Gravers alarms her, and so she decides to signal one of her drones to survey the situation.

    Said drone is not one of the stands-out-like-a-sore-thumb saucers, but instead a songbird that flits around between perches on buildings using its array of cameras to keep a bead on as many of the skulking Gravers as possible. Its AI shall do its best to keep track of them through infrared and other tricks so Rory can keep them properly tagged on her overview HUD.

    <"Noticed. I shall keep them under covert surveillance and be ready to intercept. Hopefully they will take no action unless we do something that is overtly threatening to their interests."> She attempts to send back over the link.

The Kid has posed:
    A lot of things are being thrown at Zulf right now. A calamity, the death of his fiance, how he's one of the only ones who can stop it. Though happier now, he always did have a bit of an explosive temper. "Are you threatening me?" he asks, his face fixing into a scowl. "I don't appreciate any of this. You think because I'm an Ura, I would let Caelondia be destroyed by off-world bullies like you?"

    The Gravers see his aggravation. Though none move in, hands drift under those cloaks, no doubt resting on the hilts of the vicious blades the Kid himself used.

    "You had better start making sense, or else I'll report you all." Over at the cafe, the SO is looking at Zulf's hunched shoulders, his angry energy, and starts to rise, to join him. This is going bad, fast.

Alexis has posed:
Alexis accepts the offered candy from Kotone and unwraps it, maintaining the casual act even as she's mentally sighing at the turn of events. "Maybe going directly to him wasn't the best idea," she murmurs, taking a bite out of the candy bar. "Hindsight, 50/50, so on."

They saw what the Kid learned to do with those machetes. She doesn't want to first hand find out what the Gravers themselves could do.

She reachs over to put a hand on Zia's shoulder. "We might have to back off and reconsider a different approach." No battle is won on the first turn. Though she's also making sure Zia doesn't try to jump in and unintentionally make matters even more of a tangle than they're already becoming.

William Pauwel has posed:
Of course it wouldn't be so easy as just going up to the guy and telling him straight up that the world's a few days off from ending. Will sighs and rubs at his neck. "No, no you got it all wrong. Look, I know it's hard to believe, but we're here to help. What's going to happen, it's not from the outside. It's from in. I promise, we're not here to do anything but help."

"We need your help. You, specifically, because what's going to happen-- we can try to fix that, but people's hearts are another thing," Will says, his hands hooking into his pockets. "But you. You're the one who can build that bridge. I swear t' all the gods of the pantheon, I speak th' truth. We knew each other once. I know you're a good man. One of the strongest spirits I've known. We might be able to prove it, too, that you're one of the few who can help save this city."

"Parsons," he says, looking at the Super Secret Agent, "You uh. Still have that list he wrote?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is savouring he candy bay she's just not doing much if anything to seem liek she's mixed up in this, how they go talk to Rucks and the kid thoough? They need to keep it quieter smoother. She doesn't blame Zulf for being cheesed off. He doesn't recall things and she can't fault him either for it. She looks back to Alexis nodding.

"It should be taken in to considerion for making friends later."

She looks to Zia as well nodding in agreement.

"Looks like we might."

Flamel Parsons (1094) has posed:
    "Huh? --Oh! Oh, I get it. No no, here, quick rundown!" Parsons says, making wavy motions. "Sorry, I'm really used to being cryptic and vaguely menacing, sorry. See, what's happening is, we actually owe a lot of favors to you, is the thing! You helped us out with a lot of stuff. We know you want to stop bad stuff from happening and we're trying to work together to stop them. They'll be happening if we /don't/ do our work, is the thing."

    "Man, now I'm really seeing why weird conspiratorial agendas make sure to never try to explain everything or talk to people. Uhhhhhh... Basically, we know for sure that some bad stuff will happen in the future if we don't try to stop it, and we know that working with you would help it stop much more easily, and we know that you'd want to be stopping the same bad stuff we want to stop. And we owe you a lot of favors on top of that! Well, except for the thing you broke the one time, but you were dealing with some emotional things and I definitely don't blame you, considering the circumstances-- Look, time things are involved, very Mancer-like stuff."

    "I'm not here to force anything on you, I'm just trying to make sure what you want gets done even though you don't know all the information right now, you know? We need your help and we want to help you, and we know at least that you're someone who wants the mess of Cael-Ura tensions to ease back. You're one of those few people we know for sure isn't just talk about that sort of thing." Parsons makes a plaintive, wide-palmed gesture. "If you want, we could try to just write it down in a pamphlet and let you read it on your own time, but that would probably compromise a lot more secrecy than I think you'd want to have. Please?" He actually takes a moment to remove his sunglasses and bare his much more youthful eyes. "Look, I mean, I'm actually specifically trying here to /not/ be vague and menacing, and I think I'm having a lot of trouble with it. So, um, sorry, I'm probably stressing you out when I don't mean to do that at all. But, there's lives at stake but we're trying to work together with you and protect them."

    "We don't have a ton of time, but we do have, I think, days at least. And there's not a lot of people we can trust besides you. How do /you/ want us to handle it? I think you'll want the explanation in secret, so just tell us how you'd want it all dealt with." William actually suggests something very relevant. "Oh, right! The note! You wrote this for us, under some weird circumstances, when we were working together." Parsons takes out the list and unfolds it, baring it to Zulf for a moment. "It's-- Uh, it's your handwriting because of some time things. A list of a couple points of tension we need to look into and calm down."

The Kid has posed:
    Zia gives Alexis a single, terse nod. Though cleaner, she is not as happy as Zulf to be back, not by a long-shot. She's been on-edge the whole time, and it's only getting worse as the Gravers prepare for a fight. "Yeah, let's go," she says, quickly starting to walk away.

    And then the paper is produced.

    The long talks have him baffled. Knowing of future events, speaking of Cael-Ura relations as off-worlders, knowing of the Pantheon, the Mancers... and then the paper is procured. He takes it and reads it, frowning. "This is my handwriting... but I..." His brow is proper furrowed, and he looks around at everyone. Seeing Zia trying to leave... but his SO taps his shoulder. "Everything okay dear?"

    Immediately, he is all smiles. "Oh yes, just a spot of office bother. I'll deal with it after lunch. Be with you in a moment!" She nods, still looking slightly uncertain, and goes back to the cafe. Zulf looks to everyone seriously. "Get your 'other man' and meet me on the Sundown Path at quarter past five. I'll wait there every day for five minutes. Don't be late."

    And with that, he thrusts the paper back at Flamel, forcefully, and strides back to the cafe.

Rory White (673) has posed:
    Rory steps forwards, herself having a difficult time parsing what Flamel was just ranting about. She doesn't much want to risk losing any attention on the Gravers, but she decides to speak up, although quietly.

    "If you know of the Multiverse's nature already, then I will say it simply. There was another world divergent from this one. A terrible superweapon was unleashed there, not long in the future. We seek to investigate and prevent that disaster in this world, but we need help. It's either the proper approach through the right channels, or the emergency approach that could be a diplomatic disaster. Time is limited. Please help us, Zulf."

    The explanation is... not exactly a lie, but not the whole truth either, huh?

Alexis has posed:
Alexis pushes herself off the wall to walk away with Zia, though she does pause a moment as things seem to calm down around Zulf and the others. She nods and starts walking again, lowering her voice so just Zia and Kotone (if she follows them) can hear. "Sounds like they're working something out. But if we stop now it'll look suspicious. We'll meet the others to fill us in later."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is getting up with Zia as she moves to walk away she finishes her candy bar, she moves her wrapper into a pcoekt. Then walks afte rAleix and Zia thinking as she goes. "Does and if they are no need to make more of a scene? We'll have to catch up later."

She looks to Zia concerned but asking how she is might best wait till they are a bit more away from things.

Flamel Parsons (1094) has posed:
    "Sure stuff, Zulf! Thanks for the help!" Parsons takes the paper back, and then waves happily! "Sorry again about the weirdness!" He lets out a breath of relief. "Phew. I knew everything could turn out well! That was a close shave. I need to get more practice being less vague yet menacing. That was a really good idea, William, thanks for suggesting it!" He slips his sunglasses on and gives the boy a thumbs-up. "Probably saved my bacon there. Anyway, looks like that's about dealt with! We need to go get the Kid too, though. I..."

    He stops a moment. And then puts his hand on his chin in a look of consternation. "Um. I don't have any records with his name on them. So finding him will beeeeee... Hhhhh... That'll be hard, actually. I just realized that. Um, hmm. I really should have asked for that before time turned upside down. Or just... in general, at any point." He plants both hands on his hips and laughs awkwardly. "Boy I really feel silly as hell right now. I bet Zia knows! We'll figure it out."

    Then he checks around with a combination of Clairvoyance and astral projection to gently examine the surface-activity of minds around him, trying to scope out how the hostility of those Gravers is feeling. Going down? Going up? How are things? Are they going to have to lose a tail? They might need to do that before they head to The Kid, if that's even an option in terms of the difficulty of locating him today.

William Pauwel has posed:
    Will exhales, the tension flooding out of his body. "Thanks, Zulf," he says with a tired smile. "We'll be there, promise. Just you wait and see. We'll see you in a little bit."

Well. That was almost a disaster. Will turns and walks off after the others-- but Flamel has a point. "It's fine, I'm just glad I remembered we had that thing," he laughs, giving the Secret Agent a firm pat on the back, "But you've said something important there. We don't... Really know much about the Kid, do we?"


"You don't suppose that the Concord has any dossiers on him, do they? A real name, maybe? I mean, worst case we do know what he looks like. It's just... Finding the guy in this maze of a city'll be rough."

Rory White (673) has posed:
    Hoping that her message wasn't overheard by anyone - she tried to shape it straight at Zulf - Rory decides to withdraw with her fellows at this point, giving Zulf a little bow.

    That little bird drone will tag the Gravers indefinitely though, unless they disperse. At which point it will enter standby on a rooftop somewhere out of sight and await Rory's return.