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William Pauwel (Scenesys ID: 934)
"Chasers make their own luck!"
Full Name: William James Pauwel Junior
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (OC) CODE: Chaser
Function: Experienced Chaser
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate (6-Recruit)
Groups: [Daedalus Initiative] [Die Reisende]
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A young Chaser with everything to prove, Will Pauwel delves into the remnants of the ancient world to uncover the secrets of this one. An avid explorer from a long lineage of Chasers, Will's chosen profession has him diving head-first into long-buried ruins to retrieve the fragmentary knowledge of the ancients. Having lost his parents at an early age Will is pressured by his past as he searches for hints as to their ultimate fate, even as he is drawn towards the future. He carries with him his family's precious gun, a boundless sense of adventure, an undeniable eagerness, and a measure of new confidence that comes with surviving in a dangerous line of work. Will's skills have grown since he began his adventures in the multiverse, seeing him grow from a greenhorn and liability into an effective adventurer and explorer in his own right.








SOFT-HEARTED: Will has never killed a man. He has never even thought about killing a man. Machines are fine, horrible mutant monsters are fine. But people? He tends to fret about the well-being of those around him, and this extends to the people he might someday find in his sights. Even in situations where conflict is unavoidable, Will often hesitates to deliver a finishing blow. Even with more experience under his belt, Will's soft heart keeps him from taking lethal action against sapient creatures.

INQUISITIVE: If there's something to learn, Will is probably going to at least try. He tends to stick his nose into places that interest him, and there is much that does, though his primary interests are machines and history. Whenever something catches his eye, he has a hard time trying to stay away. If it's a machine, he'll probably try to take it apart, or at least take the time to try and figure out how it works. When he starts getting into it, he often loses focus on the world around him, making it easy for monsters, killer robots or even other Chasers to get the drop on him.

A NICE GUY: In spite of his greater worldliness, Will still tends to think the best of people around him. While not guileless, he's always willing to give people a shot if they seem sincere. He helps first and thinks second, often leading him into trouble. Whether it's repairing and reactivating a killer shipgirl or trusting a bandit to keep to their word, Will's positive attitude has gotten him into a lot of trouble, and will probably keep doing so for years to come. This doesn't stop him from keeping backup plans in case things DO go wrong, though.

INCOMPLETE WEAPON: Whatever Solano is, the weapon isn't in its original state. Parts of it have been reconstructed based on other salvaged equipment, detrimentally affecting its performance. Its output should in fact be much higher than it is presently capable of, but with neither the schematics, nor a way of finding the rest of its parts, Will presently has no means of restoring the weapon to its full functionality. This mostly manifests in occasional fluctuations in its power output and the weapons limited burst fire capabilities.

WORK IN PROGRESS: Many of Will's home-brewed devices can be somewhat temperamental. While he's continuously repairing and improving them, many of his more complex tools still have a number of bugs that he's trying to work out. Sometimes, they may just malfunction, and savvy opponents can often either induce such a failure, or take advantage of when they do go on the fritz. As his gadgeteering skills have improved, these glitches pop up less frequently, though they can still pose a problem if someone knows how to exploit them.

GADGETEER: Will relies heavily on his gadgets and tools. While he now has the skill and experience to get by without them, his abilities are considerably diminished when he's without them. If somehow stripped of all of his gear, Will operates two PLs lower until he can reclaim them, or until he can scrounge up replacements to get by.


Title Date Scene Summary
BCoB: Eternal Flame, Twisted Truth February 27th, 2020 The heroes of Eorzea delve again into the depths of Allagan madness in order to prevent the return of a calamitous entity. Fate twists beyond reckoning.
Thors Amateur Grand Prix February 22nd, 2020 Angelica Rogner invites multiversal bikers to a race. Things get pretty intense.
BCoB: Beneath The Silence February 11th, 2020 Castrum Occidens has gone dark. The heroes go to find out way and uncover more than they could have imagined.
Aurora Shell Analysis September 12th, 2019 A group of scientists meet with Solty Revant to discuss what they have discovered about the Aurora Shell and the Blastfall before the local authorities attempt to arrest them and contain the information they discovered.
The Aurora Shell and the Blast Fall December 30th, 2018 A team of Watch scientists try to learn something about the Aurora Shell and the destructive lightning that falls from it.
P:WtWM - A Hurried Pursuit December 28th, 2018 Die Reisende cause urban destruction in pursuit of a member of the Wildekinder
Catch and Release May 13th, 2018 Pending
P:WtWM - Party Time May 11th, 2018 Janine throws a party, Agatha gatecrashes, Hoshi might be in danger?
Who Defends the Defenders May 10th, 2018 Pending
The Opposite of Unearthed May 3rd, 2018 Pending
Prospektor's Revolt-Finale May 2nd, 2018 Pending
ICoT: Reunion April 28th, 2018 Everyone gathers to plan their next step, with local law enforcement dropping by.
And Teeth For Teeth April 21st, 2018 Pending
P:WtWM - Final Breaker March 29th, 2018 Elites fell the Majordomo, the last member of the Black Queen's Court
ICoT - A N(o)e(l)w(d) Day March 10th, 2018 In a restored Caelondia, Elites track down Zulf with the help of Zia.
P:WtWM - Truth-Faker February 17th, 2018 The Pied Piper plays his last tune. Part of the Persona: Were the World Mine plot.
P:WtWM - Risk-Takers December 28th, 2017 Die Reisende take their first steps into the Black Queen's Castle, and encounter a surprising interrogation.
You'll Never See It Coming October 31st, 2017 Die Reisende runs into the worst thing you could see in the Forest, or anywhere really.
P:WtWM - Re-confessions October 9th, 2017 Due to Mirror Forest-induced amnesia, Janine must tell her family once more of what she has been doing.
In The Closing Act, Everyone Wants The Same Thing For Different Reasons September 27th, 2017 The execution date for the old monarchy of Chapter and the traitors in the new government arrives. Loyalists, assisted by the Starlight Bandits, play their last card.
OMNI: One More FiNIsh September 23rd, 2017 Both Inspiration Trust and the rebellious splinter group make their way to OMNI's central server. The matter is finally settled.
P:WtWM - The Wheels of Fate September 7th, 2017 Janine's family is kidnapped by The Constable, who challenges them to a race of life and death to save them.
ICoT: A Bastion of their Own August 31st, 2017 The Kid leads a team of Elites up Mount Zand, a sacred place to the Ura... and a Bastion for the beasts of the Wild.
'A Needless Flashy Escape' Can Have Two Meanings Depending On How You Read It July 27th, 2017 The Starlight Bandits clue in the Watch on corruption in Chapter's new rebel government.
P:WtWM - Janine's Birthday (summerized) May 20th, 2017 A summary of what happened in the original scene, lost in the server crash.
P:WtWM - Clash in the Forest April 16th, 2017 People have wandered into the Mirror Forest once more. It's up to Die Reisende to extract them while avoiding the Wolf and Woodsman in the middle of a battle.
What Follows An Uprising, Is It Called A Downlowering April 11th, 2017 Molly has lost Irvine! Time to track him down. Luckily, some nice loyalists have found him, and just need a bit of info from him...
TRIAL: The Bowl of Embers (Hard) January 28th, 2017 The party finds themselves face to face with the Primal Ifrit, and takes down another threat to Eorzea.
The Other Battle On Big Bridge January 8th, 2017 An attempt at pilfering experimental weapons from a convoy in Iskandria does not go as planned. A giant robot is involved, Mel is called an old hag, and Vatol is the only one to survive completely unscathed. Also, Scene 5000 GET.
Masks Are Used To Hide Your True Self In A Literal And Metaphorical Sense January 6th, 2017 The Starlight Bandits make a public threat to steal a key of great value from a ball filled with guards and foreign military. Some come to prevent this, some come to watch, and some come for the free food.
Rosin Up Your Bow January 5th, 2017 The Requisite Seedy Bar Episode. The Fiddler makes a deal. It's probably not going to cost anyone their souls.
The Seat of Empire January 4th, 2017 In Which Everything Goes According to Plan
The Vertical Metropolis January 3rd, 2017 A picnic in Evance. Much is philosophized about. Milly is overrun by pidgeons.
Leve: A Fishy Smell In Ul'dah January 1st, 2017 FOR EVERY POSE A PIRATE OR FISHMAN WILL DIE
P:WtWM - School Daze December 31st, 2016 Die Reisende meets with Alexis Eberhardt and Johnny Bridgeston, the two Drachenblatt students they rescued from the Forest.
The Best That's Ever Been December 28th, 2016 The Watch Gets Swamped but At Least the Music Ain't Bad.
Border Crossing December 21st, 2016 Will and friends try to cross into Iskandria. The Iron Church attempts to hold a peace conference, but someone thinks it's wise to drive an airship into the fortress instead. Victor Xix gets political cred, Mel Brock hurls a bunch of ragtag adventurers into a monster-infested swamp.
Meet the Boss December 15th, 2016 Claire meets the boss and receives a very special mission.
Paladin December 11th, 2016 A trip to the forest does not go as planned. The legacy of an ancient catastrophe is brought to life- Cabrashel the Herald of Fertile Earth. Marchosiel states his intent.
Hokkaido Heist December 10th, 2016 From a watery insertion to an intense indoor assault, Maaka and a team of assorted specialists infiltrate an R&D compound in the subarctic mountains of Hokkaido. Many cyborgs and droids get trashed, and valuable prototypes and data get raided with glee.
P:WtWM - The False Raid December 4th, 2016 Janine's plan to completely clear August's name is put into effect. It may not have gone off without any hitches.
MANDATORY BEACH EPISODE December 3rd, 2016 Will invites some friends to a tropical island! Unfortunately they don't get much beach time.
Angel of Victory December 1st, 2016 Genji and a certain angel have a heart-to-heart.
CC-SJ-2 Imperial March November 26th, 2016 Testing
Imperial March November 26th, 2016 Iskandria marches on the Frontier. In one such battlefield, someone has sent up a call for help! Elites arrive to fight back the horde, but battle is also joined by a messenger from the heavens. Enter the Hero.
The Mystery of the Denali Cabin November 18th, 2016 Eryl summons people to a hidden bunker on Denali. A peek behind the curtain of the Before Times begins.
CC-SJ-1: Bunker Hill November 13th, 2016 Will invites some friends on an adventure. They find the remains of a long-dead civilization, terrible revelations, and a new light in the darkness.
Bunker Hill November 13th, 2016 Will invites some friends on an adventure. They find the remains of a long-dead civilization, terrible revelations, and a new light in the darkness.
CC-SJ-1 Bunker Hill November 13th, 2016 Will invites some friends on an adventure. They find the remains of a long-dead civilization, terrible revelations, and a new light in the darkness.
P:WTWM - The Most Dangerous Game November 5th, 2016 A fateful encounter. End of Act One. The sun shines in the rain, as Die Reisende faces off with The Huntsman for the final time.
Motion in the Ocean November 3rd, 2016 When giant monsters attack Japan, they send a giant robot to fight it. So what does Korea do when a giant monster attacks? Lots of little robots, apparently.
P:WtWM - To Face Courage October 21st, 2016 The Red Woodsman proves conclusively he is not to be trifled with.
P:WTWM - Training Excursion October 8th, 2016 Die Reisende trains for their battle with the Red Woodsman, which they are horribly unprepared for. They investigate an odd keep in the Forest, and find something incredibly eerie.
Persona:WTWM FA4 - A Lesson on Bravery September 19th, 2016 The fourth and final day of the School Festival Arc. A fateful encounter.
Persona: WTWM - The Inquisitor September 3rd, 2016 Ainsley has been taken by the Piper. A team is mobilized to enter the Cathedral of Lies to save her from her own Shadow.
Persona:WTWM - Long Live The King September 2nd, 2016 Everyone's <insert opinion here> tank-wearing cat returns! He has an offer to make, and helps the group start a catfight. Featuring a musical guest!
Mudbaths August 31st, 2016 Nothing can defeat beauty. Not even time. Not even an apocalypse. Beauty shall remain when all else is gone. WARNING: FABULOUSITY WITHIN
Spooky Action at a Distance June 19th, 2016 Rory geeks out. Will watches. It's a little awkward, but science gets done, so it's a net win.
DOOM June 18th, 2016 Will faces his doom. HIS HEART IS IN PIECES.
The Great Gale Turkey Shoot June 12th, 2016 Turkeys on Tellus are serious business. THE KING IS DEAD. LONG LIVE THE KING.
First Stratum: Rescue the newbies! May 22nd, 2016 A distress call comes from Etria for Multiversal assistance! A newbie promptly learns that people in the Multiverse are way stronger than she is, and a lot of angry fauna explode.
The People Cry Out, Saying 'Such Opulence Cannot Be Allowed!' May 13th, 2016 A callous queen has worked her people to the bone to create four grand statues of herself from precious metals, and made all her subjects show up for the unveiling. The inevitable riot happened, and a 100ft tall bronze statue was stolen in the mayhem.
Sepulchre of the Giants April 23rd, 2016 Beyond the robotic horde is... A robot factory!? The party takes on a giant robot tank and travels deeper into the base, only to find themselves face to face with a relic of the ancient age. One that doesn't want the people of the present to meddle in his domain.
Business Upswing April 20th, 2016 New outfits and interlopers at the Boutique!
Roll the Old Chariot Along April 13th, 2016 NAKA IS A TERRIBLE INFLUENCE
The Mountain Cycle April 5th, 2016 Iskandria is under attack by horrible robotic legions. They send out a call for help, and help answers... Only to discover something waiting for them beyond the horde.
ICoT: From Wharf to Wilds April 4th, 2016 "Well... no point in explaining what happens next, right?"
Chasing Ships March 28th, 2016 After hearing over the radio an Abyssal's been revived... Nagato's got words to say to the reviver...
By the Sea Shore March 20th, 2016 You know how you know you're about to fuck up? Yeah, Will doesn't. Sometimes that part of his brain just kind of turns off, especially when machines are involved. Machines and Abyssal Ships, apparently.
What Do You Do With A Cyborg Sailor March 16th, 2016 Chief invites Mel over for a talk. Will comes along. ANOTHER NEW FRIEND IS ACQUIRED.
Despite Efforts, the Deluminated Encounters Internal Turbulance March 14th, 2016 The Deluminated takes off on its maiden voyage, with many Elites on board. Things spiral out of the control from there.
ICoT: The Hard Way March 12th, 2016 Cinderbrick Fort was the home to the Marshals. Now it's only home to Windbags and a Core. And so begins a race between Cael, Ura, and their associates to kill the former and obtain the latter.
49°51'S 128°34'W March 1st, 2016 You know what's even worse than giant, futuristic battleships? Horrible coral monsters. In this episode: Will gets scarred for life! Mel and Maaka make a friend! AWFUL THINGS ARE UNLEASHED.
Taking A 'Shine To Things February 28th, 2016 A moonshine operation is discovered to be darker than it seems...
Black Ship in the Harbor February 21st, 2016 A mysterious black ship emerges near Hikari Seaport from within a tremendous fog. The vessel proves itself to be INCREDIBLY well-armed, but not invincible. But the depths of the sea hide terrible things indeed.
Amber Fields of Grain February 11th, 2016 A meeting in an idyllic town. Will and Nozomi hang out, and he asks questions about the GIANT ROBOT TIGER.
Primary Pursuit January 31st, 2016 A team of BOLD ADVENTURERS explore a mysterious ruin in a vast desert. They discover a terrible menace, and punch a giant robot in the face. ENTER WILLIAM PAUWEL.
Dungeon Training: Elite Course January 21st, 2016 Union Elites are looking to undertake some extra training. Solaire is looking for people to test the newly revamped Sen's Fortress. Fun happens.


Title Date Scene Summary
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SIROCCO: One of Will's own personal projects. Effectively a pair of mechanized roller skates, Sirocco is a pair of boots equipped with miniature servo motors that allow Will greater mobility and a stable mobile firing position as long as he has both feet on the ground. They're capable of transitioning between high traction wheels and a steel sole. Will has nearly perfected their design, his personal experience in their success and failure leading him to reinforce the servo motors and refine the armor shape for greater comfort, control and stability. The inclusion of a pair of combat-grade Ancient shock absorbers also allows him some degree of protection from falls as long as he lands on his feet.

ZEPHYR: A mixture of arm-brace and grappling hook, this device was developed after Will decided that he'd had enough falling from way too high and nearly dying because of it. The Zephyr's grapnel consists of a high-strength, electromagnetically-launched grappling hook tethered by high-tension ceramic cable to a bracer. Will is able to launch and retract the grapnel with specific hand-gestures, allowing for easy use, and the high-velocity launch mechanism allows the hook to dig into most construction material, up to and including concrete. For safety reasons, the bracer is supported by a larger brace that covers much of Will's arm, and the grapnel component can detach if it becomes a liability. The bracer itself serves as additional arm protection in emergencies.

MAESTRO: A set of goggles and headset repurposed from the targeting system and visor of an Ancient combat cyborg's armor. The Maestro's sensors allow Will to take aim even in darkened corridors and provides a heads-up display to assist in gauging distance and pitch. It also carries a microphone, communicator, thermal imaging sensor, and blindspot warning indicators, giving Will a small window of opportunity to avoid attacks that might come either from behind or his flanks.

MYSTERIOUS GPS: Recovered from deep within a desert ruin, this device appears to be pointing to a number of different locations on Tellus, perhaps directing Will to yet-undiscovered ruins, or maybe just into the jaws of peril. Unbeknownst to him, the GPS is actually reacting with the Solano's built-in computer system, and is presently directing him to ruins that contain the means to repair the ancient weapon. It's also being tracked by powers unknown..

VIBROBLADE - An Ancient dagger with a vibrating blade, Will salvaged one of these from a desert ruin and has spent a good deal of time repairing it. While still not quite the weapon it used to be, this vibroblade still serves as a useful sidearm and field tool, allowing Will to cut through a good number of things, provided he presses the blade long enough. While he uses this short blade as a tool more than a weapon, it can still be used for self-defense in a pinch, and can fold up into an easily concealable mode.

T-45 POWER ARMOR: Obtained from the Commonwealth (Fallout 4 - 1), this suit of power armor is well-worn and battle-beaten. As one of the first power armor models developed by the United States, the T-45 has a number of faults that make it inferior to all of its successors. For example, many of its hydraulic and electronic components are exposed on the outside of the armor, creating a number of weak points across its entire frame. Still, the T-45 is a powerful addition to Will's arsenal, allowing him to operate in toxic, radioactive or otherwise hazardous environments, while providing him significant protection against small arms fire and a sizable safety net against other, more imposing foes. It does, however, have a time-limit associated with its use: once the fusion core is depleted, Will either needs to replace it or go without his armor. It's also rather bulky, limiting Will's mobility somewhat. As such, Will prefers to use it only when he knows he'll be charging into significant danger head-on.

Will has done his best to mitigate the T-45's most glaring vulnerabilities, and has supplemented its relatively thin armor with shaped plates of Ancient metamaterial, making it capable of absorbing and dissipating greater-than-normal energy damage. He has also incorporated a charge cable for the Solano into the armor, though its use can rapidly drain the fusion core. Will has also added a number of other useful features, such as an improved targeting system, improved motion-assist servos, tool harness, high-impact shock absorbers and a version of the Sirocco boots built specifically for integration into the T-45's legs.


MISTRAL: A robust, armored motorcycle that serves as Will's transportation around the frontier. The Mistral is a finely tuned machine, and has been engineered with a number of additional compartments to store anything from Will's tools to loot that he picks up along the road. This motorcycle has been a work in progress since the day his father took it home, busted and half rusted over, from the machine shop.

The Mistral includes a number of hidden features, such as a built-in energy jack jury-rigged to connect to the Solano to boost its output. Will has modified the motorcycle further, adding a thruster system for a small amount of vertical mobility (and for greater jump-distance). He has also upgraded its armor with Ancient metamaterial, allowing it to more easily absorb energy damage.

CHORUS: An old PT Boat that Will found around Hikari Seaport. He's since repaired and refurbished the old girl, adding Ancient metamaterial plating, a number of weapons and a set of small naval motors acquired from a certain cyborg living far the Meridian coast on Tellus.

The Chorus also mounts an energy jack for the Solano, and can attain top speeds much greater than what its original form was capable of. This is largely due to its new propulsion system, but also because the plates that Will has covered the hull with appear to have some degree of drag reduction capability, letting the Chorus cut quickly and quietly through water. Its armor also affords it a degree of concealment against conventional radar, with signals often vanishing completely into the material.