7030/What Do You Mean I Need A Vet

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What Do You Mean I Need A Vet
Date of Scene: 21 January 2020
Synopsis: Inga and Silica combine efforts to fix Raha's damn ear that he keeps busting
Cast of Characters: N'raha Tia, Silica, Inga

N'raha Tia has posed:
    N'raha is currently in the residential section of the little home he shares with Inga in the Mist which is also one of the erstwhile bases of the Warriors of Light. It's nice to have a friend with extra couches to crash on, isn't it?

    His freshly laundered, his black hair dried out and frizzy. He's in a tank top and pyjama pants, and is holding very still on a cushion in the living room. "I know this is... I..." He huffs. His left ear flicks irritably, his tail poofs a bit at the end. His right ear is flat and limp against his head. "I just want it working again and just tossing magical healing at it hasn't been working."

    A glance over his shoulder. "No offense, Inga."

Silica has posed:
    Silica... or more accurately, Keiko Ayano, places a hand between those ears atop the catman's head. "Calm down. Just relax, okay?" she coos... Keiko is a far cry from the young-seeming Cait Sith that shares her voice. She's a young human woman, early 20s. Slender and entirely unsuited to adventuring life... or so it seems.

    She's using a calming tone, but may come off as patronizing or condescending. "Just let me check what's actually wrong first... can you still hear anything through it? Like, just muffled because the cartillage is deformed, or are you entirely deaf on that side?"

Inga has posed:
Inga is in residence as well, though she is currently chopping herbs in the kitchen with perhaps a bit more force than strictly necessary. "I told you that it needed to be re-set but you didn't want me touching it," she says loud enough for them to hear. CHOP! LOUD CHOPPING!

"Not my fault I'm not a bloody veternarian," she grumbles.

More loud chopping follows.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Raha grumps a bit. "It's... It's muted and feels like it's all washy. Like I'm wearing muffs." A grumble and a flick of his tail. "Healing gets it to work fine for a little bit and then it just... goes back to where it is now."

    The loud chopping gets him to sigh and slump his shoulders.

Silica has posed:
    Keiko looks over toward Inga. "Men can be stubborn sometimes. Don't take it so personally. I've had to band together with Miss Asuna, Miss Lizbeth and Miss Sinon to make Mister Kirito and Mister Klein go to the doctors before." she tries to assuage the upset healer.

    The young woman then turns back. "Well, that sounds like there's no internal damage, it just can't properly filter the air waves coming in due to the deformation... lets take a little look at it."

    Keiko's fingers lightly trace around the limp ear. "Hold onto something, this may sting a little."

Inga has posed:
Inga is prickly. Raha isn't the only one who's had a bad couple of weeks. It was perhaps a slight that at other times she would brush off, but right now...yes, she's a bit cross.

Maybe she'll go see if /Alruna/ appreciates her healing. Hmph.

"Men are /often/ stubborn and I have very little patience for it," she grumbles.

She could have perhaps offered him something to dull the pain, but...

Well, she didn't.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    A sigh from Raha. "Yeah but she's my... well. My partner and my usual healer." Household discord, ahoy. The warrior cat shifts a bit, kneeling more firmly on the cushion, and he gingerly tilts his bad ear upwards a bit, making it easier for Keiko to get at. He doesn't seem to be bracing himself any more than usual, though.

Silica has posed:
    Keiko teases fingers around the limp ear flap. While lightly lifting it, she's tracing where the deformation has occured with her other hand, fingers tracing lightly.

    The young woman is lost in the task, largely losing track of what Inga and Raha are actually doing. And then she pushes in firmly, while pulling the earflap up. An audible crack sounds as the cartillage realigns itself.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    The crack is met with a rather interesting noise from the catman. A lion's rumble of discomfort but not pain. No yelping, just... irritation and frustration and his hand PUNCHES at his hip with a SLAP of noise.

Silica has posed:
    Keiko exhales. "How does that feel now? Be careful for a few days and make sure you keep it bound so the cartillage can settle back into place properly... though you'll probably have a permanent droop on that side and eventually it'll not be able to support itself properly... but that's an old person problem."

    Keiko then steps out and around, leaning over with a smile.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    "Old person problem, how old do you think I am?" N'raha huffs and puffs, though the scars on his arms and the beard on his chin aren't helping with that particular complaint of his. Nor the cooler look in his eyes. That said, a hand is moving up to prod lightly at the ear.. before he sighs, and shuffles up from his sit.

    "...thanks though." He sighs, and holds up a bandaged hand. Not like, bandages from cuts though. Compression bandages, like he's working on keeping himself in one piece. "Promise to take it easy. Doc."
    He's a terrible liar.

Inga has posed:
"He won't take it easy," she says, leaning against the doorway now, arms crossed over her apron. "She's not saying you are old, only that you will probably have problems with the ear when you get older," she adds.

Inga looks to Keiko. "I will try to keep him from messing it up again," she adds.

Silica has posed:
    Keiko huffs softly, and boops Raha on the nose. "I was saying that you'll have a problem when you /get/ older, silly." she clarifies.. "Y'know, grey hair, creaky joints."

    Though the compression bandages make her jovial mood temper slightly. "... now I'm just reminded of Mister Kirito..." she sighs, glancing at Inga when she speaks. "This is all I can do... it'll need time to heal. But time is likely not a luxury anyone can afford these days."

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Raha makes a noise like 'who says i'm getting older' but doesn't argue. The Boop is unexpected though, and he rubs his nose afterwards.
    He also shuffles over to the little healers kit in the corner of the room, and start pulling out more gauze and a little popscile stick splint. "No. Promise entirely. Taking it easy." He sits down on a chair closer to Inga and the dining room, and he plants the splint along his ear, flicks it into place as best he can, and starts to tape it up.

Inga has posed:
Inga looks downright puzzled at the nose boop and what could easily be misinterpreted as flirting. But as it is right in front of her, Inga must assume this girl is just eccentric.

Inga sighs heavily, limps over and smacks Raha's hand away from his head. "I'll do it," she says, and continues to gingerly wrap and tape it.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    "Ow." Raha has at least the sense of purpose to say 'ow' when his girlfriend swats him. Even if it doesn't actually hurt.
    He blows a defeated noise through his nose, and stops helping.

Silica has posed:
    Silica watches the pair, bows quietly then turns to head out of the door.