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Inga (Scenesys ID: 525)
"Why yes, I can cure that rash you have. Here, drink this--wait, no! Not that one. That's bone dust from plague victims. This one--this is certainly the one."
Full Name: Inga Freyasdottir
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (OC) The Secret World-1
Function: Witch, Prophetess, Healer
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Union (6-Recruit)
Groups: Dun Realtai
Other Information
Physical Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Still Aging? Unknown Voice Actor:
Height: 5'0 Weight: *eyenarrow*
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song: The Witch's Aria


Out of the dark ages of human history, Inga was chosen by The Buzzing. As linear time is generally considered “cute” by the Buzzing, the Bees apparently saw nothing wrong with choosing someone from a drastically different time to drink of their wisdom. Before being transported to Agartha and onward, Inga was a local cunning woman (a witch) and known prophetess, taught many mysteries by the local pagan priesthood. She is from a radically different time and finds herself confounded by technology, social change, and her new-found powers. As a learned and gifted woman of the time, Inga is accustomed to a certain degree of respect and fear. She is however, relatively friendly and helpful. Despite a skewed morality for the time, she believes herself to be a good person and aims to be helpful to the community.








BRIGHT AURA: The process of making CHARNAME an Anima Wielder has left its mark on HIS/HER soul. Anyone with the ability to perceive auras or any form of souls or soul power reveals CHARNAMEs nature. There is no known way for HIM/HER to hide this, which makes it quite difficult if they want to avoid detection.

Skewed Morality: Inga is from a world and time with a morality and word-view drastically different from most people's modern sensibilities. She has been involved in both animal and human sacrifice, and sees these things are necessary parts of her religion of course, she will be learning different ways from the people she meets. It's bound to make for very interesting interaction, and may well land her enemies due to misunderstandings.

Illiterate: Inga is from a time in which people did not really read or write. Runes were used as a rudimentary alphabet, mostly for inscriptions, grave markers, etc. She speaks a small bit of Latin but cannot read or write it.

Technological Incompetence: Inga is confounded by technology. She has absolutely no idea how most things workthe modern household may as well operate by magic. In fact, magic would honestly make more sense. She will need to be taught how to use electricity, never mind computers, motor vehicles, and guns.

Disability: Inga was born with what is essentially cerebral palsy. Her hips are disformed in such a way that she walks with a pronounced limp. While being one of the Bees has improved her constitution considerably, she still walks with a limp that will slow her down. She uses a rune carved staff to improve her gait, but she most certainly will not be winning any races.


Title Date Scene Summary
BCoB: Eternal Flame, Twisted Truth February 27th, 2020 The heroes of Eorzea delve again into the depths of Allagan madness in order to prevent the return of a calamitous entity. Fate twists beyond reckoning.
BCoB: Beneath The Silence February 11th, 2020 Castrum Occidens has gone dark. The heroes go to find out way and uncover more than they could have imagined.
What Do You Mean I Need A Vet January 21st, 2020 Inga and Silica combine efforts to fix Raha's damn ear that he keeps busting
CT4: A World of Darkness January 14th, 2020 Heroes invade the Void in order to prevent the Emperor of Allag from marshalling his forces to destroy the world.
Life is Pain, Don't Let Anyone Tell You Different ft. Raha and Inga January 8th, 2020 Inga, Raha and Alruna piece together the after events of the disastrous fight in the Tower
CT3: You Have Selected Regicide January 7th, 2020 The investigation team uses a risky method to breach the Crystal Tower and stop Xande and save G'raha Tia.
The Legacy of Allag December 17th, 2019 On the outskirts of Mor Dhona lies the great Crystal Tower, a towering edifice and lasting testament to the mighty power of the Allagans. And now mere mortals seek to plunder it. But how? Join Raha, Cid Garlond and other surprise guests as the plot to crack open the Tower begins!
The Works Lost to the Cold and Dark December 4th, 2019 The Concord, lead by Priscilla, come to exact both revenge and their pound of flesh from both the Nameless Servant and the Watch in general
Retribution Railway - Sidetracked November 11th, 2019 Gang comes across a molemen battalion also trying to chase down the demon train.
FATE: There Might Be Giants June 20th, 2019 Adventurers help the Scions of the Seventh Dawn put down a rampaging giant. Also, Haseo has a meeting with an Ascian. He doesn't like it.
FATE: Blood, Augur, Hex, Magicks June 12th, 2019 Offworlder Adventurers join Raha and Inga in putting down a rogue Beastman being powered by a Mysterious Source
MECC: Nova Terra vs N'Raha May 27th, 2019 First round MECC action between N'raha and Nova Terra
MECC: N'Raha vs Mortimer May 14th, 2019 First Round MECC action between Raha and Mortimer Balman
Surprise! You're Going Out to Eat Tonight May 2nd, 2019 Three people find themselves at the Bar and Grill at the Edge of the Multiverse.
The Stage is Set ft Inga and Raha May 2nd, 2019 Raha and Inga get cozy and figure things out ahead of the Warrior of Light's MECC fight.
The Countdown Is At One April 30th, 2019 {{{Synopsis}}}
FATE: The Truth Is Out There February 26th, 2019 N'raha and Inga meet with a mysterious machinist and help put down a mysterious beast of mystery.
Watch - Training Day February 14th, 2019 Members of the Watch take part in some light training against each other.
Le Roy Es Mort ft Inga and Raha January 24th, 2019 Inga and Raha patch things up after the fight against King Moggle Mog.
You Have Selected Regicide January 23rd, 2019 The Adventurers infiltrate the heart of Moogle Country and put down Good King Moggle Mog, Twelfth of His Name, Kupo.
It's Possibly a Primal January 19th, 2019 The Scions and the Elder Seedseer brief the Adventurers about the presence of a new Primal in the Black Shroud
Market Day in Ul'dah January 10th, 2019 Katt, Staren, Inga and Raha take some time to peruse the markets of Ul'dah, and chit chat about life and stuff.
The Minstrel's Ballad: Gaius's Ambition(4) January 9th, 2019 The thrilling conclusion of the Minstrel's Tale of the downfall of Gaius van Baelsar.
The Minstrel's Ballad: Gaius's Ambition(3) January 2nd, 2019 The Wandering Minstrel's Third Act takes the Warrior of Light and his companions to the fight against Gaius van Baelsar
The Minstrel's Ballad: Gaius's Ambition December 19th, 2018 The Wandering Minstrel spins a yarn of the fall of Ultima Weapon, told in a way only Yoshida-san can, and the Adventurers get pulled right on in.
A Simple Meeting ft. Watch and Scions December 12th, 2018 The Watch meet with key members of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and Morgan tries to step up to the Queen.
A Chance to Catch a Breath ft Raha and Inga December 7th, 2018 Raha and Inga catch up and discuss some serious stuff.
A Good Spook October 31st, 2018 A trip to retrieve some kind of 'Engine' turns out to be a whole different kind of trip. (TSW Halloween '18)
At least I Have Chicken... Wait, No I Don't, Let's Get Some Chicken October 11th, 2018 Staren and Seifer are tasked to buy chicken. Concorders tag along for a grocery trip, and run into some friends. Nyrinel and Inga win hearts and minds for creepy magic.
Cinders and Smoke June 13th, 2017 Various defenders of Dun Realtai turn aside an invasion launched by mysterious creatures of flame.
The Warp Iris: Confrontation June 1st, 2017 Poor communication kills.
A Forge Left Cold April 7th, 2017 An attempt to explore Umberdark Tunnels further deposits everyone at a very different place instead.
Warp Iris: The Lure March 31st, 2017 Elites gather to beckon the Warp Iris, the being from beyond the universe. Reasons differ, conflict ensues. Negotiation occurs.
WANTED: Wormfeast March 25th, 2017 In Tacet Sanctos, the civilian Lantern community, a monster is hunting the helpless. Time for the hunter to become the hunted.
A Visit to Dun Realtai March 18th, 2017 A new guest arrives in Dun Realtai, and two fated kings finally meet.
Rockin' Sixteen March 12th, 2017 Toph turns sixteen. Of course there will be party!
FATE: A Hells-Damned Arms Race January 14th, 2017 The Warrior of Light and the Watch are ambushed by the Amal'ja, which is rather bad luck for the Beastmen, actually.
When The Sun Goes Out January 13th, 2017 The first Marble Guardian awaits in a dungeon beneath the headquarters of the Stone Devils.
At the Lake January 6th, 2017 Eithne studies a kelpie, and gets some company.
A New Year Comes ft Inga and Harry January 1st, 2017 Harry, Inga, and Arthur ring in the New Year with the villagers of the Dun
Fade-ing Memories December 31st, 2016 The Soft Expanse is a bit of a weird place. This time some of Thedas's weirdness intrudes, for a brief period of time. Adventurers are, thankfully, there when the fecal matter impacts the ventilation system, and so can clean it up.
The Nature of Darkness December 23rd, 2016 After the Multiversal reordering, the fall of the Super Factions, and many other changes, a return to Lumiere occurs to decide what to do about the Stone Devils.
Damocles Released December 15th, 2016 Harry Dresden is double conscripted into being a double cop, is very confused about it.
A Late Night Dinner Party November 15th, 2016 It's another meet and greet at the Bar and Grill as Sokka discusses important topics like cons, love and boomerangs.
Urban Mythos November 7th, 2016 ...or, A Talk With The Bogeyman. TSW Halloween 2016, final(?) part.
A Fair Bit of Weather November 3rd, 2016 Saber, Sir Bedivere, and Inga enjoy a brief Indian summer in Dun Realtai.
Samhain in Dun Realtai November 1st, 2016 The various denizens of Dun Realtai celebrate Samhain.
The Sweet Laughter of Children (1) October 27th, 2016 Children go missing. They turn up in the Park. Nothing good happens. (TSW Halloween 2016)
Mob Rules October 26th, 2016 Forgotten Ophelia follows her feet, and winds up next to Staren. And then comes Inga and Ainsley.
Heaven Laid In Tears October 25th, 2016 Operation FOO goes into effect.

Ophelia gets curb stomped.

Superconductor Blues October 19th, 2016 Stealing superconductors is never easy when elites are involved.
Building A Better Deathtrap October 15th, 2016 Attempts to build a community for the civilian Lanterns in Lumiere run face first into an obstacle known as the Stone Devils.
Cemetary Gate October 9th, 2016 Drowned Ophelia is going to save Inga from her Gods - by drowning her in the Sea of Black Tears, and claiming her forever after for the Dead Gods of Metal.

Some heroes raise objections in a sensible and violent manner.

Walk On Water September 30th, 2016 Ophelia tries to tempt Inga into the water.
Apples and Cordwood September 26th, 2016 Sir Bedivere pays a visit to Wisewoman Inga to split some logs for her. And also investigate rumours of apple pie.
Season of Pain 2 - I Had An Angel September 23rd, 2016 Season of Pain 2 - The Drowning Doom looks to show cyborgs who shed their flesh what isolation really means. A 'Altered Perception Virus' is propagating through Tokyo thanks to a combination of techy and death metal magic; One that removes all sight and sound of any other human, leaving one lost and alone in a world of ghosts. Can the heroes halt it before someone gets seriously hurt?
Lazy Afternoon September 21st, 2016 A few guests and residents of Dun Realtai meet on an autumn afternoon.
Visiting the Village September 18th, 2016 When Rhapsody visits the village below Dun Realtai, she's able to release some pent up emotions. While doing so, a new, yet familiar, visitor arrives.
At The Edge Of Grief September 14th, 2016 Drowned Ophelia hurts herself to draw out her miserable inspirations. Inga shows up, and others follow. Keep your mercy to yourself!
Exploration: Guillotine Square (1) September 11th, 2016 The sewer level. It is awful. Also, mysterious Lanterns try to kidnap the :D.
Autumn Light September 6th, 2016 Several residents of Dun Realtai get together on a clear autumn evening.
Hiding in Pain Sight September 1st, 2016 Yunomi is no longer in Ravnica -- a group of investigative adventurers search SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA for a sign of the missing mage.
The Black One August 28th, 2016 Merlin has a few words with Bedivere about Bedivere's ornery would-be steed. Bedivere gets much more than he ever bargained for.
The Raven in the Oak Tree August 23rd, 2016 Wisewoman Inga drops by Dun Realtai to deliver medicine to Bedivere, and finding the supposedly sick knight unable to sleep, knight and seer chat by the fireside.
Exploration: Pristine Plagueway August 19th, 2016 The Wall of Cruel Customs falls, explorers proceed, they meet :D on the way.
A Gift of Horses August 7th, 2016 Sir Bedivere presents Wisewoman Inga with a steed of her own.
The Awen August 6th, 2016 Inga happens upon Bedivere in the courtyard and experiences a vision of his past; the two then talk about the "awen," the mysterious gift of far-seeing prevalent in both their cultures.
Testing Limits August 1st, 2016 Sir Bedivere invites Eithne Sullivan to a sparring match, to gauge where to begin in teaching her swordplay, and gets more than he bargained for.
The Glory of Rome August 1st, 2016 Nero visits Sir Bedivere at his behest, along with a few other recurring friends and residents.
Green Living July 24th, 2016 A Visit to Dun Realtai's greenhosue
Prayer For The Refugees July 17th, 2016 Those rescued from the Wall of Cruel Customs have temporary refuge at the Church of Bleak Mercy. But where will they go from now on?
First Stratum: Rescue the newbies! May 22nd, 2016 A distress call comes from Etria for Multiversal assistance! A newbie promptly learns that people in the Multiverse are way stronger than she is, and a lot of angry fauna explode.
A Meeting with the Wisewoman March 11th, 2016 Saber and Bedivere stops by to chat with Inga while surveying near Inga's cottage.
A Stark Reception. March 5th, 2016 NO ONE PLAY RAINS OF CASTAMERE!
Perspective In Potentia January 11th, 2016 A return to the Land of Steel, where a Liner settlement is revealed and a few new actors take the stage. Feat: FIRETRUCK RED, THE TRUE MAIN CHARACTER.
FATE: A Spark of Vision January 2nd, 2016 A beach party is rudely interrupted by Imperials
Visiting Old Friends December 30th, 2015 Yari and company track down her would-be assassins. Blood is spilled, tears are shed, Gawain gets a new mount, and Archer is even more of a jerk than usual.
Explainations Owed December 22nd, 2015 Yari Takane tells the story of her ninja clan, and who's after her and Linh. Her friends and allies and jerk-allies offer help.
The Cheese Stands Alone December 13th, 2015 Ziggy gets punished for almost knocking Inga over with a giant cheese wheel. Blurr and Staren are stumped. Hilarity ensures.
Mother, Maiden, Crone December 6th, 2015 Visitors to the Land of Steel meet a couple of its stranger denizens. One is much more frightening than the other.
In the Shadows of Men November 15th, 2015 Melissa requests help investigating one of two locations in her world.
Counting Up To Zero November 8th, 2015 The signal is tracked to an old Soviet bunker in Transylvania, and the man behind the curtain is revealed. Part two (and finale) of The Broadcast arc.
This Is Only A Test November 5th, 2015 A mysterious signal breaches the Solomon Island fog and is doing who-knows-what in the process. Two groups investigate. Part one of The Broadcast arc.
The Broadcast November 2nd, 2015 A numbers station reaches out to the Multiverse. Secret Worlders suspect foul play. Prelude to The Broadcast arc.
A Wisewoman's Advice October 22nd, 2015 Yari visits Inga for healing and childrearing advice.
We All Scream For Ice Cream October 14th, 2015 A bunch of Unionites go to an ice cream shop and absolutely nothing horrible happens.
Bagels! October 8th, 2015 Freakfast and Bagels
Swimming with Au'Ra and Heroic Spirits September 8th, 2015 Some of the ladies of Dun Realtai gather for a swim. Saber's greatest weakness is discovered.
Wizard and Sage Consulting LLC ft Inga and Harry September 2nd, 2015 Harry and Inga meet Bertram and discuss wizarding and maging
Pickups En Masse August 27th, 2015 A whole bunch of Elites converge on Tomoyo's Boutique to pick up outfits! Discussions on giant robots, Stonehenge and the evolution of magic occur.
FATE: Rotten to the Core August 14th, 2015 Another corrupt, angry elemental of the Twelveswood manifests, and must be cleansed.
Leve: Pretty Enough to Eat July 23rd, 2015 Inga and N'raha seek fish, the Truth and OUR WISDOM FLOWS SO--HEAR FEEL THINK
Kotone and Inga Catchup July 12th, 2015 Kotone goes to visit Inga, to have a meal and catch up with her long time friend.
Unexpected Visitors June 20th, 2015 People drop in on Inga's House and cause plenty of trouble.
Tony's 45th Birthday Bash May 29th, 2015 Tony celebrates his 45th birthday in style... in DISNEY WORLD! Karaoke, food, silly gifts and happy guests, what more can a billionaire superhero want?
Chatting Mages, Embarrassing Visions, and Illegal Goat Sacrifices May 15th, 2015 Inga meets Dorian Pavus in the park in Chicago. The two recognize each other as mages from other worlds, have a lovely chat, an inconveniently intimate vision, then get arrested for illegal goat sacrifice in the park.
In Defense of Blood ft Harry, Inga, Riva, Wuyin and GOONS May 14th, 2015 A smug fukkin vampire comes calling to Harry's Apartment. Sadly he does not get ashed.
A Field Guide to the Dragons of Berk May 9th, 2015 Valka gives interested parties lessons about the Dragons of Berk. Terrible Terrors are cute!
Tomoyo's Boutique Bargain Bonanza! May 2nd, 2015 Tomoyo's Boutique is having a sale, and plenty of Elites arrive to capitalize on the opportunity.
Yes, Hello, This Is Awkward ft Harry, Lily, Inga May 1st, 2015 Harry and Inga get a surprise when Miss Veiled Lily comes calling. Awwwwwwkwaaaaaard.
Dun Realt-or, or: How Inga Became a Landowner April 26th, 2015 Riva, Inga and Harry scout out a good place for Inga to set up shop in Dun Realtei
Coffin Rosary March 28th, 2015 A few Unionites find a strange woman locked in a high-tech coffin.
Go Go Gadget Delivery ft Harry, Inga, Gogo March 24th, 2015 GO GO TOMAGO jets over to Harry's place for a delivery
Jazz Hands March 15th, 2015 Gaius goes undercover once more to explore the Multiverse, this time he meets up with a woman named Inga who has some very note worthy abilities.
A Shanty Built for Two ft Harry & Inga March 8th, 2015 Hary and Inga spend a weekend up in Northern Wisconsin
Winter Wonderland ft. Inga and Harry March 7th, 2015 It's a lovely weekend... for vacation!
Winter's Last Hurrah February 27th, 2015 An impromptu snowball fight erupts in Dun Realtai, and battle lines are drawn!
Welcome to Midgard! February 22nd, 2015 Elites from both factions show up in defense of Alif against an undead horde.
Arisu in Fluxland February 8th, 2015 An unstable city appears suddenly in the Asian Plains. In the streets of this strange Shibuya, a war is waged! Reiji and Xiaomu find themselves outnumbered- but they won't be alone for much longer. The two agents of Shinra join their new allies, and find themselves thrust into a Brave New World.
Tagger's Delight ft Snow White and Dresden February 5th, 2015 Snow, Harry and Inga discover some very rude magic and save a dewdrop trapped by said rude magic
What A Sister Must Know ft Eleanor and Inga February 2nd, 2015 Eleanor and Inga start the Little Sister's plasmid training with a lesson on ethics in magic use
Sweetly The Piper Played January 28th, 2015 Investigations lead to the location of Joe Slater. Questions are answered and answers are questioned. Chaos ensues.
It was just a Three Hour... January 23rd, 2015 Kotone and Kyra set out to work over a displaced wreck of a warship from Kotone's home world's third world war. Things get crazy when Lezard shows up in search of another kind of salvage and then Inga drops in...
Winter Ceilidh January 8th, 2015 Sir Bedivere hosts another céilidh in Dun Realtai, to brighten the dreary winter days.
Answering The Dream December 23rd, 2014 Xau'ra has been plagued by odd dreams. Thankfully Inga may have the answers to what is going on-- or just more questions.
A Renter's Morning Routine ft. Inga and Harry December 22nd, 2014 Harry and Inga talk relationships and clothing ahead of their Yule celebrations
Wardrobe Upgrade December 5th, 2014 Riva and Ayako drag Inga to go shopping for clothing, and Ainsley and Kotone come along. GIRL POWER!
Dungeon Run: Sector Three vs. Fire Bombers November 30th, 2014 Prince Landon al Cid invites basically everyone to his private box to watch one of the local professional sports events: Dungeon Run! Ensue mostly no one watching the game in favor of politics and multiversal information sharing.
Apocryphal Entrails November 23rd, 2014 TRANSMIT - initiate New England signal - RECEIVE - initiate the Caledfwlch frequency - THE WEATHER STARTED GETTING ROUGH, THE TINY SHIP WAS TOSSED - initiate echinoderm syntax - WITNESS - Lady Margaret.
Deep Breaths November 16th, 2014 London. Downtime. Tacos.
Union Intervention ft. Inga and Riva November 7th, 2014 Harry and Riva get Inga hooked up with the Union! Hooray!
Girl Emergency November 4th, 2014 Inga and Riva finally get some time to talk shop! Connections are revealed! Hopes and dreams are laid bare... as well as the discovery of a dire lack of modern clothing.
Fireside Chat I November 3rd, 2014 In the midst of its blustery, awful autumn weather, Dun Realtai receives a few visitors.
Let Me Go ft. Wuyin and Inga November 1st, 2014 Harry and Inga fight off the Filth infection with the help of Wuyin and his drugs from the res.
The Ghost of Stingy Jack October 30th, 2014 Who is that selling pumpkins. Who dies? Who lives. You get what you give - you get what you give - you get what you give! (TSW Halloween, part 3 of 3.)
Fairy Tale Beginnings October 30th, 2014 Elites are called in to help when a non-Fabled dragon stumbles upon the Farm.
Just a Visit October 26th, 2014 Inga Swings By New Port to visit Kotone just a simple chat somewhere that does not have zombie's lurking outside for once.
Heckmouth Finale: The Son of the Dad of Heck October 24th, 2014 He Who Lurks In Shadows manifests in a piece of expensive public art in Chicago, Harry Dresden et al destroy the gate and also $25 million in public space oops
You Get What You Give October 23rd, 2014 The story, has three layers, to hear dearest Andy tell it. He'll leave out the bit about his urine-soaked pants. Surely, he will. (TSW Halloween, part 2 of 3.)
Heckmouth 4: The Revenge of Heck October 17th, 2014 Harry Dresden and the Motley Crew end up wrecking a dance hall in the pursuit of He Who Lurks in Shadow
Spooky Stories of Solomon Island October 16th, 2014 Once upon a time, there was Stingy Jack. Heaven and Hell barred their doors. Be careful how many lanterns you gather. Never know what you're guiding in out of the dark. (TSW Halloween, part 1 of 3.)
Heck Mouth Part 3: The Mouthening October 10th, 2014 Harry Dresden and a motley crew of investigators meet Gentleman John Marcone, get bribed, and then beat the crap out of a half-manifested outsider. Hilarity and blood ensues.
To Friends! October 8th, 2014 Inga arrives in Dun Realtai to help Arturia tend to Bedivere's wounds, and Harry also drops in for a visit. In so doing, Bedivere is reminded that he has something in the multiverse more precious than any silver: Friends.
Heck Mouth 2: Mouth Harder ft. Bigby Wolf October 7th, 2014 Harry, Inga and Riva's plan to blow up another Illuminati piece of crap is briefly interrupted by the appearance of Mr. Big Bad Wolf
Digging Deeper October 4th, 2014 Henry Hawthorne tips those off with additional information that might lead them to new secrets behind the history of Kingsmouth...
TSW: Let Me In October 4th, 2014 Inga brings Harry to Kingsmouth, where they meet Faruja and co. and Riva and Wuyin. Upon investigating a mysterious black substance, Harry becomes infected!
Completely Random Scene OF DESTINY October 1st, 2014 Fox Metroids, E-tanks, & Pinkie Pies. Also a Random MtG game breaks out.
A Raven in the Snow September 27th, 2014 While catching up with the Wisewoman, Inga, Arturia and Bedivere receive an unexpected visit from Loros; whereupon he dispenses a bit of equally unexpected advice... and, as usual, leaves more questions than he answers.
Autumn Celebration September 23rd, 2014 Now that Dun Realtai has finished its preparations for the winter, its people throw a celebration for all to attend.
The Wisewoman of Uppsala September 14th, 2014 While in Dun Realtai, Bedivere is visited by the Wisewoman of Uppsala, Inga.
Picking Up the Pieces September 9th, 2014 Sir Bedivere puts out a call for his Union allies to help him with the reconstruction of the fortress of Dun Realtai.
Time out for Tea. September 3rd, 2014 After helping Quote rescue Sue Marrik has a visit from a new friend at his shop.
Cave Story 2: Seeking Sue September 1st, 2014 Our adventurers learn where Sue Sakamoto might have gone, and advance into the unknown in search of her.
The Ghost of the Third World War August 28th, 2014 Kotone show Inga an dark truth of many modern worlds. War never changes but the means of how it is, do. The means on Kotone's world like many involve the horror of nuclear weapons.
The Kingsmouth Code August 23rd, 2014 An investigation into the nature of the Illuminati influence on Kingsmouth brings people to the church, whereupon questions are asked, clues followed, and church floors are smashed.
Evolution of the Species August 16th, 2014 Investigations in Kingsmouth continue. The local Orochi Group research team asks for a problem to be solved. Explosions occur.
That Local Flavor August 13th, 2014 Trying to find the high ground for a look around brings our heroes nothing but draug and misery.
Talk with Giant-kin August 13th, 2014 Inga talks to a Big Friendly Giant.
Inga's Introduction to Modern Living feat. Riva and Elle August 7th, 2014 Elle brings Inga back to House Lamb to clean up and learn more about modern life
Dawning of an Endless Night July 31st, 2014 Strange interference turns out to be a signal, leading a group of Elites to discover a strange new world... with old, terrible dangers.
More Like Culture Electrocution July 31st, 2014 Inga gets a helping of delicious exposition. Her head doesn't explode. Progress!


Title Date Scene Summary
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