A good deed?! (Shinki)

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A good deed?! (Shinki)
Date of Cutscene: 06 October 2015
Location: Akumakami Castle
Synopsis: Louise's excursion to Flat Earth was successful but still a warning is given. A plot is given to Alice from Yuki and Mai.
Cast of Characters: 882
Tinyplot: Touhou Kakudai

"I'm baaaack! And I got good news, Master!" Louise bursts into the main chambers cheerfully, as Sara looks at her with some disdain. "I've secured the area known as Flat Earth for us to expand into. The currently limitations are we just build AWAY from the owner's area. We'll give it a few miles border so we don't accidentally intrude on him. And we need to make sure it's nice and neat, not haphazard."

"And what of the devils you used? You're missing one." Sara says, frowning even bigger. "At least you didn't get shrunk, was that annoying fox tailed hair girl there too? She was a pain in my rear end, and that magic she used, what was that!?"

Louise sighs, "Yes, she was there but was very amicable. There was... also a Reimu there too. But it wasn't Reimu..." the entire room falls silent. "She didn't attack me or the girls, but she looked about ready too... but the foxtailed hair girl. Xiaomu was her name.. held her back. Sounds like she's pretty leashed when she's around. As for the devil... she opted to stay behind and help Steve."

"Steve?" "Steve..."

"All in all, I did a good job but, as the girls may have told you, let's fortify the castle a bit. I don't trust the two shrine maiden girls. They both know Gensokyo and the one who looks like Reimu looks very... very capable of danmaku. I think she could even rival Reimu for power." Louise bites her lip and shakes her head, "I wouldn't put it past them but... you know we can't use Alice for the third place..."

"We know... that's why we're going to have someone else do it and we have JUST the magician in mind." Comes a pair of voices, Yuki and Mai. "I'm sure she'll be glad to test something there too. Shall we go leave her a note? We'll have Alice go there anyways to watch. Isn't that right Alice?"

Alice steps forward, the blue dressed girl giving a light nod, "You know, that will be dangerous right. What if they spy me? Most of the Multiverse knows who I am after that Tournament..."

Yumeko gives a grin, "You go without Hourai and Shanghai and dressed as one of the devils."

Alice gives a bit of a nod, "Mom set you up for that, didn't she?"

"She did!"

"I did! You'll look so cute in it! Plus I need to wash that dress anyways."