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Touhou Kakudai (Plotsys ID: 25)
Scarlet Wing Expansion: Red circles start appearing in various places around the Multiverse, expanding to allow the devilish forces to come in and try to take over the areas. Who, or what, could be behind the sudden surge of activity and where did all of this come from...
Base Info
TP Scale: Major
TP Runner(s): 807
Attached Theme: Touhou-1
Other Contacts: None.
Target Audience: Everyone
Genre & Tone: Fantasy MIxed

Events So Far

The first meeting with the outside world with Fayt started the escalation of power and presence from Makai's beings. Louise, going a different route and staying true to herself, secured a location within Flat Earth for Shinki and crew while Yuki and Mai's attempts fail twice in a row, once at Kaibaland with Alice and once at Alexander Academy. After a major scolding from Marisa, and a challenge given, Alice retreats to Makai and plots out the final stages of the 'invasion', with Yumeko going after Fraulein Earth only to be beaten back by its guardian, Yuna Kagurazaka. A quick meeting with Alice and the ones present, the chase into Afterus is given and Shinki shows herself finally. Danmaku, lasers and then the motherly love has Alice and Shinki retreating back to Gensokyo. It's there that a peaceful ending has come, oddly enough, in Alice's house, but with the disappointment of having to tear down Wonderland, Shinki asks for one last time for them to play with her Daughter.

Wonderland awaits and Alice is going to be her best. Grimoire unlocked, two new spellcards at the ready.. but can they get through the gauntlet that is Wonderland and face Alice with conviction?

And with the conviction shown, the spellcards given and Wonderland lit up brightly by a Final Master Spark, the Protagonists rest in Akumakami Castle and enjoy a feast of tea and snacks by the Demon God of Makai and her Daughter.

Good End #2.

Other Information


Title Date Scene Summary
Touhou Kakudan Stage 1: The Magi's Castle September 26th, 2015 The event begins in Castle Ravus, Sara attempts to try and take it over with disastrous results!
Touhou Kakudai Stage 2 - The Blocks of Home October 6th, 2015 In another attempt at expansion, this time Louise takes her attempt at trying, things go better than expected!
Touhou Kakudai Stage 3 ~ The Card's House October 19th, 2015 Alice finally makes her appearance as "Margerie" thanks to Marisa in Kaibaland, however, things take a turn for the worse...
Lover's Quarrel October 20th, 2015 In the wake of the attack on Kaibaland, Tomoyo and Marisa go to visit the suspected culprit.
Touhou Kakudai - Ramuh's Comfort October 24th, 2015 Yuki and Mai, upset at not being able to succeed at Kaiba Land turn their attentions on Alexander academy. Yuki manages to do some negotiations with Souji and crew while Mai deals with a laser happy Marisa.
Touhou Kakudai Intermission - Of Curiosity and Cats October 27th, 2015 Konoe investigates the movements of Makai's devils on her own and winds up biting off a bit more than she can chew.
Touhou Kakudai Stage 5 - Galaxy Can Be Home October 31st, 2015 It's time for Fraulein Earth to play host to the Makai girls and Yumeko makes her appearance. Swords, danmaku and angry ladies all present!
A Spiritual Dollmaker's Request November 3rd, 2015 (Time Bubbled about a Week before Touhou Kakudin Stage 5)

Alice meets with Sanae to see about gaining some ofuda for something special, what little Sanae knows is what Alice has planned for them.

Touhou Kakudai Negotiations November 4th, 2015 Souji meets with Louise to discuss terms of getting land without conflict. Things fall through when it becomes clear that nothing could come through with this.
Touhou Kakudai Stage 6 - Alchemical After You November 7th, 2015 The Boss makes herself known along with her faithful daughter. Stressful to be in a strange land, the final confrontation draws to an end!
Touhou Kakudai Stage EX - The Tour of Gensokyo November 11th, 2015 Shinki and Alice are on the run and retreat to one of their own safer places, Gensokyo, near the Hakurei Shrine. The chase continues!
Touhou Kakuadi Stage EX2 - Makai's Wonderland November 13th, 2015 Though the Makai Expansion Project has been ended on an unexpectedly peaceful note, Shinki has extended an invitation to the Demon World's Wonderland for all who participated against the Koakuma incursions. With so much work put into creating it, it'd be a waste not to use it!
Touhou Kakudai Stage Credits - Tea Party in Akumakami Castle November 14th, 2015 With the incident resolved and the culprits apologetic, one last thing comes with Gensokyo tradition. A tea and snack party at the Akumakami Castle.


Title Date Scene Summary
Defeat or Warning? (Shinki) September 28th, 2015 With Sara's defeat, she returns to warn Shinki and crew and prepare Louise for her foray.
A good deed?! (Shinki) October 6th, 2015 Louise's excursion to Flat Earth was successful but still a warning is given. A plot is given to Alice from Yuki and Mai.
Acting Lessons and a Request (Shinki) October 8th, 2015 After spilling some of the beans to Tomoyo, by warning her. Alice retreats to Makai to get acting lessons... and to protect the one she's warned.
A dollmaker's lie? (Alice Margatroid) October 19th, 2015 Alice reflects on what happened at Kaibaland... and how to lie better...
When the Dolls come to Play (Alice Margatroid) October 21st, 2015 After a 'heartwarming' talk from Marisa and Tomoyo, Alice preps herself for the future confrontation with what else... a new spellcard.
The Grand Play's Final Act (Alice Margatroid) November 2nd, 2015 Alice reflects in the dark with Shinki and a sunflower is given.
Thoughts and Pie (Alice Margatroid) November 5th, 2015 Alice reflects on the next target and feels unsure about it. Yumeko tries to cheer her up with pie.
Sanctuary (Alice Margatroid) November 9th, 2015 After the defeat in Afterus, Alice returns to a silent home with Shinki... and the plotting finishes.
Red String (Tomoyo Daidouji) November 10th, 2015 Tomoyo prepares for the final confrontation with a good friend and their mother.
Good End November 13th, 2015 Alice wakes up early and distributes a few things. Reminiscing.
Crisis Over (Fayt Ravus) November 14th, 2015 Fayt returns home from a tea party. The crisis with the devils is over, but aren't we forgetting something?