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Archer EMIYA (Scenesys ID: 6746)
"Sorry to disappoint, but I'm no one special. I'm just a mere nobody whose only talent is making swords."
Full Name: Shirou Emiya
Gender: Male
Species: Counter Guardian
Theme: (FC) (O) Fate/Metastasis-1
Function: Faker
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Paladins (4-Chevaliers)
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Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-twenties Actual Age: Unknown
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Junichi Suwabe
Height: 6'1" Weight: 171lbs
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Gray
Theme Song: EMIYA #0


In life, Archer was but a simple wizard who upheld justice with such zealotry that he was feared by both enemies and comrades alike. Expecting to die by the hands of someone considered evil, Archer was somewhat shocked when what ended his life was his friends and the very justice he wanted to uphold. Now a vigilante-turned-digital spirit and humanitys idealized version of the concept of a Hero of Justice, Archer is whats best described as an extremely sardonic and dour man, half in part due to the time when he was alive and also due to having to act like a maid for what is essentially a giant ancient super computer known as Moon Cell. Though his name would imply otherwise, Archer is also an adept user of both magic and swords as well as the bow, using his unique magecraft to recreate legendary weapons on the fly and strengthen them.



A type of magic that allows one to copy and reproduce objects, and the foundation of Archer's abilities.

Power Copy - Derivative·····, Power Copy - Mirror·····: Archer has the ability of Projection, a magecraft that allows him to trace magical powers or natural abilities into the forms of weapons - or simply copy weapons that he's interacted with, either in full or in an altered and abridged format.

Unlimited Blade Works:
The culmination of Archer's life experiences crystallized into a skill, allowing him to both create many weapons and alter the battlefield.

Arsenal - Melee···, Arsenal - Ranged···: Archer possesses a plethora of magical weapons that he can create on a whim, all possessing abilities such as being imbued with western fantasy elements, special techniques ranging from landing multiple blows in one thrust or delivering one super powerful swing, the ability to adjust their trajectory when thrown, or unleashing large destructive elemental blasts. Everything he makes can also be modified to be fired as an arrow, or simply fired en masse as is.

Field Shaping···: They can also temporarily change the battlefield into a wasteland, replacing the ground with smoldering rubble, filling the skies with massive gears, and littering the area with countless weapons. He can use these weapons as he does normally in greater volumes to help control the battlefield, or create large sword-like structures to alter the landscape. He is also capable of turning his weapons into devastating missiles that can easily turn large swathes of land into burning craters and demolish large buildings.

Wrought Iron Hero:
Originally in life, Archer focused his talents on weapon analysis and protecting others.

Analysis··: Through touch or observation, Archer is capable of learning about the history, structure, material composition, and even magical enchants in both objects and weapons.

Defensive Paradigm··: Archer can produce a magical barrier known as Rho Aias. The barrier consists of seven layers which break away one at a time to block damage from powerful attacks, while exceptionally powerful attacks that deal damage over a sustained period can rapidly shred through multiple layers.

Share Powers···: Archer can share the bulk of his magic abilities and weapons with others.


A type of magic focused on increasing the capabilities of both objects and people by amplifying existing properties.

Buffs·, Extraordinary Senses·: Archer can magically strengthen the structure of objects such as weapons and armor. Weapons become more powerful and durable, while armor provides better protection. He can also enhance one's senses similarly, allowing them to hear better or see farther than a normal human.

Heroic Spirit:
Archer is an inhuman spirit, summoned by the world to defend and protect humanity at any cost.

Superhumanity··: Archer is superhuman in every regard, boasting superb strength, speed, and endurance.

Mobility·: They're also moderately nimble, capable of performing acrobatic flips and simple parkour to get over obstacles.

Archer Class:
The Archer Class is a class made up of archers.

Weapon Mastery - Swords···: Archer is extremely well versed with any sword in his hand, and can fight in one-handed, two-handed, or dual wield styles with master proficiency.

Weapon Mastery - Bows And Arrows···: Having trained with the bow since youth, Archer has a level of skill with the bow that allows him to not only make extremely tricky and precise shots at range, but can also use it in close range combat without suffering for it.


Spirit Body:
Being a spiritual body made up of magical energy grants Archer some benefits.

Imperishable, Regeneration: Archer doesn't age,require food or sleep, and recovers from injuries faster when resting.

Though sometimes loath to admit it, Archer's mundane hobbies are something you'd expect from a housewife.

Skill - Cooking: Archer is talented in the culinary arts, knowing his way around a kitchen and capable of preparing many styles of food.

Skill - Housekeeping: Taking care of mundane messes is a specialty of Archer's. He's capable of turning a ramshackle house into livable quarters with an afternoons worth of work, or he can simply spruce up a room to give it atmosphere and increase its visual appeal.


Women <Trouble>: Simply put, Archer EMIYA is not good with handling the fairer sex. He is terribly bad at relating with them, and horrible at conversing with them without saying at least one thing he shouldn't, like mentioning how much they eat or that their current outfit looks bad. Despite all this however, his traditional mindset makes him feel naturally compelled to help them. If there's a girl in need, he'll drop what he's doing to help no matter what, for both tasks both big and small, or even if it puts his personal safety on the line. While he isn't quite naïve enough to let his guard down against a woman in a fight who suddenly pleads for help, baiting Archer with a damsel in distress is pretty easy, as he's more than willing to walk into obvious traps and disregard advice from others if it means saving them.

That Guy <Flaw>: Archer EMIYA's experiences when he was alive as well as his current incarnation has left them in a state that can only be described as painfully jaded and sardonic. If there's a chance to insert a sarcastic quip he'll always go for it, and if a person is clearly having some sort of problem he has no qualms in openly pointing it out. No one is safe from their dry wit, not his enemies, not his allies, nor even himself. While most of the time his chidings and snark are more akin to a grumpy but well-meaning mother-in-law, his absolute inability to keep his mouth closed even during situations that call for careful choice of words tends to get him into trouble he could have easily avoided had he kept it shut instead.

What They Don't Know Might Hurt Them <Drawback>: Archer EMIYA has a terrible habit of not relaying information that he doesn't find important, that being things mostly pertaining to his own abilities and past or that of the enemies. He generally figures that most people with a brain can learn to read their enemy, or in the case of his own past and abilities, that they're simply useless knowledge to have. Half-truths and partial explanations are usually the best people can get out of him when first confronting him, though constant and persistent pestering about the subject can generally get him to talk a bit, if only to get that person off his back.


Title Date Scene Summary
KHA: A Path To The End May 27th, 2020 The tracking device planted by Seifer draws him and many interested in saving Riku to the deadly deep dive of Hollow Bastion. What secrets does this place hold, and what lies beyond?
Death In New Form February 15th, 2019 A group of Paladins make their way to the Scotland/England border and come across a new face on the Metastasis/Earth, and end up recruiting her in the process.
Oh I Just Can't Wait December 29th, 2018 Archer meets Rhongomyniad face to face.
Tower of Santaga - Floor 6 December 10th, 2018 Santam celebrates Christmas with Saber Santa with a Arthurian game show twist.
Angry Guests November 24th, 2018 {{{Synopsis}}}
Slightly Late Turkey Day November 23rd, 2018 A late thanksgiving party at Archer's home
Heroic November 20th, 2018 Archer discusses some things with Jeanne d'Arc Alter in an attempt to "help" her.
Fetch Quest November 3rd, 2018 Taiga NPC accidentally bugged an area trying to spawn in some items, but luckily a few brave adventurers answer her distress signal to help her retrieve some valuables before the area gets deleted.


Title Date Scene Summary
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