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Atalanta (Scenesys ID: 1138)
With my bow and arrows, I respectfully ask for the divine protection of the sun god Apollo and the moon goddess Artemis.
Full Name: Atalanta
Gender: Female
Species: Heroic Spirit
Theme: (FC) Fate/Apocrypha-2
Function: Archer
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Watch (2-Member)
Groups: Die Reisende
Other Information
Physical Age: Late Teens Actual Age: 2000+
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Sayori Hayami (JP) Allegra Clark (EN)
Height: 57 kg / 125 lb Weight: 166 cm / 5'4"
Hair Color: Green & Blonde Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Atalanta is a woman of strange morals and even stranger ideas of the world. While technically a princess of a world long gone, her childhood being brought up by the bears after being abandoned has cast its' own issues on her. Protected by the goddess Artemis, Atalanta's life has lent her a strong will, firm resolve, and strange sense of humor and concepts to her. Brash and willing to prove herself, Atalanta is nonetheless often confused by modern concepts, and much of her history haunts her, as being tricked into marriage, and then turning into a lion by the hands of the goddess Aphrodite do shape how a woman acts. Her warrior ways and her ability to stand as a shining star among the other heroes of Greece earned her a place in the Throne of Heroes after her death. Summoned as a Archer-class Servant, she wields her godly bow Tauropolos and calls upon the gods themselves in her fight for the Holy Grail.



HUNTRESS OF THE GODDESS: Atalanata is a incredible archer, capable of quite amazing feats of finesse and skill that is beyond a peak human. Her training as a huntress among both humans and animals has given her exceptional athleticism, capable of moving faster than many humans. This also means she is capable of quickly evading attacks or even just obstacles in her way while moving. Additionally, this provides her the ability to track near about any quarry she wishes to hunt.

PHOEBUS CATASTROPHE: A request for the intervention of the gods and goddesses themselves, the act known as Phoebus Catastrophe is used off of the heavenly bow Tauropolos, Atalanta's main weapon, and is a Noble Phantasm, or a trump card. She sends an arrow into the heavens as she utters the name, and in response, Artemis and Apollo themselves send down a veritable hail of arrows from heaven, ranging from a city block wide, to a volley focused down to a finite foot section.


ARCHER-CLASS SERVANT: Atalanta is physically superhuman, allowing her to undertake physical feats and actions that surpass that of a mundane human being. She can turn her body intangible, allowing her to bypass barriers, walls, and other types of solid obstructions. She additionally can regenerate from non-fatal injuries in a relatively small period of time.

ENHANCED SENSES: Even among other hunters, Atalanta is renowned for her superior hearing and eyesight, capable of detecting, attacking and killing her enemies from miles away. While not supernaturally based, she is excellent as picking out small details and using what she can visually verify to anticipate or react to situations she might get into.

AGRIUS METAMORPHOSIS: Another one of Atalanta's trump cards, by donning the pelt of the boar that she helped slay, Atalanta is capable of undergoing a temporary transformation, giving her monster-like qualities, including wings and claws. This personally buffs her strength, speed, and endurance, as well as providing her limited flight and the ability to fuse the pelt with her bow to act, to allow her to shoot arrows with her transformed hands. (While transformed, Atalanta is unable to use Phoebus Catastrophe.)




Protect The Children <Trouble>: Atalanta has, doesn't, and never will harm a child. To Atalanta, a child is anyone that seems to be eleven to twelve years old or younger. With this in mind, she will protect a child that is threatened, whether it be a physical or emotional threat, and will throw everything she is doing aside in the process, even if she's in the middle of something else entirely. Anyone able to threaten her with the potential of them hurting a child will immediately gain her attention, and that can be used to goad her into doing things she probably shouldn't be doing, and in many times might be detrimental to her other goals.

Dislike Of Men <Significant>: Atalanta, thanks to her mythology, has a strongly rooted dislike of anyone of the male gender. While she won't outright be aggressive towards them or fight them, she is chilly enough towards them as a whole that it is far less likely for her to be willing to work with them, even someone who it might be beneficial to try to be friendly (fake or not) with. However, she is easily pushed over the edge with this - while she will try to be at least tolerable, stupidity, or doing anything that irritates her, will easily push her into anger towards the male provoking her, if not outright combat depending on the situation at hand.

RAISED BY BEARS <Minor>: Atalanta has been set apart from society since her birth. She is distrustful of large groups of people, as generally she is not sure to act with them, and as a result, avoids large groups of people or large communities on principle. She isn't civilized by any real sort of manner, and feels incredibly uncomfortable in civilized society, prefering to be out in the woods rather than cities. This means she is unaware of many social courtesies and often has issues reconciling how she acts versus expectations, leading to frequent faux pas and social issues.


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