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Ayako Hasekawa (Scenesys ID: 575)
Sometimes I wonder if I really exist or if I’m needed at all. Especially nowadays. Then I see a decorative water fountain and feel assured. Still probably for all the wrong reasons, though! Eh heh heh.
Full Name: Ayako Hasekawa
Gender: Female
Species: Water Spirit
Theme: (OC) Original
Function: Water Spirit
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Groups: Heaven Or Hell Gatecrashers Union Die Reisende
Other Information
Physical Age: 20 Actual Age: Stopped counting after 2,000
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Sumire Uesaka
Height: 168 cm/5'6" Weight: 36 kg/79 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Amber
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y88-aA2K2kI


Ayako is a water spirit in search of interesting things, stimulation, fun, and friends. She is almost-indistinguishable from a normal human girl despite her body and clothing being completely made of water. In the distant past, she was a weapon, goddess, and many other things. Now she considers herself just a plain water spirit. She is cheerful, kind, pacifistic, yet self-centered and carefree. Her control over water appears to be focused around healing and supporting her allies. However, her water-minded attitude makes her difficult to understand.



Water Healing and Support Magic: Ayako uses water magic along with her knowledge to heal, protect, and buff her allies. She is in particular a powerful healer, capable of healing mortal injuries and curing various ailments with healing water. In battle, she protects her allies with variety of damage reducing water barriers and strengthens them with various types of buffing water. She can use these skills on herself, as well.


Water Body: Ayako's seemingly human body is really made of water. This water body is much stronger, faster, and tougher than it's delicate and frail appearance would normally lead one to believe. It lacks internal organs, leaving her mostly immune to drugs, poisons, and internal injuries. It also regenerates and recovers very quickly from harm. Nonetheless, harming this water body still harms the water spirit. The water body also reflects the state of health of the water spirit.

Flight: Ayako's control of water allows her to move her water body through the air with skill and surprising speed. She can carry one person with her in the air or through water without trouble, but additional loads will start to slow her down. She can also move through non-attack objects that water can flow or seep through, although she can't carry a person through those with just her own power.

Water Teleportation: Ayako can teleport by forming her water body elsewhere, abandoning her water body in her initial location. She can do this anywhere there is water present in her initial location's Soul of Water and any water within her line of sight. Teleporting this way has little to no cooldown time, allowing her to seemingly "flash step" between places with water. Also, she can teleport to destinations extremely far away if she is very familiar with them beforehand and there is water present. This type of teleportation has a cooldown time of a day, and is usually used to return home or retreat. Destinations cannot be warded or protected areas. She cannot take people or objects with her as she teleports. She can use this to escape restraint or imprisonment.


Dimensional Storage: Ayako has a dimensional closet of sorts located in a pocket dimension where she keeps her material possessions. She uses magic to access it. The opening of the portal is 1 meter in diameter at it’s largest, but it’s usual use is far, far smaller. The inside of the pocket dimension is also full of water, necessitating the need for water-tight containers to put certain things inside.

Properties of Water: Ayako sees, feels, and hears through water. However, she cannot taste or smell at all. She has no need to eat, drink or sleep. She is also extremely knowledgeable about water and it's many uses.

Shapeshifting: Ayako can change her appearance in non-disguising ways, namely through clothing, hairstyle, and accessories.

Water Clones: Ayako can create more Water Bodies, but they cannot perform Multiple Discrete Actions, and Ayako will take full damage from the harm of any of them. She can't coordinate them well enough to be useful in performing significant or complex tasks simultaneously and because of this, she can only use them to be playful, or to goof off. The farthest any of the Water Clones can be is the size of one small city block. Clones outside of this distance return to normal water.

Water Manipulation: Ayako can create water in it's various forms and can control it as well. However, Ayako never uses it to attack and it would be completely useless as an attack anyway. Ayako can also manipulate water to create lights, props, and accessories. Other than looking pretty, it has little purpose other than satisfying her vanity. Such created objects quickly return to normal water once her attention on them wanes or if they are damaged.

Purification: As a water spirit, Ayako can near instantly purify water of pollutants and contaminants on contact. Once in contact with water, the effect centers around her and slowly spreads out.

Idol and Maid Skills: For some strange reason, Ayako is extremely good at singing, dancing and appealing to an audience. She also is extremely good at cleaning, organizing things, doing paperwork, attending to people, and preparing beverages.


Water Airhead (Trouble): Ayako is very much an airhead. She is very nice, sweet, innocent, impulsive, and easily trusting of people to a fault. She will often rush to those injured or in need regardless of the danger, even if they were trying to harm her just a moment ago.

Pacificst (Significant): Ayako doesn’t ever attack. She will use defensive, healing, and support magic and techniques that affect her allies; she leaves her enemies completely alone.

Vain (Significant): Ayako is extremely proud of her human appearance and cares for it more than anything else. She will often put fixing her appearance over healing or helping her allies.

Foreign Mindset (Minor): Ayako lacks both common sense and the ability to read the mood. She's also ignorant of many human social norms. All of these factors will sometimes cause her to spontaneously act inappropriately.

Spiritual Rules (Minor): Ayako cannot enter a residence without permission of the owner. She counts a person’s body as a “residence of the soul” and so won’t influence the water inside or immediately around someone without permission.


Title Date Scene Summary
4th of July Cookout July 4th, 2016 Bostong-666's traditional yearly 4th of July BBQ, done by Heaven or Hell.
Penumbra of the Old Dark March 29th, 2016 Upon his death, the core essence of Manus, the Primordial Man, has split off into several pieces and gone its separate ways, and with it, so has the Abyss shattered. It is one of these remaining pockets, over the ruins of old Oolacile, that Elites investigate.
Fists+Science= February 29th, 2016 Momoyo volunteers as the test subject for an anti-Elite railgun. What could go wrong?
Seriously, A Tiger In The Dojo! February 25th, 2016 Momoyo is challenged by the mysterious Sagat, the Emperor of Muay Thai. The Goddess of Martial Arts has a close match but ultimately the Dragon succumbs to the Tiger, leaving plenty for Momoyo to think about and a lonely Northern Deva an actual rival to chase!
Scars of a Plague Before Undeath - 2 December 21st, 2015 Continued efforts to clean the area around Blighttown.
God Will Rise - Part One November 26th, 2015 The town of Lucrelia requests aid dealing with an Incarnation, and also Lyner makes his return!
Death Awaits You November 16th, 2015 Travellers venture into the Forest of Mirrors to investigate the reflection of another Persona user.
Dawning of the Ashen Sun November 10th, 2015 The sun dawns over Lordran once more, illuminating a new Anor Londo, a new ruler, and those that have come back from the brink.
P:WTWM - The Countess Who Sang To The Stars November 3rd, 2015 Someone has gone missing from Drachenblatt Academy. August and Hoshi are working to find them in a strange world, with the assistance of others who are willing to brave them.
We All Scream For Ice Cream October 14th, 2015 A bunch of Unionites go to an ice cream shop and absolutely nothing horrible happens.
Found (Part II) October 8th, 2015 Chatrinelle and Chatrilaine's memories are restored.
Konoe's Language 101 September 30th, 2015 Never let Mizuki teach an actual college class on this, really, it would be horrifying
He Who Would Bring Ruin to the Heavens - 1.5 September 24th, 2015 Routed with ease on their first encounter, those who would stand opposed to Kalameet prepare themselves for a second, and last stand against Lordran's annihilation.
White Room Pianissimo September 23rd, 2015 Tea, melody, and old friends.
Return to Sapidor September 3rd, 2015 Union soldiers were unable to trap and arrest Sapidor's infamous arms dealer, but only because their attempt was interfered with. The original plan still stands, and this time they have even more reason to succeed. They're no longer trying to stop some jerk from using a new superweapon... they're trying to stop him from using a child.
He Who Departed to Link the Flames - Part 1 August 17th, 2015 The way to the Kiln of the First Flame opens. Expectations fall wide.
A Day In The Life: Riva And Ayako August 10th, 2015 A normal day for Ayako and Riva. Nothing weird or crazy here.... REALLY. :O
WMAT 2015 Opening Ceremonies July 30th, 2015 Mister Satan and Mistress of Ceremonies Mizuki kick off the World Martial Arts Tournament with a special opening ceremonies event!
Operation URANIA July 29th, 2015 Elites descend into a long-abandoned military bunker, in search of Before Time technology. Things get a little crazy.
Marisa Checked Out The Precious Thing July 23rd, 2015 Marisa infiltrates the Kramer Memorial Library in order to acquire rare books, but Eleanor DeSalle stands in her way. How will she deal with this problem, and what will her rampant curiosity uncover?
The N.O. Channel Opens June 8th, 2015 A mysterious robot bursts out of Nathan Hall's head, forcing people to fight it.
A New Voice On the Radio (James Rogers; X-Union-Chatter) June 4th, 2015 James Rogers, woken up by radio chatter, introduces himself to a number of Union Members via the radio. His family and background are discussed and then his prejudice against robots rises up and leads to an invitation to meet a Shinki (Lizbet).

This was immediately followed by the scene Robot Exposure Therapy.

He Who Waits Within the Crushing Dark June 1st, 2015 Venturing into the very heart of the Abyss, those daring enough to try come face to face with the nature of the Dark, and what it means to be Man.
Pretty in Pink May 20th, 2015 Introducing Kimberly Hart to the Multiverse
Reyvateil Diving 101: A Primer Catastrophy May 11th, 2015 Hello is this Diving? Apparently.
He Who Gave Us The First Death May 1st, 2015 The party returns to the above of the Gravelord for answers, only to find him in the middle of a grand plan for the future.
AWftF: The Fifth Dragon Ball April 27th, 2015 The Union and Confederacy team up to claim the next Dragon Ball, but run into unexpected trouble on two fronts.
The Queen April 16th, 2015 The Multiversal Group attempt negotiation with the mad Queen Zeal.
Battle Plans Drawn in Souls April 15th, 2015 Confronted by a sprawling tangle of fact, fiction, truth and lies with no means to tell one from the other, the only way out seems to be straight through the middle.
Operation: APOLLO April 13th, 2015 Elites work with ReGenesis to restore power to the continent by reactivating three solar power plants. Along the way, they encounter cultists and robots and bears (oh my)!
Heaven or Hell - Paramilitary Branch April 9th, 2015 Agents of Heaven or Hell investigate a break in at House Everille.
Fluid Dramatics April 7th, 2015 Eryl and Ayako 'coincidentally' meet up in Scorched Earth and have a serious talk.
Kotone on the Sunshine Coast April 7th, 2015 Kotone heads almost home to the West Coast of Canada, she gets some unexpected from the multiverse as she's looking out over the ocean.
On the History of the Multiverse April 5th, 2015 Nathan Hall expounds on some Multiversal history to interested listeners.
CatP - The Garden April 4th, 2015 Consequences are rendered visible.

The story draws to a close.

CatP - Finale II April 3rd, 2015 Hickory dickory dock,

The mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck one, The mouse ran down, Hickory dickory dock.

CatP - Finale I April 2nd, 2015 The denizens of the catacombs make their last stand.
Reclaiming Torrenceville's Car Museum March 30th, 2015 Elites venture into a car museum that has become a museum of a different sort.
Boston-666 Barbeque March 18th, 2015 Goaded by Kongou, Psyber hosts a barbecue and everyone's invited!
One Gift Begets Another March 16th, 2015 Ayako and Riva meet up for another day, and Ayako springs a surprise on Riva! What will she think?
Birthday Beach Baloobas March 12th, 2015 Toph turns 14 and arranges a beach party!
Another Day at the Office March 11th, 2015 A few Heaven or Hell members give Psyber a warm welcome back to the office.
Robot Unicorn Attack: Coming of Age Edition March 9th, 2015 To pass her rite of passage, Ariel must run the Rainbow Road, like many young unicorns before her. But she doesn't have to run it alone.
CatP - The Past February 27th, 2015 A group of people take a trip into Mizuki's past.


A Trip In The Forest February 26th, 2015 Psyber takes some of his employees to find and recruit a phoenix.
In Defense Of Love February 23rd, 2015 The DEFENDER OF LOVE moves in to strike a blow for romance across the Multiverse! However, things don't go quite as planned. Will Lute be shown the error of his ways, or will the DEFENDER OF LOVE encounter a stumbling block in their efforts?
Tour of Hikari February 18th, 2015 Nagato opens the home of the Fleet Daughters to her Union allies and hosts a tour, fleet maneuver demonstrations, and a dinner party.
Spelunking At Jefferson Airport February 16th, 2015 Elites contracted by the ReGenesis Corporation descend into a VTOL airport, loot the place and fight robots!
NODE: City of Cycles - Tall Woman February 13th, 2015 Wherein the heroes allow the Short Man and Tall Woman to meet and Abstractum drops an unending chain of Shitty Twists(tm).
Attack on Boston February 11th, 2015 Kongou, reverted to Ko-Class by her earlier sinking, is turned against her former allies in a gamble by Samar. With the aid of his Union allies, Psyber is forced to fight against Confederate and Abyssal forces to get his friend back.
NODE: City of Cycles - Questions February 6th, 2015 An unusually short Demon chats the group up while an Incubator pisses the other half off. Abstractum forever banned from apping an Incubator, too good at it.
The Secret Ingredient Is... February 4th, 2015 Riva, Ainsley, and Ayako work together to make a metric ton of homemade chocolate. Special ingredients are added to a bunch of them, including...
You May Now Wear The Dress February 4th, 2015 Ayako comes by Tomoyo's Boutique after hours to get the dress she commissioned.
NODE: City of Cycles - Square One January 30th, 2015 The party splits three-way: to question the magical girls, investigate the protective ward, and talk with the magical girl from the previous cycle.
Tokyo Dungeon January 26th, 2015 A mall in Tokyo turns into a demon-filled dungeon, which then gets cleared. Dungeon boss whereabouts: Unknown.
Laugh Clown, Laugh January 19th, 2015 Maud is chased into the depths of the catacombs of Baltimare for a final showdown. Where the truth is revealed.
A Meeting with Oinari January 16th, 2015 The Union and allies enter Takamagahara to meet with Oinari on the subject of Kagenashi and the troubles spreading over Azuma.
The Third Dream January 13th, 2015 For the third time, the Union dives into Fairchild's dreams.
The Mount Anthor Mystery January 8th, 2015 Rumors lead adventurers to Skyrim's Mount Anthor, where it is said unusual undead have awoken to cause havoc. They find a trapped dragon, and the realization that this incident may be part of something bigger.
Flow Like Fashionable Water January 8th, 2015 Ayako finally comes to commission an outfit!
Waterfalls In Crystal January 6th, 2015 Cassie, Akurusu, Yaako, Cirra, Kyra, Landon, Lyria, Noiela, Quentyn, and special guest Hero Prinny go out on a ship to preview the newest found dungeon in the depths of the Levithan isles.
Mi Casa Su Agua January 1st, 2015 Riva gave Ayako permission to enter her home, and so she does so! Heartfelt backgrounding and art ensues.
Day Of Promised Victory December 31st, 2014 oh my god giant party
Bar Philosophy December 30th, 2014 An exceptionally dry philisophical conversation on the Multiversal radio made Riva decide to get something to drink at the bar. And she decided to buy for people. Much drinking and not a whole lot of philosophy ensues.
When Trees Attack December 19th, 2014 Plants have been attacking Union and Unaffiliated parties in the Cavern of Life. Is it tied to Confederate activity in the area, or merely a coincidence?
Kenshin's First Class December 17th, 2014 Kenshin has his first day as a teacher! It turns out pretty interestingly.
Last Days of the Dark Sun December 16th, 2014 The Union can tolerate Gwyndolin no more. Its intrepid members stage a brave assault on his inner sanctum to quell the threat once and for all.
Rank C Dungeon Qualification Trial: Sky Ruins December 11th, 2014 All of Galianda is watching as the first Dungeon License Qualification Trial open to extraversals is held. Three teams compete in a devious and unusual dungeon in order to win the right to explore dangerous areas of Galianda.
Wardrobe Upgrade December 5th, 2014 Riva and Ayako drag Inga to go shopping for clothing, and Ainsley and Kotone come along. GIRL POWER!
Slice Is Right November 28th, 2014 Odin has shown up once more, this time he is attacking the Brines.
There's a storm in Tomoeda! It's a big one! Can Sakura and her friends deal with it November 24th, 2014 There's a storm in Tomoeda! It's a big one! Can Sakura and her friends deal with it?!
The Legend of the Black Fox November 19th, 2014 After receiving a message from Oinari, the Union travels to Azuma to investigate the former palace of Kagenashi and learn some of her past.
TP: Endbringer: Leviathan November 14th, 2014 The Endbringer named Leviathan attacks Brockton Bay.
The Grandfather of All Magic November 13th, 2014 All fragments of the original Lordsouls are required to succeed Gwyn, but Priscilla makes it her personal mission to claim Seath's first.
Of All The Grail Wars In All The World November 12th, 2014 Kiritsugu goes for a walk to buy illegal weapons I mean get some fresh air. Chloe von Einzbern runs into him through sheer coincidence. Chase scene and Unlimited Tear Works ensue, requiring other Union members to descend upon Kiritsugu's location to help him.
Assault on Heaven's Gates November 11th, 2014 Shanghai's gate to Paradiso is destroyed.
Land of the Ancient Lords November 3rd, 2014 Priscilla's search for the absent gods of Lordran takes her to the depths of Ash Lake, where she instead finds a survivor of the Age of Ancients; a living everlasting dragon.
Winter Spring November 1st, 2014 Fang meets up with Ayako again at the Springs.
Ayako's Actual Appearance November 1st, 2014 Eryl grabs a bite to eat, running into Ayako in her true form and a slightly deranged Riva.
The Ghost of Stingy Jack October 30th, 2014 Who is that selling pumpkins. Who dies? Who lives. You get what you give - you get what you give - you get what you give! (TSW Halloween, part 3 of 3.)
Green and Blue in Fuschia October 30th, 2014 Riva and Ayako sit at a seaside cafe in Fuschia, talking about random things. The color of the grass on the other side is discussed.
The General's Daughter: Finale October 27th, 2014 The new Amethyne, Neuvina, suddenly arrives at an old haunt.
You Get What You Give October 23rd, 2014 The story, has three layers, to hear dearest Andy tell it. He'll leave out the bit about his urine-soaked pants. Surely, he will. (TSW Halloween, part 2 of 3.)
A Water Spirit's Fortune Telling - 3 October 22nd, 2014 Ayako is in the mood for fortune telling once more!
Shedding Some Light October 20th, 2014 Evette reactivates her space station.
A Totally Awesome Pizza Party October 19th, 2014 A very social event.
CatP - Azure Reverie October 18th, 2014 The group moves to recover the number eleven.

Things get pretty complicated.

Spooky Stories of Solomon Island October 16th, 2014 Once upon a time, there was Stingy Jack. Heaven and Hell barred their doors. Be careful how many lanterns you gather. Never know what you're guiding in out of the dark. (TSW Halloween, part 1 of 3.)
CatP - The Skyward Mirror October 9th, 2014 Adventures at the bottom of the ocean, and a not so chance meeting with a Sheep.

When we come back: a confrontation with an artist. Er, well, -THE- Artist. You get the idea.

Out of the Silent Planet 1 October 6th, 2014 The Swarm just keeps getting weirder and weirder...what's going on here? Is someone else pulling the strings?
The Water Cycle October 4th, 2014 A potential security breach at a secret base turns into a semi-polite discussion, and an annoyed Juri Han throws Ayako off the premises. Kind of. Its more of a mutual throwing, really.
Capriccio October 1st, 2014 A trek across the city to meet the 'Demon Queen'.

Things go so much better, and so much worse, than anyone could possibly have hoped.

The Lance of Kresnik - Hamil September 29th, 2014 Many parties investigate the small village of Hamil, and find more than apples and cider there.
Purgatorio's Defense September 26th, 2014 Possible defensive measures for Purgatorio are discussed.
Dark Divinity September 25th, 2014 The Dark Divinity has come to ride and those who heed the call of the people of Quarrymill must defend the settlement from his unholy might.


Title Date Scene Summary
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