Invaders From Outer Space

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Invaders From Outer Space (Plotsys ID: -1)
A signal of distress from Amarillo-8 in the Strait of the Americas. A world that tries to hide its head in the sand from tragedy, and a terrible force willing to exploit it. What is the secret?
Base Info
TP Scale: Minor
TP Runner(s): 165
Attached Theme: Original
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Target Audience: Everyone / Union focus
Genre & Tone: Urban Sci-Fi / Adventure

Events So Far

Having been sent a request for help in machine code that pointed him to a version of Amarillo in the past, Ren Tanaka took the Union exploring. The city was in turmoil following the untimely death of Elvis Presley, and despite attempts by a community leader named Maria Smith, misery and weirdness was on the rise. A strange effect caused anyone who went there to be dressed in period clothing, and many common people saw multiversals as normal people.

However, the fact that this effect could be shattered with seemingly panic-inducing consequences drove the investigation.

The broken-up alien spacecraft located outside the city had to be reassembled, and the chaotic, conspiracy-seeking gangs of hooligans and vehicular troublemakers had to be taken to task.

Eventually it was revealed that there were not just aliens in the city- a powerful Yaoguai from Ren's version of Creation was brewing and fermenting the chaos to feed on.

Other Information



Title Date Scene Summary
Invaders From Outer Space: The Way November 21st, 2015 What is in Amarillo-8? Who is the mysterious message-sender who has asked the Union to come there?
IFOS: Tell Your World November 30th, 2015 Ren and Gakupo Kamui go to Bushland to attract the attention of the aliens.
IFOS: Lonesome December 2nd, 2015 Ainsley investigates the community centre belonging to one Marie Smith. It's not very cultlike at all. But what IS that mysterious underground signal?
IFOS: Of Fire December 11th, 2015 Staren and Tomoyo go to investigate the site of Elvis' demise. What weirdness caused this all to begin?
IFOS Interlude: Not Youkai, But... December 12th, 2015 Ren explains things. Things that mean bad news for Amarillo.
IFOS: Good, the Bad and... December 18th, 2015 Finally, one thread remains to tug at. Hoshi and Finna go to see what the vehicle gangs and their leaders are doing that factors into this Amarillo puzzle.
IFOS: Born to Be Wild January 28th, 2016 It's a race! Palo Duro Canyon gets torn up by a the vehicle gangs as they ring in the new year. Can our heroes beat them to the finish line?
IFOS: Evil Men February 27th, 2016 Tomoyo and Gakupo are out collecting alien tech. So are the Men in Brown. Crossover seems inevitable.
IFOS: Jumping Jack Flash March 2nd, 2016 Mike's got a chip on his shoulder and a voice in his head telling him to ROLL INTO TOWN and CRUSH ALL OPPOSITION. He's bringing some real fury to the road, and it's up to the heroes of the day to go on a car crushing saga.
IFOS: Bad Moon Rising March 5th, 2016 There's one last piece of alien technology to find before the aliens can leave Amarillo: it's located in the sewers under the city. But light-hearted weirdness belies the fearsome atmosphere brewing above ground...
IFOS: Action, Please March 8th, 2016 It's time to finish this once and for all. And what better way to do it than with a musical number?


Title Date Scene Summary
Invaders From Outer Space (Ren Tanaka) November 8th, 2015 Look at the first letter of every line.
IFOS: Everyday People (Ren Tanaka) February 27th, 2016 I am no better and neither are you...

We are the same, whatever we do

You love me, you hate me, you know me and then

You can't figure out the bag I'm in

I am everyday people, yeah yeah