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Power Games (Plotsys ID: 8)
A mysterious enemy has begun draining the magical power of mages, harvesting their energies for some unknown purpose. At the same time, a struggling crippled girl tries to make a life with four mysterious new family members that weren't there months before. It's a story that many in the Multiverse have heard before... or is it?
Base Info
TP Scale: Major
TP Runner(s): 558
Attached Theme: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha-5
Other Contacts:
Target Audience: Everyone
Genre & Tone: Magical Sci-Fi/Horror

Events So Far

The plot began with the attack on Takamachi Nanoha's mother being revealed. An investigation by both factions, Union and Confederate,pointed toward the culprit being Signum of the Wolkenritter. This indicated that the ancient artifact known as the Book of Darkness had become active on Takamachi Nanoha's world. Over the next few days more indications of attacks draining magical power began to appear, but often with the victims vanishing or dying, which did not match Wolkenritter behavior from alternate worlds.

This discrepancy was made doubly evident when the Wolkenritter attempted to drain Lila and instead fought the Anticross from Project C. During the battle they took great pains to avoid causing permanent harm, but did manage to drain two Anticross with the help of Material-L. Any deaths were denied by the Wolkenritter.

A distress beacon from the same world later revealed another enemy draining power from mages. This enemy used lethal methods and appeared as a cluster of zombie like creatures who melt and explode on defeat. These turned out to be called Mariage, a leftover doomsday weapon that had been unintentionally triggered.

With the revelation that Hayate would die unless the Book of Darkness were completed, the Wolkenritter fully joined forces with Flint Hawke in order to find the source of the Mariage. The Confederacy and Union also aided in this attempt, and with the help of a man named Jail Scaglietti, the source of the infestation was found.

The Mariage were confronted on their homeworld, and the girl known as Ixpellia found and captured. The remaining power the Mariage had gathered was used to fuel the Book of Darkness, which then attempted to destroy the planet. After it was successfully subdued, Hayate was healed of her curse.

Hayate and the Wolkenritter opted to remain on Flint Hawke's ship as its crew, and now roam the Multiverse seeking a permanent cure for her friend Chikade's leukemia.

Other Information


Title Date Scene Summary
Mysterious Assailant August 26th, 2014 The Union investigates the attack on Nanoha's mother. Nanoha, and her Confederate allies, investigate as well.
A Hunting We Will Go September 6th, 2014 Lila and Amalthea go shopping... and WOLKENRITTER ATTACK! And then... GIANT ROBOTS!
Distressing Beacon September 7th, 2014 A TSAB outpost sends a distress signal out.
Don't You Wish You Had A Banana September 25th, 2014 The Confederacy and the Union both respond to incidents in Uminari... and discover things are more dire than they thought
Little House On The Prairie October 11th, 2014 Just a zombie attack!
Easy Pickings October 17th, 2014 The Mariage lay a trap for Elites
The Helpful Mage October 26th, 2014 The Confederacy and the Union team up with the Wolkenritter to investigate the Mariage. Their first stop: a helpful doctor by the name of Scaglietti...
First Target: Nassel November 13th, 2014 The Union and Confederacy investigate a Mariage threat, hunting for the source.
Fully Clean November 17th, 2014 The Wolkenritter attack a high-value target: Zest Grangeitz.
Infestation December 3rd, 2014 The Mariage boldly attack a TSAB base. Are they getting more numerous?
Logia Hunter December 10th, 2014 A pair of bounty hunters try to take out the Wolkenritter.
Zombie University December 12th, 2014 The Mariage assault a magic school.
Little Lost Lamb December 13th, 2014 Alicia Testarossa goes for a joyride... and attracts the Mariage.
Ixpellia December 14th, 2014 The source of the Mariage is found... but what about Hayate?
Epilogue January 3rd, 2015 Hayate and the Wolkenritter, along with their new member, decide their future.


Title Date Scene Summary
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