Reboot: Dreams (Deelel)

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Reboot: Dreams (Deelel)
Date of Cutscene: 06 April 2015
Location: The Grid
Synopsis: Deelel's dreams are getting very alien for her, and there's no sign of any problems in her code, which makes things even worse.
Cast of Characters: Deelel
Tinyplot: Reboot

To dream, that's something even Basics do, Deelel has been plagued by her dreams as of late. Dreams for her were much like other programs generally orderly things much like is their nature. Rather than the pure chaos of an organics dreaming. Deelel however was experiencing dreams more like that.

It's hard to recall them which was even more disturbing given a Basic's normal ability of near perfect recall. Images, a mass of stained glass, images of people she knew upon it. Some she did not, someone questioning her and asking to make a choice which she did. She picked a weapon of some sort and another item.

She comes too and is hanging there in her room. Cables were locked into her back in six places, one into each limb and a final one into the back of her head. They caused no pain and she hovered there held suspended above the ground. She opened her eyes and looked out the large window on the cityscape of Argon, wondering what was going on. With snap hisses the cables start to detach themselves from her and she's lowered to the ground.

"If I hadn't had the medical centre check me out? I'd think I was starting to glitch." A female voice chimes from seemingly no where.

"Sleep cycle complete. All parameter are with in acceptable limits. Have a pleasant cycle."

Deelel sigh and went to go find some energy, it was going to be a long day, she's have to meet up with Turing and the others soon. Yet the dream continued with her, the fragment she couldn't quite make sense of.