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Reboot (Plotsys ID: 18)
What started as the rescue of a single ISO by the name of Turing lead to the discovery of other ISO who had survived the purges and several system monitors who had evaded CLU's forces. Who were either still loyal to Flynn or their jobs of protecting the grid's population.

That however was not the end the rabbit hole went very deep leading to another system and a confrontation with an anti-virus program named McAfee, who had made a deal with beings known as the heartless to 'free' his home system of the Cloud. With the aid of the last free System Monitor of the Cloud known as Kerna and the ISO Turing, our heroes confronted this mad man.

Base Info
TP Scale: Major
TP Runner(s): Deelel
Attached Theme: Tron: Uprising-1
Other Contacts:
Target Audience: All Commers
Genre & Tone: Sci-fi, Fantasy with some grit

Events So Far

Other Information


Title Date Scene Summary
Reboot: EP 1 The Hunted Survivor February 16th, 2015 Deelel gets a tip off from an old friend about the location of an ISO, thus she gathers help and it's a race against time before General Tesler's troops locate the ISO known as Turing to kill her.
Reboot: EP 2 In the Ruins February 20th, 2015 The party heads to Arjia City to seek out more ISOs they luck out but a commando team sent by Tesler is hot on their heels.
Reboot: EP 3 Chat Room February 28th, 2015 Deelel and the rest of the party sit down with Alpha, Bios, Cache and Turing to have a little talk about the status of things and what to do next.
Reboot: EP 4 Down By the Bay March 6th, 2015 The Party heads down to Argon's docks to meet up with a contact. They get some interesting information out of a program named Cutler? However they encounter a creature that has no right being on the Grid, which raises some disturbing questions.
Basic Training March 12th, 2015 Given the events on Deelel's home world of the Grid? Xiamou and Deelel have struck up a friendship. After a bit they headed down to the games park in Argon for Xiamou to get a little training and to catch up on things.
Reboot: EP 5 Monster Garage March 13th, 2015 With the information from Cutler, Rory, Deelel, Xiaomu and Kyra go to salvage a ride to get to the outlands. They find a little more than they guessed.
Reboot: EP 6 Does Not Forget March 21st, 2015 With a ride in hand, and Culter's info? The party once more heads to the grid and locates Anon. He had quite a story to tell too and when all was said and done? A deal was struck but Turing had encountered ... something horribly wrong.
Reboot EP7: TCP IP April 6th, 2015 The data storage unit that Kyra found some time ago proved to be very important. It was a dead drop for the criminal known as Java. Who was dealing without someone outside the Grid, his people had built a warpgate. Java had the intent to use the IP given to them by Java's contact on the outside. Things end up leading to Heartless and worse an system devoid of any signs of life.
Reboot Ep8: Ram Dump April 10th, 2015 The unknown system lay before the party, they uncovered the horrible truth of the place. It's been infected with Heartless. The party moves to clear out the central admin tower where more information is uncovered about what happened there. A program named Mcafee went mad and has let this nightmare lose upon the system.
Reboot Ep9: Glitch April 17th, 2015 The team handling the grid situation heads out check out a shipyard on the heartless infested system. Not only do they find some major hardware that's almost finished? They encounter the program who caused this entire mess.
Reboot Ep10: System Scan April 23rd, 2015 It's time to plan about how to handled Mcafee before he things makes things worse for his native system, and the Grid. If they can get him out of the way? The party will have less trouble back on Deelel's home world and might even make some allies in the process.
Reboot EP11: Power Supply April 24th, 2015 Mcafee needs power, and the party sets out to cut him off and make him tap out whatever backups he has in place, which will hopefully allow them to finish him off later.
Reboot EP12: System Crash May 1st, 2015 Mcafee is lured out to the highways of the system he has betrayed. Reker leads that team with Xiaomu, Gogo, Corona, Gakupo and Kernel against Mcaffee, while Deelel, Rory and Kyra attempt to free the programs he's locked in the Rec unit. (This is the finally of Reboot)


Title Date Scene Summary
Reboot: Dreams (Deelel) April 6th, 2015 Deelel's dreams are getting very alien for her, and there's no sign of any problems in her code, which makes things even worse.