Shizume (Abyssal Operation Hydra)

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Shizume (Abyssal Operation Hydra)
Date of Cutscene: 01 September 2017
Location: Dark Sky Atoll
Synopsis: Destroyer and Cruiser Water Demons report the outcome of Operation Hercules to their leader.
Cast of Characters: Midway
Tinyplot: Abyssal Operation Hydra

Mood BGM: Somium - Arsenal

Dark Sky Atoll Aftermath of Operation Hercules

"...And that's the full report," Destroyer Water Demon mutters tensely. Her glowing violet eyes are fixed, unblinking, on the crimson-eyed silhouette looming in the shadows before her. That impassive red gaze bores into her, sharper than the worst high velocity shells.

"Mmm..." the red-eyed woman closes her eyes, mercifully interrupting that gaze, "It could not be helped. In the end, her grasp on our core nature was too tenuous. A risk I was aware of as a result of the processes that were used to elevate her so." Those spiteful red eyes open again, sliding from Destroyer to the woman beside her.

Heavy Cruiser Water Demon flinches, still cradling her chest. Oil seeps between her fingers, pooling at her feet, and puffs of smoke escape her at times. When fixated on, she struggles to stand straighter, lowering her hand, an act that takes her great effort.

"You," the red-eyed leader mutters, "Report for repairs." Her gaze returns to the smaller of the two, "And you. Assist me." With nothing else to say, the figure turns where she stands and disappears deeper into the labyrinth of Dark Sky Atoll.

Heavy Cruiser Water Demon teeters, then collapses. When her companion reaches out, she holds up a hand, "No, I'll manage. I just need a minute." Destroyer Water Demon chews her lip for a moment, then nods and turns, following her leader into the Abyssal facility.

"You're wondering why I have decided not to upgrade you," the woman states as Destroyer draws near, "The simple truth is that this outcome was one of several possible results of an organized attack on our holdings by the Hikari Defense Fleet and their Multiversal allies." Destroyer slows as she nears, settling into a pace that matches the Princess, but still a step behind and to one side of her as she continues to speak, "This is a failure that rests on the shoulders of Jellyfish Princess and Dreadnought Water Demon alone. Placing responsibility on you or Heavy Cruiser Water Demon would accomplish nothing."

The pair descend within Dark Sky Atoll, and the corridor opens out into an enormous room. Steam hisses as presses shape red hot metal, and the sound of heavy machinery fills the space. Destroyer can't help but let her gaze wander, taking in the abyssal foundry at the heart of her home.

"Make no mistake. The enemy is not satisfied. They will continue to pursue our transport lines until they find this place. War is coming, Destroyer. In all its glory, and all its horror," the Princess states, her tone remaining even. She pauses at a station, where molten metal pours into a crucible before an ancient, pitted anvil. With one hand, she collects a familiar, worn work hammer.

Destroyer recoils from that hateful shape, an instinctive response quickly replaced by confusion when the Abyssal Princess spins it around, offering the hammer's handle to the smaller Demon.

"At this juncture, all that can be done is prepare. To sink them. Again and again. As many times as it takes."